Harry Potters Grandauther

Chapter 6

When Nymphadora regained consciousness a few days later, she was laying in her bed at the orphanage. She was confused for a second, then remembered the events of the previous week, she cried. Why did she leave me? Nymphadora thought. Why did she go to where mommy and daddy probably are? Why? A man peeked his head into the room.

" I'm so sorry". He told her

" I'm so sorry. You don't get it do you!" Nymphadora was angry. How dare he lie about this. " Your one of those counselors that try to make the fact that you lost the most important person in the world is NO BIG DEAL". Nymphadora fiercely chucked a pillow at the man, but it missed by a mile.

" Actually, I'm not a therapist, but the person who has answers to everything. For example why I couldn't get to you for four years". He said. then Nymphadora looked up and found the man looked just like the picture of her father Veronica had, but older, and the eyes were different. He had a weird lighting bolt on his forehead. Nymphadora had been taught to trust her gut, and her gut was screaming that this man indeed had answers, and more importantly, could be trusted.

Then the man started to cry. Thats when Nymphadora knew to trust him. No one could put on an act like that. She put her small hand on the man's arm.

"Who are you?" She asked

" Harry James Potter, Father of James Sirius Potter. James's children were forced to flee their home and ended up in Miss. Juniper's Home for Helpless Children, which had a fidelus charm cast upon it, keeping people away. Only one child is still alive. She is 5 years old, and goes by the name of Nymphadora". Suddenly Nymphadora went to her nightstand and grabbed a picture of her father and gave it to Harry, he was speechless.

" Do I have to leave with you?" Nymphadora asked

" That is for you to decide" Harry said. "Take as much time as you need". It took a full day and night for Nymphadora to make her decision. Harry stayed in an empty room down the hall.

Nymphadora was going to go to Godric's Hollow with Harry, who she know called Grandad. She had to pack, which didn't take too long, for where wasn't much things to pack. Nymphadora always imagined packing to leave with her sister by her side, giggling, and her parents waiting in the lobby. But reality and dreamland were two completely different places. When she was done, she lugged the old suitcase (that a nice boy had given her) down to the lobby, and took Harry's arm.

"Grandad? How are we gonna get to Godric's Hollow? I hope we get to take the underground. Veronica took it to work and she said she would take me on a ride on my 6th birthday but…". She asked.

" We were going to apprate, but a short ride wouldn't be out of the question" Nymphadora grind for the first time since Harry knew her. It was a small smile, only the uppers of her lip curled, but it was a beam in Harry's book.

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