Harry Potters Grandauther

Chapter 7

Nymphadora felt sick. Side-along apparition, as Grandad called it, made her want to throw up. And that she did, all over the sidewalk.

" It's alright". Harry said. "Most people throw up. It's usual to not feel right". He took out his wand, then cleaned up the puke. "Lets go home and meet your Gran."

When they got to Harry and Ginny's house, Ginny was already at the door. She looked around, She saw her husband and her youngest Granddaughter, who must be Nymphadora, but where was Veronica? She looked some more then saw her granddaughters forehead. It was déjà vu. The exact same lighting bolt scar was on both Harry and Nymphadora. Ginny suddenly figured out what happened to Veronica.

" Come in come in". She said. " There's breakfast on the stove if you hungry". If what Ginny suspected were true, Nymphadora wouldn't be hungry. After all, Ginny wasn't hungry after she lost her older brother Fred all those years ago. But she had to try her best to make Nymphadora feel welcome. Harry and Nymphadora walked inside. Nymphadora clutched her grandfather's arm. She was scared. She didn't even know these people, but she somehow knew she could trust them. "Now you probably want to get settled, so you can pick any of the bedrooms on the second floor. And fell free to ask any questions you might have."

Nymphadora walked up the stairs, lugging her small suitcase behind her. It held mostly clothes, but there also was a hairbrush, some scrunchies, her doll, Thea, that had been with Nymphadora all her life, and some photographs of her broken family. When she got upstairs, she walked into the first room. It was red, with orange carpets and weird moving posters covering the walls. There was a banner with a Lion on it, a big bed, and a wooden closet. She wasn't sure who's room it was, but she liked it. For some reason that Nymphadora couldn't explain, it felt like home. She dropped her suitcase and went exploring down the hall.

The next bedroom she came across had a few of the strange posters, but the walls were unpainted, giving the room sort of a tree-house fell to the place. There were hard-wood floors and a big window with a tree next to it. It was very nice, but not nearly as good as the first room.

Then she went into the last bedroom. The walls were pink, with a pale pink carpet, and had a beautiful vanity set with a big closet and a window seat overlooking the backyard. It was very beautiful and girly, but Nymphadora was more of a tomboy, so that room didn't appeal to her nearly as much as the first one.

When she walked back to the first room, she unpacked. The clothes went into the closet, while Thea and the moving portrait of her family went on the nightstand, and she pushed the suitcase itself under the big bed. Nymphadora heard footsteps and peeked out of her new room to see who it was. It was Gran.

" How are you doing"? Gran asked.

" Fine".

" What room did you pick"?

" That one". Nymphadora pointed to her new room. Gran gasped and put her hand on her heart.

" Like Father like daughter." She whispered.


" That was your father's old room".

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