Harry Potters Grandauther

Chapter 9

When Nymphadora awoke Christmas morning, she wasn't filled with the joy that greeted the rest of the five-years olds in the world. In fact, she didn't realize it was Christmas until she walked downstairs. Gran and Grandad were there to greet her.

"Merry Christmas Nymphadora"! They said.

" Thanks".

" Know before we open presents, I need to ask you something". Harry said. "The rest of the family is going to Uncle George and Aunt Angelina's house for christmas dinner, but if you would like to have a quiet celebration, then we can just stay here. I won't deny that it can get crazy when the whole family under one roof".

" Can I think about it?" Nymphadora asked.

" Certainly. Thats why I asked you now". He replied." But for now, lets open some Christmas presents". Grandad said. He knew his granddaughter was grieving, so he was being excited for Nymphadora's sake.

" Thanks". Nymphadora proceed to open presents. She went through the motions of christmas morning, but her mind was elsewhere. She thought about Veronica, and how much she missed her. And about her mother, who she couldn't remember. And about her father, who was missing. (She also was mentally debating on if she wanted to be with the rest of her extended family. On one hand, she wanted to stay home and hide there forever. But her heart was telling her that she should face her fear. That's at least what her sister would have wanted.)

It was time for breakfast when Nymphadora examined her gifts. Even with the short notice, her grandparents had still gotten her some pretty amazing things. There was a toy broom, that flooded a few feet of the ground, some doll-sized clothes for Thea, a set small animals that would walk around by themselves, and a storybook. She walked into the kitchen. It smelled like cinnamon. Nymphadora sat down in her chair. Gran placed a plate of hot cinnamon pastries in front of her.

"Merry Christmas dear". Gran said.



"I made my choice. I want to go to Auntie Angelina and Uncle George's house for Christmas dinner".

"Wonderful! I will tell your Grandfather right away".

"Thank you".

"No problem". When Nymphadora finished her breakfast, she went into the living room to put her presents in her room. She took the clothes and the book in one arm, and the animals and broom in the other. Nymphadora only got 3 steps before it all fell down First she tried picking everything up, but it fell before she could take one step. then Nymphadora picked up the broom and the animals, and brought them upstairs. then she picked up the clothes and the book and did the same.

After everything was put away, Nymphadora got dressed in a cute little red dress with some white tights and black Mary Janes. She stuck her hair in a scrunchie, for that was all she knew how to do. Then she put her presents on her bed, and walked down stairs, where her grandparents were waiting for her next to the fireplace, with a flower pot full of flue power.

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