Harry Potters Grandauther

Chapter 13

It took two hours for Nymphadora to calm down. Not that it was in anyway her fault. When it was finally over, Nymphadora closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. Nymphadora didn't feel ready to face the world. Then she heard voices.

" Is she alright?" Gran said.

" I think so. But if she's asleep, we shouldn't wake her." Grandad said.

" Agreed. Do you think she's ready?" Gran asked.

" She wouldn't be anymore ready of we waited until next year."

" I just don't want her to be hurt."

" Me neither. The girl with the flashlight came to the house with Nymphadora's notebook. She had no idea what's going on, but she could she asked about my parents house."

" What did you tell her?"

" That she was a witch, and that green light unsets Nymphadora."

" Good." Then Nymphadora opened her eyes.

" I'm okay" She said.

" Great." Her Grandparents replied simultaneously.

The next day, Nymphadora awoke with a weight on her shoulders. How could I lose control like that? She thought. I bet they think I'm weird. She sighed. There was nothing she could do about it now. Nymphadora went downstairs. She needed to talk to her Grandparents.

"Hello Nymphadora. What are you doing up so early?" Gran asked. Nymphadora was a late sleeper, and rarely came downstairs before she was dressed.

" Hi Gran. I heard you talking yesterday."

"I'm so sorry, I thought you were asleep." Gran was horrified, she couldn't imagine what conclusions her Granddaughter had drawn from that conversation.

" I just wanted to let you know that I'm not upset. And that I want to go to Hogwarts." Nymphadora told Gran.

" Great. On that subject, how would you like to go to Diagon Alley today and get your supplies today?" Gran asked.

" That sounds good." Nymphadora said. If she truly wanted to convince herself that she wanted to to to Hogwarts, than shopping for supplies would be a good place to start.

After Nymphadora got dressed in a pretty blue dress, with a matching headband, had a quick breakfast, and got on her shoes, it was time to go to Diagon Alley. They used flue power to travel to the Leaky Cauldron. Nymphadora was excited, she had never been in the Leaky Cauldron before. It was warm, and something smelled amazing.

" What smells so good?" Nymphadora asked.

" I don't really know." Grandad said. "The entrance to Diagon Alley is this way."

" Um, that's a wall." Nymphadora was so confused. How could a solid brick wall be an entrance to a magical shopping plaza?

" Look now." Gran said with a smile. The bricks started to move. It was an amazing site. But what lay ahead was somehow even more extravagant.

Diagon Alley was basically a path lined with shops. But it was more than that. As they walked down the path, Nymphadora wished she had 20 eyes so she could see everything. There was one shop that sold books of every color, and another sold many hooting owls, purring cats, and fluffy rabbits. Yet another shop to catch Nymphadora's eye sold potion ingredients that looked very interesting, but the smell was not so pleasant.

" Grandad, where are we going first?" Nymphadora asked.

" Well, before we can buy anything, we need to get some money." Grandad replied.

" Can I look at the supply list again?" Nymphadora asked. She like to have a plan for everything, and didn't want to admit that she had completely forgotten what she needed.

" Of course you can sweetie." Gran answered. " Since I know how much you like to make lists of things, I made a checklist for you."

" Thanks Gran!" Nymphadora was glad that a checklist had already been made. "So once we get our money, can we go get the potion ingredients first?"

" Sure." Gran told Nymphadora. " I think we're here."

" Nymphadora, I should warn you." Grandad started. " To get to that Vault, there is a very fast cart ride that turns around lots of corners. Would you like to wait outside?" It was a hard decision. On one hand, Nymphadora knew she would most likely get sick in this journey to the Vault. On the other hand, She wanted to see what was in the vault.

" Um, I'll take a rain check on this one." Nymphadora said. No matter how curious she was, it would kinda be a bummer to get sick in Diagon Alley. After all, there was so much left to explore.

" Ok dear, I'll get some money while you stay in the steps with Gran." Grandad said as he walked inside.

By the time Grandad came out, Nymphadora had make a complete plan of action. First they would go to get potion ingredients, because it was the one Nymphadora was the least excited to go in. After that, they would work there way across the shops until they they got to wands. Nymphadora was really excited to get a wand. And for the final stop, they would get a pet. Nymphadora hadn't decided what she wanted yet. Owls could carry your mail, but Nymphadora loved the cats that lived down the street. And who could resist a fluffy rabbit?. She remembered Gran telling her that you used to be able to bring toads as your pet, but this year, they were going to try rabbits instead, because toads just weren't selling.

The morning went by in a blur. They had gotten everything from spell books to horned slugs to robes. It was time for the things Nymphadora was really excited about. The wandshop was across the street from the pet shop, so it was hard to decide where to go first. After a lot of mental deliberation, she decided it would be better to get her wand without an animal making noises in the background. The sign said: Lemons Wandshop. Nymphadora walked right up to the door, and as she opened the door, a woman and a girl walked right out.

The woman was extremely tall and thin. She had raven black hair pulled up into a bun, that only made her look taller. She had high cheekbones, and her face wore a no-nonsense expression. Nymphadora moved away from the woman. She could tell the woman wanted nothing to do with her. In fact, Nymphadora got the feeling the woman actually hated her.

Behind the woman, was a girl that looked about Nymphadora's age. The girl was tiny compared to what looked like her mother. Her hair was a platinum blonde, and had a stripe of emerald green in it. Her hair was in a long braid behind her back, that ended at her waist. The girl looked as if she hadn't been outside in years. She must have noticed Nymphadora was looking at her, so she turned her head. The girl's eyes were a deep sapphire blue. That's all Nymphadora could tell, because the girl quickly turned away. But Nymphadora was certain that as the girl walked away, she was crying. Nymphadora walked into the shop behind her grandparents.

" Who were those people?" She asked. Gran and Grandad looked at each other with worried expressions, and didn't reply for a moment.

" I don't really know." Gran said, slow in the beginning and rushed at the end. she didn't glance at Nymphadora, but to her upper left. Nymphadora could sense that Grab was lying, but Nymphadora wasn't in the mood to interrogate further.

Nymphadora entered the pet shop full of joy. It was time to pick out her pet, but the question remained. Which one would she pick? Nymphadora had already ruled out owls, there were owls she could use at Hogwarts. That still left cats and rabbits. Nymphadora decided to look at every one of her opinions before she picked.

" Gran, Grandad?" She asked.

" Yes?" They asked.

" We're gonna be here awhile." And with that, Nymphadora went down the row that cats first. She could hear soft purrs, and people like her, looking at the options available. Nymphadora passed cat after cat, from tiny kittens to one that looked roughly like a small tiger. Just as she was about to look at the rabbits, Nymphadora saw the most amazing cat in the history of ever.

The cat was a medium size. She had black fur, and white paws. Her eyes were very dark, they were hard to find at first. Her tail also had a white mitten on the end. But the thing Nymphadora loved most about this cat was the small white dot in the center of its forehead. Nymphadora knew that this was the perfect pet. There was no way any rabbit could outshine this cat. So after Nymphadora bought the cat, all of the Potters went home.

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