Harry Potters Grandauther

Chapter 5

Nymphadora was terrified, and clung to her sister like fresh glue. Veronica muttered every spell she knew, which wasn't a whole lot, for she had only two years of magical education, but she knew the basics. But if who she thought was in the lobby was there, Veronica knew in her heart there was no way she would survive.

When the sisters got to the lobby, Miss. Juniper escorted them to a office.

" I'll leave you three alone." Miss. Juniper said, closing the door. Veronica looked at "Vincent" and her blood ran cold, as it had done in August four years ago. But there was no window this time, or big tree to climb down, and so many other things.

" Surprised Much?" A cold voice said. "You knew I would find your sister eventually"

" Vvverrooniiiccca?" Nymphadora sudderd. "Iiis dddatt ddda bbadd ggguyy?" Veronica turned her head to face Nymphadora's, then gave a small, crying, nod. Veronica half screamed, half gasped and ran toward the door of the room, trying to force it open. Acluzor gave a cold laugh.

" Silly child. But if your sister moves and you come quietly, I'll do it quick." That sent both girls into tears, Nymphadora's of shock, and Veronica's anger. How dare he insult her sister, try break her emotionally, before he tried to take her life. All Veronica could think about was how to get Nymphadora out of the room.

By instincts alone, Veronica moved herself exactly between Nymphadora and Alcuzor. "Stand aside, girl, if you know what's good for you". He snarled

"Stop. Please just stop." Veronica was crying.

" I have warned you for the last time"!

" Please don't do this"! Veronica pleaded, sobbing. "Please, I'll do anything"!

" AVADA KADAVARA!" Veronica-Ann Potter dropped to the floor like a Marionette with its strings cut. Nymphadora was hugging her knees with her back to the door at the time. She had shut her eyes, hoping to escape the living hell she was trapped in. When she looked up, her small, tear-soaked face peeked out from her knees, she found that her worst nightmare had come true.

" Veronica"? Nymphadora asked as he moved towards the corpse of her sister. "Wake up Veronica". But Veronica couldn't wake up, and in her heart, Nymphadora knew it, but she didn't want to believe it. "Wake up"! She was sobbing. Why would Veronica keep her in the dark like this?! " Veronica"? She looked at Alcuzor.

"Wake her up." She commanded him." You put her to sleep, now wake her up"!

Alcuzor leaned down to the child's ear.

" Oh I couldn't do that, even if I wanted to". That did it. Nymphadora ran to the other side of the room, screaming. She was paralyzed in fear and grief. Alcuzor pointed his wand in her face. He wanted to see the light leave her eyes, the death of this little girl. " AVADA KADAVARA "!

Nymphadora screeched in pain. It felt as if a sharp red hot knife was forcing it's way through her forehead and toward her soul, and trying to get in . She clutched her forehead, rocked back and forth, screaming until she fell to the floor unconscious. Alcuzor wasn't faring too well either. He was also in pain. He didn't know what was happening. He was invincible!

Then he vanished.

Nymphadora had no idea that her Grandfather had found her, and was trying to force the door, or Miss. Juniper had been under the Imperius curse, or a fidelus charm had been placed around the orphanage, keeping it from reach. She knew nothing at that moment but the pain. When Harry Potter finally forced the door open, he saw the worst sight imaginable. Veronica lay dead on the ground, and Nymphadora was unconscious and had a Lighting Bolt scar on her forehead.

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