Harry Potters Grandauther

Chapter 8

Nymphadora grabbed her coat from here it hung in the hook. She was going to see the grave of her sister. It had been three weeks since the death of Veronica, but she had been laid to rest a week before, but Nymphadora had gone to the grave every day since. Once Veronica got her coat on, she grabbed some Christmas flowers from the bouquet on the dining room table. Then she went outside. Godric's Hollow was bitter cold that night, and Christmas lights were sparkling everywhere, for it was Christmas Eve. She walked past the magical war monument that changed into a statue of her Grandfather and her Great-Grandparents. She kept walking till she came to the kissing gate. She pushed it open and walked till she found her target.

Veronica had been buried next to her mother, Haiku Potter. Nymphadora kneeled down and split the flowers into four groups. First, she put a group in front of her sister. Then she placed some flowers in front of her mother's grave. This was when the tears started. She was so sad that she would have to spend Christmas without them. She hoped for the thousandth time that her father would find her. He was the only member of her nuclear family she had left. After that she would put the remainder of the flowers in front of the graves of her great-grandparents. She left the graveyard at a quick pace. Grandad knew where she was going, she had asked him if it was ok first, but he got worried when she was gone too long


It had started to snow once Nymphadora had made her way home. Her feet were cold and if it weren't for the pockets in her coat, her fingers would have been frozen.

" Hello dear." Her Gran said. " I'm glad you got home safe. Now run along and get changed into your pajamas."

" Ok."

" When your done, would you like to help me make some cookies for Santa"?

"Ok." Nymphadora went up the stairs to her room. She took out her nightgowns and couldn't decide between two. (She had gone clothes shopping with Gran the day after she had arrived) One was a light blue and had kittens on it. The other looked like a candy cane. It was white, and had red stripes on it. What one would Veronica chose? She thought. What one would she like better? Nymphadora ended up choosing the candy cane one, because she thought it was more festive than kittens.

Gran had already gotten recipe cards out when Nymphadora came into the kitchen.

" Hello Nymphadora, pretty nightgown. Now there are a couple different things that we could do. One is classic chocolate chip cookies, but if you want, we could do mix-ins. Or we could do a different kind of cookie, like sugar or gingerbread."

"Could we make gingerbread girls? I would make paper ones for Santa at the orphanage, but this year he might like real ones."

" Of course we can make gingerbread girls! I think Santa would like that every much." Gran was so happy that she could help Nymphadora with her tradition. Gran got out her wand, said an incantation, and ingredients zoomed from the cabinets and on to the counter. " Now Nymphadora, you might want to sit on a stool, you're a bit short."

" Are you going to use magic to make them, or are you going to make them like muggle people?"

" What ever way you like. But if you want to go do something else while I make them, I will call you down when they are ready to decorate."

" That sounds good." Nymphadora went into the living room. She took a picture from an overflowing table of a boy with black hair, chocolate brown eyes, and glasses. She didn't feel guilty about taking it, there were about 5 other just like it, and went to her room. She felt under the bed until she found her target. It was a bag that held: a scrapbook, some spello tape, empty picture frames, and a box of markers. On the cover of the scrapbook, it said: My Brokn Famly, in big, red marker. This scrapbook held all the pictures of her family that Nymphadora had acquired over the past three weeks at her grandparents house. Nymphadora could read and write pretty well in her opinion, but she had needed help from her cousin, Collin, to get some of the spelling right. She opened it and flipped to a page that said: Dady. She took the picture of the boy, who was her father, out of the frame, and taped it to the page. The picture didn't like it, the young version of her father was both shocked and utterly annoyed. " I'm sorry." She told him. " You'll like it in my picture album. How old are you"? She asked the portrait. It held up 7 fingers. Under the picture, she wrote: Dady 7 years old.

"Nymphadora! The cookies are ready to decorate"! Nymphadora hurriedly pushed the supplies under her bed.

" Coming"! The kitchen smelled like gingerbread, sugar, and peppermint. Nymphadora got a chair and sat down at the table, right in front of the cookies. The cookies had heads, necks, arms, and triangles were the legs would have normally been. They had little ovals at the bottom, for shoes.

" I thought that those ones would be good, but I also made a few boys just in case Grandad wanted to decorate a few. I didn't add hair to them because there different types of hair. In the red bowl, there are candy canes. I can cut them if you need the shorter. In the orange bowl, there are gumdrops, in the blue bowls, there are licorice of all different lengths and colors. In the green bowls there are little sour ball candies. Frosting is in clear bags, so the pink bag is pink frothing and so on. Finished people go on the counter. If there is anything you need, just ask."

Nymphadora grabbed three gingerbread girls. Then she grabbed some black licorice and arranged it so that is was down to the cookies waist. She asked Gran to attach the hair, because she didn't know how. After she put a strip of blue frosting on the licorice hair to from a scrunchie. The she put a bunch of blue frosting on the body to be clothing. She also added a purple watch on the cookie's wrist. Then she moved on to the face. It was harder. She took brown frosting and made to circles for eyes. Then she made some black polka dot in the center of each eye. Nymphadora asked Gran what color lips were. Gran said they were pink. So Nymphadora grabbed the pink frosting and made a pink smile.

" She's done." Nymphadora said.

" What's her name?" Gran asked. " Is she based on a real person"?

" She's Veronica." Nymphadora said. Gran gasped.

" She so beautiful." Gran said, tears in her eyes. Nymphadora put the Veronica cookie on the counter. She started on the second cookie. She put on shorter black hair, brown eyes, and pink lips. She also put a thin lighting bolt on the cookie's forehead. Nymphadora couldn't decide whether she wanted to put the cookie in the orphanage uniform, or in the nightgown she was in now. For the sake of time, she did the uniform. She put it on the counter when she was done.

For Nymphadora's 3rd gingerbread girl, she took the light blue frosting and made pretty blue eyes. Then she made red lips, for lipstick. Then she took the black frosting and made eye lashes. She took some yellow licorice and put it on the girl. Then she asked if she could have silver frosting, and Gran made some. Nymphadora used the silver frosting to make a tiara. She put the princess in a pink dress and silver shoes. Then she added some dark blue to the tiara for sapphires. Then she put it on the counter. Later, when Grandad came downstairs, he made some too! Nymphadora and Gran made more gingerbread girls, and Nymphadora made a girl and boy, that looked like her grandparents.

After a while, Nymphadora got tired. But before she could go to bed, she and Gran did some last minute preparations, like setting up the milk and cookies. Then Nymphadora walked upstairs. Grandad came after her.

"Would you like me to come up with you?" He asked.

" No thank you. I am ok."

"Alright then." He would have done more, but he had already tried that.


Harry went to Ginny defeated. "I don't know how to help her. Sometimes she seems perfectly fine, and other times she just shuts everyone out. I don't know what to do." He started to cry. There was nothing he could do if Nymphadora didn't let him.

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