Journey to the Past

Chapter 2

Chapter II

I woke up to feel the wind blowing. I stood up and noticed I was lying on the ground. Glancing around I noticed was not in my hotel room anymore, but someplace outside.

'Damn! It's certainly cold out here.' I said to myself. I decided to walk about to grasp where I was. That was when I noticed the fountain that was in the garden of the hotel.

'So, that where I'm at. Somewhere in the hotel garden, but how in the hell did I get here.'

'It had to have been Tony and Johnny. I AM GOING TO KILL THOSE TWO!'

I started walking towards the hotel and find out if I can get in. I finally see the back of the hotel, but it's completely different from the other day. Then, I heard something digging through the bushes behind me. I walk closer to the bushes. That was when I heard sobbing through the bushes in front of me.

I walked around the bushes. There was a little kid digging in the dirt. I just stared at the kid for a few minutes, and then I got up the courage to speak up.

"Hey kid!" I said scaring him a bit.

'Wait! Him? Why is a boy wearing a nightgown?'

While, I was talking to myself and not paying attention to him. The kid was staring at me.

The kid asked "Who are you?" giving me a puzzled look.

I look down at him and say "My name is Elizabeth Meyer, but you can call me 'Liz'. All my friends call me that. What's your name, kid?" kneeling down smiling at him.

He gave me a shy look and said "My name is Cain Hargreaves."

I looked at him and said to myself 'Where do I know that name?'

Then, I remembered and yelled "No!" scaring him.

At that moment I heard footsteps coming closer to where the kid and I were at. He grabbed my hand and pulled me behind the brushes and told me to be quiet. I crouched behind the bushes and peeked through. As I peeked through I saw a tall man with white hair talking to Cain.

Then, just as quick Cain collapsed into his arms and I noticed blood going down his back, but Cain pulled away. The white haired man looked at his hand then at Cain and was about to say something, but before he could say anything I heard another voice. I saw a man that looked a little like Cain, but older. He talked to the white haired man then, he grabbed Cain and dragged him away into the building.

I slumped down on the ground and started thinking of what just happened. I sat there for a half an hour just thinking then, I heard footsteps. I looked through the brushes and saw the man with white hair walking around looking for something. I noticed him coming closer to where I was. I was about to run when he yelled "Wait!"

I looked up and saw him looking down at me "Why should I?" I asked trying not to show how fucking scared I was.

He kneeled down next to me and said "Please, Miss. Come with me. Lord Cain wants to see you."

I looked at him confused and said "Ok. Where is he?" standing up and looking around the garden.

He smiled and said "He is inside the mansion." pointing to what I thought was my hotel behind him.

I looked at it. So, I said to him "He's not a vampire is he." giving him a bewildered look.

He looked at me like I was crazy and he started to laugh and said "No, he's not. Now please come with me before anyone sees you."

We started walking through the back of the mansion. I observed and noticed it was completely different from I was used too. I noticed Victorian style around the whole mansion. That was when the white haired guy stopped and he grabbed my arm pulled me behind a curtain. He told me to be quit. That is when I heard a familiar voice. It was the man from before that looked like Cain. I heard the white haired guy call the man 'Lord Alexis'.

Then, I heard footsteps walk away from us. The white haired guy pulled back the curtain that I was behind. He smiled at me and said "You can come out now, Miss." I stepped out of the curtain and asked him "Who is that guy?"

The man with white hair answered back "That is Lord Alexis. Lord Cain's Father."

I looked at him and said "Oh! That dude sounds like absolute dick"

He gave me a strange look and said "Dick? What does that mean, Miss?"

"It means jerk, or asshole." I said.

He was still giving me a confused look, but I don't think he really cared because he started walking down the hall. We stopped at the doors on the left at the end of the hall. I followed him as he opened the door. As he opened the door, I saw Cain sitting on the bed in the room staring down at his feet. I walked in with the white haired guy behind closing the door very quickly.

That's when Cain spoke. "Riff, father didn't see her, did he?" looking at me.

He said "No. Lord Cain."

Cain smiled at me and said "That's good."

Then, Cain did something I did not expect. He got up out of his bed and hugged me tightly. Almost making me fall over and it felt like he did not wanting to let go.

Cain looked up at me and saw the look on my face and asked "What is it, Liz?"

I looked at both of them and said "What is going on here? I'm really confused."

Cain looked back at the white haired guy I now know as Riff. Cain looked back up at me "What do you mean, Liz?" he asked.

I made Cain let me go and I sat on the bed and rubbed my head "This mansion looks similar to a hotel I was staying at." I said to both of them.

Cain and Riff both looked at me confused that is when a question popped into my head.

Then, Riff asked "Miss, why would you be staying at a hotel?"

I looked at him and then, at Cain and answered "I was staying there with a couple of my friends. We were staying in London for a while."

Cain and Riff looked at each other and then at me. Cain said "You're not in London right now, Liz."

I was shocked and looked at him and then, at Riff. Riff shook his head 'yes'. Then, I asked upset "Then where am I?"

"Cornwall, Miss." Riff answered.

I stared at him and said outraged also close to shouting "Cornwall? Where the hell is that?"

Cain seemed too shocked to answer but spoke up and answered my question "South West of England."

I sighed then placed my head into my head and was trying not cry. Cain looked at Riff with a puzzled look on his face. Cain sat down next to me and hugged me. I could hear him whispering to me "Please don't cry."

I lifted up my head and asked "Let me ask you two this question?" They both nodded at me.

I exhaled and asked "What year is it?"

Cain looked up at me and smiled "It is 1890. Why?" he asked me.

My eyes widen even more and I started breathing heavily. I asked my voice shaking "1890?"

Cain nodded and he had a frightened look on his face. He looked at Riff. I heard Riff telling me to inhale and exhale.

That was when I saw a bright light. I couldn't see Cain or Riff. The light started to hurt my eyes so; I closed them to a void the pain. I opened my eyes and noticed I was in my hotel room again and it was morning.

"That was a weird dream. It felt so real." I noticed the journal was still on the floor where I threw it. I picked it up and opened it. I noticed there was more written in it. I saw my name was mentioned.

"What the hell is going on?" I yelled dropping the journal on to the floor.

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