Harry Potters Grandauther

Chapter 12

I didn't mean to make that girl flip out. I was just trying to get back at my good-for-nothing older brother. I could feel her eyes when she first started looking at us, when I was trying to get my favorite flashlight back. Eric had just remodeled it, so it shown green light instead of Ivory light. That would make up for the fact that the flashlight itself is not actually green, but purple with green swirls on it. After she screamed and took off, the flashlight turned off. Must have been the faulty battery. Then I took off after her. I don't think she even noticed I was running after her, but I saw where she lived. Her house so right next to collapsed cottage that no one else in my family can see. I backtrack and find her flowers and her notebook. It says Blab Therapy on it. What's Blab Therapy? But I picked it up anyway, and I get the red pencil next to it. I go down to her house and look at the Collapsed cottage. I wondered who lived there, and why it's all collapsed. Anyway, I knock on the door and a man opens the door.

" Hi. I'm Felicia. I was getting my brother back for something and a girl with black hair started screaming, so I followed her here. Does she live here?"

" Yes she does, I will give those to her. I'm . Do you by any chance have a flashlight that shines green light?"

" Yea. Here it is. My brother just modified it." I hand my flashlight. What did that girl tell him? He clicks it and the green light comes on.

"Oh I see. You didn't do anything wrong Felicia, It's just green light, upsets her." He seemed uneasy and I don't think I'm getting the whole story. He hands me my flashlight back

"Ok thank you." I say. "Excuse me, can I ask you something?"


" What is that collapsed cottage over there? I tried asking my Mum but she couldn't see it."

" Could you come inside please? Nothing's wrong, We just can't talk about out here." What did I do know? I follow inside. He motions for me to sit on a couch, which I do. I see a new red Laptop on the coffee table. The brand says WizTec, which I don't recognize. He begins to talk. "Have you ever done anything when you were scared or nervous? Something you can't explain?

"WeellI, when Mum said we were moving, the oven turned on. No one was in touching distance."

" Ok. You've probably heard of witches."

" Uh. They ride brooms and do magic and are green and have warts."

" Well Felicia, you are a Witch, minus the green and the warts I know It's a lot to take in at once."

" No kidding." Me? Doing magic?

" Know you were wondering about the cottage."

" Yes."

" Well, Along time ago, there was an evil dark wizard named Voldemort. He was pure evil. Now don't get scared, he's long gone, just while he was alive, there was only one thing that could stop him. So he went to destroy it with magical green light. But he failed."

" The thing was in the cottage, so when he went to destroy it, he blew up half the cottage and Himself?"

" In other words, yes that's pretty much what happens. If you want more details, go read the monument in front, it will give a lot more information."

" Thanks. Can I was one more thing?"

" Sure."

"Is that why that girl got so upset?"

" That is for her to tell you. Oh. You probably shouldn't tell you Mother. You will get a letter anyway know explaining what it means to be a witch.

" Thank you again."

" Your welcome."


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