Pranks Abroad

Chapter 2

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When the brothers were safely away from the chambers they turned when they heard the sound of Sogrion clearing his throat. He was smirking a triumphant look of one who had just conquered a whole battlefield. The brothers however looked like three small elflings who had just been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

"Now what in earth would the three of you be doing running out of the bathing chambers at such a speed? One would think that you three were up to something," Sogrion asked with an amused look on his face.

"What concern is it of your warden?" Haldir retorted back coldly.

Sogrion just laughed, "Oh nothing only I know the three of you were up to something and the fact that our Lord and Lady are the soon to be victims…well, let's just say I would hate to be you in the end."

Haldir face started to turn a shade of red. He did not like Sogrion at all let alone being confronted by the said elf. "What proof do you have that we were up to anything? You were the only one there. I am a very respected ellon with higher authority than you so it would be your word against mine, so I suggest that you take care and mind your business unless you want to find yourself in a world of hurt."

Sogrion straightened and glared with a look that would demand respect from his own wardens, "With all due respect Haldir, the one who should be concerned about being in a world of hurt is you. Remember you are not pulling a prank on a fellow warden or a visitor. We are talking about Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel. They will not just endure this, they will make sure that you and your brothers are dutifully punished."

At this the brothers just glared and walked off leaving a very amused looking Sogrion behind, and went back to their talan to await the results of their pranks. However inside all three were silently dreading the punishment that was surely going to come.

Meanwhile back at the bathing chambers Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel had gone inside unaware of the calamity of what was to take place. As they undressed they kissed each other softly and went each to their designated bath and got in.

As Galadriel sank in the hot steamy bath she let her long golden hair down and let out a long sigh. "Ahhh this feels so wonderful. I just love a long hot bath to help me relax after a long day of ruling a kingdom. Wouldn't you agree my love?"

Celeborn chuckled softly as he was leaning back in his hot bath drinking a large glass of Dorwinion wine. "Most definitely my dear. Nothing beats a hot bath when one has been handling large amounts of paperwork and negotiating with outer lands about the oncoming darkness." He continued drinking his wine and closed his eyes.

It was about half an hour later that a highly intoxicated Celeborn heard a loud scream coming from his wife. "AAAAACK! CELEBORN!"

Jumping out of the tub and not even bothering to don his robe he bolted next door unaware of his now completely colored body to find a very distraught and bright neon green Galadriel. Unable to hold back his laughter he began to shake with it which only upset his wife even more.

Galadriel glared at her husband and shrieked, "What are you laughing at Celeborn! Look at me; I'm bright green from head to toe!"

And it was true. Galadriel's once golden head was now a bright neon green as was her entire body. The only part of her body that was not colored was her now very red and angry face. She looked at him once more, "And I wouldn't be laughing either husband. You aren't exactly a sight for sore eyes yourself!"

Celeborn immediately stopped laughing, "What do you mean?" He slurred looking at his wife who was now trying so hard to not laugh.

Galadriel grabbed her hand mirror and handed it to her husband. "Take a look for yourself."

He grabbed the mirror and looked into it and any hint of amusement that he once had faded immediately as he beheld a now deep purple neck and hair. He then looked at his arms and hands and realized he was now an overgrown elven plumb.

"What in Eru's name happened?" It was very rare for Celeborn to lose his temper and when he did, anyone and anything within ten feet had better steer clear. "Whoever did this I will make them suffer immensely!" He said in a deep rage. Unaware that he was still naked and not aware he was now drunk he ran out of the room leaving behind a very shocked and confused Galadriel.

As Celeborn bolted out of the bathing chambers many of the Lórien elves had heard the screams of their Lord and Lady and had rushed to see what had happened. Many eyes were now wide with mouths hanging open upon seeing a naked, purple, and now very drunk, angry Celeborn stumbling all over.

What they witnessed next only made the situation worse. Celeborn who was so wroth and intoxicated had failed to notice that he was heading straight for Galadriel's sacred pond. Before anyone could warn him to watch out Celeborn had tripped over a large boulder and stumbled head first into the pond.

If anyone had dared to laugh before they weren't now as the sight of Celeborn a very highly respected Elven Lord was covered head to toe with pond weeds. The elves were too much in shock to even move. So in shock of what they witnessed they failed to notice that Galadriel in her robe with her now bright neon green hair was now by her husband's side with a robe to cover him.

As they both arose Galadriel now supporting her husband all the elves looked on in horror as they were now beholding their rulers. No one even dared to move or speak for the fear that Galadriel would explode on them with such fury that was only magnified with the use of her ring Nenya.

As she glared she boomed with such authority that all around shrank back in horror. "WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS ATROCITY?"

Finally after a few minutes when the elves regained their bearings Sogrion timidly came forward and bowed, "My Lady, I can't say for a certainty but right before you and Lord Celeborn entered the chambers I saw Haldir and his brothers hurriedly leaving the bathing rooms. I tried to find out what they were up to but I was unable to discover what it was. Forgive me."

At the mere mention of her Marchwarden, Nenya began to glow brighter as one word escaped in a deadly voice. "Haldir!" She then looked around her and said to the remaining elves, "No one is to mention anything about what they saw or heard on penalty of exile. Is that understood?"

The elves all bowed and trembled in understanding as Galadriel now half supported half carried a fuming, drunk Celeborn back to their talan where she would decide what to do about her Marchwarden and his younger brothers. One thing was for certain, she would make sure that this was the last prank they ever pulled.

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