Harry Potters Grandauther

Chapter 3

(Note:All of Veronica's thoughts are in parentheses)

Veronica mentally kicked herself. She knew better than to address Nymphadora by her real name. But she really did feel as if she had struck gold. The Night Bus was a hotel on wheels. She picked a bed and sat down. Nymphadora took her surroundings, then tried to climb out of the basket, but Veronica held Nymphadora down tight.

" NoNo Dory, you can't wa..." Veronica stared, but the night bus suddenly jerked forward with another deafening BANG. Veronica held on as thigh as humanly possible, and made sure the basket didn't fall off and give Nymphadora a concussion. How anyone ever slept in this bus was a complete mystery to Veronica.

BANG! The Night Bus came to an abrupt halt, which proved too much for Veronica, and sent her flying face-first into a near-by window.

"Awhhh" Veronica groaned as she slid to the ground. " Thats gonna leave a mark". Nymphadora erupted into a fit of giggles, because apparently to a one year old, your older sister flying face-first into a window and sliding down to the floor like pancake batter is downright hilarious.

" Onia silly" Nymphadora said, still giggling.

" Onia head hurt" Veronica half ground, half . Then Nymphadora saw her sister was hurt, and was quiet. Then, a cloaked man bordered the night bus. (Cloak covering face. Not good. Wand out. )Veronica thought as she pulled out her wand. The man uttered an incantation. Veronica mentally swore as Thomas walked over

" Name" he said.

" Pansy Withplik."

" IMPOSTER! Pansy Withplik's in Azkaban. (Oops) Veronica thought. ( I'll probably meet her soon). And with that, Veronica quickly snatched Nymphadora's basket before she was literally thrown off the Night Bus.

When the sisters landed, Veronica did a quick check. ( wand? check. Nymphadora? check. Injures to Nymphadora? No. Injuries to self? Little bleeding on elbow where I broke my fall but otherwise good) Once everything was in order, a elderly lady walked in.

" That was a nasty fall you took" the lady said " Come with me and I will fix you up"

" No thank you I am fine"

" No, I insist. I'll make you some chicken soup"

" No way Miss. I can find my way just fine.

" You don't wanna get on my bad side young miss. I can make things very hard"

" I'm real petrified of a old lady". That last part was snarky, Veronica would admit but she didn't expect the elderly lady to start hitting her over the head with her walking stick. Veronica defended the blows with ease, then ran away with Nymphadora the second Veronica got.

" Is there one person who will be nice to a 13 year old kid with a 1 year old sister!" Veronica scream/cried. " I'm done." She collapsed." So done done done done done." Then Veronica let the sob that had been fighting its way up her through out. She felt helpless, weak, and traumatized. Then a girl about 16 showed up.

" Are you alright"? The girl asked with a voice like silk.

" No" Veronica sniffled.

" Did you lose a parent?" The girl asked. This only sent Veronica into a fit of tears. " I'm sorry". The girl apologized. " I'm Monica, and my parents died when I was 5 months old. Veronica gasped in alarm. "Its alright, really, but I know a place that can help you. They helped me. Do you want me to show you?" Veronica Shook her head, then lifted the now sleeping Nymphadora, and flowed Monica to a building that said: Miss Juniper's Home for Helpless Children.

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