Journey to the Past

Chapter 3

Chapter III

After my slight yelling event. I go to the closet and grab my true love fairy t-shirt. Then, I go to the dresser and grab a pair of Tripp red plaid stripes capris. I take the clothes into the bathroom and take a shower.

I get out of the shower and change into my clothes. I step out of the bathroom and notice my bed is straightened.

'The maid must have come already.' I noticed the journal on the desk. I grab it and tossed it on the bed. I looked through my bag and found my T.U.K red plaid creeper sneakers. I put them on grabbed the journal. I decided to head out to go to the book store.

I walked down the block. I marched into the book store. I rang the bell on the desk and the old lady from last night came out.

"Well, Hello dear. How have you been?" she said in that eerie voice

"Don't give me that you old hag. What is with this journal? It had nothing it, but a few sentences last night. Now, it has four whole pages filled." I stated smashing the journal on the counter.

She leered and said "I already told you that journal would bring danger."

"It's not dangerous. It's an odd journal. I want my money back." I said passing her the journal back.

"I'm sorry no refunds." she said strolling into the back.

"Get back here you old hag, now!" I said shouting to her.

I waited for a couple of minutes and she didn't come. I looked down at my watch and noticed I was already late for rehearsal. So, I saw a note pad and wrote down 'I don't need my money back and keep the journal.' I left the journal on the counter and marched out of the bookstore.

I head back to the hotel. I run to the parking lot to my car and drive to the concert hall where my band was going to be playing at.

It took me thirty minutes to get to the concert hall. I was so happy because I was the first one there.

Then, I see Johnny the drummer. Johnny always reminded me of James Franco from Pineapple Express. He has shoulder length Chestnut colored hair with those workout headbands on his forehead. He always wears plaid pajama pants which when I first meet him I thought he was one of those guys that sat at home and played video games all day every day. Which I was wrong because he is actually has a degree in jazz studies from Juilliard.

"Hey, Johnny. Where are Michelle and Anthony?" I asked when he was walking up the stage.

"Michelle is coming, but I have some bad news. Anthony broke his arm when he was skateboarding, yesterday." he said helping set the drums up.

I just looked at him with disbelief. "Now, we don't have a base player." I said

"Don't worry about that. Last night I put an advertisement on our site. Telling anyone in London that played base come down for an audition." he said showing me on his phone.

"Well, that's good, but this says tomorrow." I said showing him the date.

"Ohh! Yeah! Ok, so let's wait for Michelle and go see Anthony." he said. I handed him back his phone.

"YEAH!" I said smiling. That's when Michelle came and we left.

30 minutes later…

We got to Anthony's hotel room. Michelle and I picked up some Jammie Dodgers.

"Hi Anthony!" we all yelled

"Hi guys." he said lying in his bed.

I tossed the bag of snacks on the desk near the bed. Johnny and Michelle sat on the couch. I sat on the end of the bed.

"So... how are you feeling?" I asked him

"Ok. The doctor said I had to keep the cast on for four weeks. Sorry." he said.

"Don't worry. Johnny posted an advertisement on our website. 'Looking for a base player in London. Auditions November 2nd.' "Michelle said

"How are going to find a good base player in just three days and make them learn all our song." he asked in disbelief

"Who knows?" I said not really caring about the audtion at that moment. I was mostly thinking about my dream from last and why I'm thinking about it. I don't know.

"Hey, Liz. What are you thinking about?" Anthony asked

I looked at him and then, at Michelle and Johnny.

"If I tell you guys, you promise not to think I'm crazy." I said to them.

"We promise!" They said. Crossing their hearts.

"Ok. I went to this local book store last night and I found an Alice in Wonderland book and also this journal. So, I bought them. I started reading the journal and I found this picture in it." showing the picture of Cain and the little girl.

Then, Michelle said taking the picture away from me "Wow! He's hot!"

"Can I get on with the story Michelle?" I said grabbing the picture from her hands.

"Fine, fine." she said sitting back in the couch.

"Well, I started reading the journal and there were only a few sentences in it. So, I went to bed after tossing the journal against the wall. That's when I had a dream about what I read in the journal and some other stuff. When I woke up in the morning. I grabbed the journal and there was like four pages full and my name was mentioned in it." I said

After I finished they just looked at me like I was crazy. That's when Michelle started up on a different subject. I didn't talk for the rest of the night. It was around eleven o' clock at night. Michelle and Johnny decided to leave.

After they left, I cleaned Anthony's room up for him. It only took me thirty minutes and I was about to leave, when Anthony said " I believe you, Liz."

"Thanks, Anthony. I'm glad you do." giving him a kiss on the cheek and left for my room.

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