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All starts with a nice coincidence, thanks to his appearance and charming aura she soon feels something for the young stranger. A love of only seconds that becomes the most tender experience of their lives.

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Trainer Pink
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It was a sunny day, people were walking and talking as usual.

On the sidewalk of the busy city, a girl was running as if her life depended on it.

But was her life really in danger? Was the chestnut running from someone?

The answer could be deduced just by looking at her, she was wearing a uniform of the prestigious UA Academy.

It was 7:30 at the morning so surely his haste was due to being tremendously late.

Finally, she got to the train and a little more relaxed went to the empty seat where she could finally catch her breath.

She took out her cell phone to check the time, however, it was with a message that the device received it.

Aizawa-Sensei had a problem, he didn’t get to give his class

A sigh of relief came from her peach lips, she was saved.

She leaned back in the comfortable seat as she raised her face and slightly closed her eyes, she had no idea what she would see once she opened them.

In the opposite seat was that young man who would quickly steal the poor chestnut’s breath.

Tall, blond, and with beautiful scarlet eyes.

Ochako was instantly hypnotized, the boy for his part was immersed in a notebook, probably a SketchBook.

It was then that the call of their souls was felt causing them to collide with each other.

A mixture of emotions and sensations had a resounding impact on their systems, this being more evident in the girl than in the boy.

It was then when the trip ended, one of the longest for Ochako.

The day went by as usual and it was time to take the train back home.

For some strange reason, Uraraka was hoping to get into that transport and meet the stranger again.

Love in a train Who has not had it before? She had even lived it several times.

A green-haired with a cheerful aura was the debut of that feeling, followed by an energetic redhead with a sharp smile.

And how to forget the heterochromatic one! A handsome young man with a relaxed personality.

But it was just that, just passing loves.

So why did this one feel so different?.

The door opened causing the brown-haired girl to wake up abruptly.

Good afternoon Ochako-Chan!.—Greet the driver who every evening received the passengers personally.

Good afternoon Mr. Fujio.— She greeted with a smile, she had been taking that transport for two years and had become quite close to the older man.

I notice you distracted. Did something exciting happen in the academy?.—Asked the old man, noticing the unusual attitude of the student.

Not really.— She replied as she shook her head slightly.

She really wanted to ask the driver about that boy, surely he would know something.

Excuse me Mr. Fujio.—Called when she finally decided to ask.—Do you know who the boy with the blond hair and crimson eyes is?.

That question was pretty stupid, but she had already asked it.

Thousands of passengers every day, every hour ...... thousands of stations, how could a 58-year-old man remember a specific one?

His face was furrowing as if he was really searching his mental records, still it sounded impossible.

Ah, you mean the boy who always brings that SketchBook?.—Exclaim loudly.

Uraraka’s eyes widened in surprise, it was him.

Do you know him?.—asked surprised.

The old man just laughed at Ochako’s reaction, he had hit the nail on the head.

How can I not recognize that talented boy?.— He still laughs. —Every morning he comes on board to draw, I already have a habit of seeing it.


She had started on the wrong foot that day, but she thanked God for getting on that train.


It was a new day and the girl was preparing to go to the Academy.

She went to the station where she passed his card, walk to where her transport would arrive with her chest completely contracted.

She felt nervous, excited, scared and happy, there were many things that her heart probably could not bear.

Finally he arrived, the doors opened were a cheerful old man welcomed him.

All her emotions exploded when she entered the train and saw him there.

She sat in the same place as the day before, facing him again.

The boy, for his part, was still immersed in that black notebook, his headphones isolated him from the outside world, but still took a moment to look curious over the notebook.

Now Uraraka knew two things about that boy: He liked to draw and studied at Shiketsu.


With that it was already the third day, it was one of the most beautiful coincidences that she experienced in her short life.

She was watching him closely, she was curious, what was he drawing?

She wanted to talk to him, but she felt that he would see her as a fool. Who approached with such confidence? for God’s sake, she didn’t even know his name!

She sighs resigned, that day her nerves overcame and with pain watched as her strange love got off the train.

His name is Katsuki.— Let out a delicate voice.

Uraraka turned to see the source of that voice, next to her was a beautiful girl with blond hair and brown eyes.

Excuse me?.

The artist.— She said accompanied by a giggle. —His name is Katsuki Bakugo, he’s my partner.— She repeated showing the logo of her uniform.

Katsuki ....

That was his name.

Thursday, March 11 ...

That day she felt especially cheerful, she had a good feeling.

She donned his uniform, spray her sweetest fragrance and reached for his backpack.

It seemed like another day in the boring aspiring hero routine, but it really wasn’t.

That day she would finally dare to talk to that boy.

Now she knew his name, she was full of confidence, she even told her group of friends about her mission.

My God how romantic!

Do it girl!

We will be supporting you from afar

She couldn’t just regret it, it was now or never.

She got into the train and took a seat where she always did, she put his backpack aside and raised her face with total illusion.

Illusion that broke as if it were fine glass, he was not there.

Why? Just when she had gathered the necessary courage ....... Why was life so cruel ?!

She looks down again, this time in pain and frowning.

Please wait!.—A scream was heard causing the girl to look up quickly.

It was the blond-haired boy, he was leaning against the train door trying to catch the air.

Boy, I almost left you.

I’m sorry, Mr. Fujio ........ I was a little late.—He apologized as he slowly sat up.

Katsuki went to his place while Ochako looked away with a slight blush on her cheeks.

The train moved forward causing their bodies to shift slightly from the breakout force.

She can´t stop staring at him.

He felt those eyes seeing him and he found that their eyes collided.

Again he was immersed in his notebook, letting out light strokes with his pencil, but this time he was not wearing his headphones.

It was time.

K-Katsuki .....—She released almost in a sigh and with a trembling voice.

The boy looked up at the girl.

Silly silly silly! She screamed internally.

How was it that her nerves had betrayed her in such a way?

Katsuki kept looking at her attentively, Ochako more than feeling happy felt ashamed.

"Earth swallow me!

But then the unexpected happened.

You know, this morning I felt pretty scared.—That grave but sweet voice began. —I thought I wouldn’t be able to catch this train.

Had she heard correctly?

To increase his nerves, the boy smiled again, this time closing his notebook and staring at her.

I know it sounds crazy, but seeing you on this train is my favorite part of the day.

That was a dream, a beautiful dream that would last all eternity.

The fear disappeared leaving only an inexplicable joy, in just four days she had met her soul mate.

She smiled with slightly crystalline eyes, it seemed like a fairy tale.

Two souls fused with the heat of a kiss.

And then darkness.

Dry blows were heard, it was as if they wanted to break the metal.

An opening managed to cast some light into the darkness.

Here’s something!.—A young man exclaimed.

The news spread like fire, the most moving and painful photos at the same time.

That morning the train had suffered an attack by a villain.

Only that wagon was damaged.

Katsuki and Ochako had died hugging each other.

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