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By LadyLindariel

Adventure / Action

I Guess You Were Right

Glorfindel whistled a merry tune to himself as he carefully folded a spare cloak into his pack. Although the sun was shining brightly presently, the twice born warrior knew how quickly the weather could change if it wanted to.

He and Erestor were going on an "adventure", as the chief councilor called it this day. In Glorfindel's mind it was only a week long trip in the forest's surrounding the Last Homely House to drag the dark haired elf away from his desk for a while.

Erestor was always so busy, cooped up inside his study, writing reports, translating documents and of course, reading. Because of this, Glorfindel thought it a grand idea to take Erestor out on a hiking trip for the week. Erestor thought it preposterous, per usual, and wouldn't hear of it. He stood his ground and refused to let the golden haired elf sway his mind.

So naturally, Glorfindel went to Lord Elrond and persuaded him to agree with him, using the argument that Erestor was working himself too hard and needed a break.

"Elrond he is cooped up in his study all day every day. He hardly stirs from it except for meals." Glorfindel stood in Lord Elrond's study, trying to convince the lord of Imladris that his advisor needed some time away from his library and study.

"I hardly think he will agree to this Glorfindel." Elrond raised one eyebrow at his longtime friend. "You know yourself how stubborn he can be when it suits him."

A smile made its way onto Glorfindel's face. "He will not refuse if it is you that gives him the order. He needs the break."

Elrond stood behind his desk, his finger absently playing with the quill he had left on the smooth polished wood. "I understand your argument all too well Glorfindel." He sighed. "Very well, I give you my permission to take Erestor out with you. But please do not antagonize him as you sometimes have a habit of doing!"

Glorfindel had the grace to blush as this was said. It was true; he and Erestor were often at each other's throats, but for the most it was playful fun that was harmless. "I promise I will not." With a spring in his steps he turned to ready his pack.

Glorfindel smiled as he remembered the look of pure horror on Erestor's face as Lord Elrond informed him that he would be accompanying Glorfindel on his trip.

"But Lord Elrond I cannot possibly go! I have those trade documents to write up for you!" Erestor wailed in annoyance. But Elrond was not to be swayed. Glorfindel stood behind him, smirking slightly.

Elrond sighed. Why did he left Glorfindel talk him into this? "Erestor you spend too much time in here," he gestured around the room. "You must allow yourself some free time every now and again. Glorfindel has graciously offered to take you with him on his trip."

Erestor glared at the golden haired warrior standing behind his lord. "I cannot. I am sorry but I have documents to write, reports due and other various items that need doing that cannot be done by anyone else."

"I will have someone else write them up for me. You need a break from that desk of yours. Now go and prepare. Glorfindel leaves at first light on the morrow!"

Erestor spluttered indignantly as Elrond turned and left him alone and speechless in his chambers. Glorfindel had a smile of pure smugness etched on his face as he followed Elrond out.

Finishing his packing and snapping his pack closed, Glorfindel grabbed his long curved sword and bow and went to Erestor's chambers to see how things were faring.

"Are you almost packed and ready to go?" Glorfindel asked cheerily as he entered the room.

Erestor glared daggers at him. "As a matter of fact, yes, I am… and don't expect any kind of civilized conversation either. I'm still unhappy about being forced into going on this heinous trip."

Glorfindel merely smirked. "As you wish, but you will thank me for this later… just you wait and see!" He turned to leave the room but stopped on the threshold. "Oh and you might want to bring that sword of yours. You know the one you have hanging on the wall as a decoration because you have no use for it anymore as you are always stuck in your study?"

He ducked the book that came flying in his direction with a laugh. "I shall see you at the main gates in a few moments."

Leaving the room, he quickly proceeded to the main gates and leant lazily against the large pallor, waiting for Erestor to show himself.

A few minutes later, he looked up to see his travelling companion, lugging his pack along with a scowl on his face whilst grumbling about being forced into going on such a ridiculous trip. His sword hung at his hip.

Glorfindel just laughed and shook his golden head. "Erestor, please don't look too excited about this!" he said brightly while picking up his own bag and sword.

Erestor shot a glare at him. "Don't press your luck, Glorfindel, Lord Elrond only said I had to go… he didn't say I had to enjoy it or be civilized." But deep down, Erestor was a little excited. However, he would never admit this to Glorfindel. "Now, can we please hurry this up and get going. The sooner we leave the sooner we can get back and the sooner I can return to my nice, peaceful, adventure-less life."

Glorfindel smirked, "You call spending all your days, reading and writing reports, a life? My dear friend, you really need to broaden your activities." Earning a glare from the chief advisor the two elves headed out the gates of the Last Homely House, and started off into the trees.

At first Erestor struggled to keep up with the energetic strides of Glorfindel, as he was not accustomed to all the vigorous walking. Glorfindel, on the other hand, was whistling away a merry tune and skipping over an occasional rock or fallen branch. Erestor continued to glare at his back as he followed him at a slower pace.

Finally, after about three hours of vigorous walking, Erestor managed to catch up to his friend. "Do you mind telling me where we are heading? It seems to me that we are not heading in any particular direction." He was slightly breathless and longed for a break.

"Oh, Erestor, so you finally managed to catch up and you are actually talking! Well, to be honest, I don't know where we are going, exactly," Glorfindel replied, almost a little too happily.

Erestor was shocked. "You don't know where we are going? How can you not know where we are going?" he responded, almost ready to strangle his friend. "I thought we were going someplace particular. Not wandering around in the forest!"

Glorfindel chuckled and patted the dark haired elf on the back. "Relax Erestor; you'll give yourself a nosebleed. I just meant that I don't have a certain place in mind. I'm letting my feet take us wherever they might. We are not lost if that is what you think." Boy, sometimes Erestor can be so dramatic, Glorfindel thought with a shake of his head.

"How much longer until we get to our final destination for the night?" Erestor asked curiously. Although he did not want to appear interested, he could not help himself as he admired the beauty of nature all around him.

Glorfindel thought for a few minutes before answering, "Oh, I'd say about another hour; two at the most. Just try to enjoy yourself! This is supposed to be relaxing." He patted his friend gently on the shoulder and quickened his stride once again.

"It's hard to relax when I'm lugging this pack on my shoulders and all these nasty mosquitoes are buzzing around and you are walking as if you were training the new guards! Left! Right! Left! Right" Erestor growled. "Besides," he added, "I was relaxing when I was back in the library with a good book or even playing chess with you on our chess nights."

Glorfindel just chuckled again and continued walking. Erestor sighed and picked up the pace of his feet. Of all things he did not want to lose Glorfindel in the forest. Valar knows what could happen then. It was a thought he did not want to think about. He shuddered slightly.

Finally, after a long hike, they came upon a small glen that was near a small stream. "We're here," Glorfindel announced, setting his pack down and beginning to lay out his bedroll.

"Are you sure?" Erestor asked, also setting his pack down. He glanced around uneasily. He was not used to spending the night out in the open.

"Of course I'm sure! This place is perfect for the night. We can look up at the stars, dip our feet in the stream and we are perfectly safe from any possible night raids. I will start a small fire in a moment and then search for some game."

Erestor wasn't too sure about the last bit, but he had to admit this was a pretty relaxing spot. Maybe Glorfindel did know what he was talking about and he really did need a good break from his work.

When Erestor finished getting settled, he helped Glorfindel get wood for a fire and after it was lit, Glorfindel went out hunting for something to eat. About an hour later, Glorfindel came back with a nice buck, and he helped prepped it to cook over the firs on a spit.

While the meat was roasting, the two friends went to the stream and talked about nothing in particular, as Glorfindel was prone to babble about the most ridiculous things (which meant Erestor was mostly listening). Finally, they got the smell of roasted venison; a sure sign that dinner was done.

They ate in silence. After Glorfindel was finished, he cleaned off his hands and lay down on his back looking up in the night sky.

"Isn't this the life?" he asked after a while said breaking the silence. "This is the one good thing about going on patrols. I get to experience the wonders of nature. Granted, the twins are usually with me, but this is nice too."

Erestor finished his food and cleaned up, taking a place besides Glorfindel. "What do you think the twins are doing right now?" Erestor asked, already knowing the answer. The twin sons of Elrond were never far from mischief.

Glorfindel smirked to himself. "Probably finding some unsuspecting elf to pull one of their pranks on, since you and I aren't there to be the victims," he said, turning towards his friend grinning. Erestor's lips twitched before the two of them burst out laughing.

"Oh, I have to admit, I don't envy that poor elf, whoever he may be. Thank you for bringing me here, mellon-nin. I have to admit you were right," Erestor said, turning his gaze back up to the sky.

"Alright, who are you and what did you do with Erestor?" Glorfindel could not believe that Erestor had actually admitted that he was right!

Erestor grunted, "You heard me, don't get too comfortable with any compliments. If anyone asks me, I will outright deny it."

"As you wish." Glorfindel turned his head to look at his friend and could have sworn he saw him smile. "You're welcome though." Glorfindel resumed watching the night sky, as Eärendil shone brightly above neither aware of the danger that was looming in the shadows.

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