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Undisclosed Desires (A Marble Hornets Love Story)


Winston Merrick started off in a hellish relationship with Alex Kralie. he was controlling and a cheater. After she dumps him and they wrap things up with their student film, Tim went missing. upon trying to find Tim, Jay, Winston and Octavia kept running into a masked person and a tall faceless person. for a while they kept running in circles until they figured out the masked person was Tim. Once hearing Winston's voice the trance on Tim seemed to go away and brought him back to reality. Now Winston is his safe haven a year after finding out about him being Masky. what will happen once meeting Tim again. Will Jay survive? will they ever find Alex and will Tim ever confess his feelings? I don't own majority of these characters except for Winston! Octavia belongs to my friend. Anyways Enjoy

Horror / Adventure
Alex Kralie
Age Rating:

Entry 1

Winston sat in the passenger seat of Alex's white mustang as he drove her to the set of Marble Hornets their student film. That's the only time she gets to spend with Jay. Why? Because Alex was controlling and didn't like him. She sighed as she stared off into the distance waiting to get to the set.

Once they pulled up to the set, Winston was already out of the vehicle and hugging her brother. She missed her brother as her brother was all she had after their parents passed due to a car accident. Jay was all she had left but wasn't allowed to see her unless it was on set. Her other friends were there too. In fact those were her only friends because of how Alex controlled every little thing she did down to food.

Winston sat beside Tim and Brian as Jay set up the camera but forget to press record. She put her headphones in when their other friend pulled up. Upon arriving he brought his dog. She found it adorable. Alex, not so much.

"Seth! You brought your damn dog!?" This caught Winston's attention after Seth's dog came running up to her and Tim. Sometimes she wondered why she stayed with Alex but it was obvious she was trapped. During her time with Alex wasn't what she expected. He started out nice but then once they seen this faceless person around their home, Alex had started going crazy! He was more violent and aggressive.

"I can't just leave it in the car it's too hot!" Seth exclaimed.

"Alex Don't-"

"How many times do I have to tell you to not bring your dog!" Alex yelled. This scared Winston. She shook her head and sighed.

"I can't just leave him home!" Seth tried to explain.

"Let's just, wrap this up. " Alex sighed.


"What?" Alex was already extremely annoyed.

" I forgot to record..." Jay spoke.

"So this whole entire time you weren't filming?!" Winston looked at Jay sympathetically knowing all Alex ever did was complain about everything that anyone did wrong.

"Oh no..." Winston knew he was going to snap and she scooted closer to Tim due to this.

"It was an accident-"

"You had one fucking job Jay! One job! Why can't you do anything right?!" Jay just shook his head.

" Whatever we will just finish this tomorrow..." Alex said putting his stuff in the car. Winston put her head in her hands and accidently managed to say one wrong thing in Alex's earshot.

"Why do I put up with his shit?"

"What the hell did you just say?" Alex then spoke turning towards Winston which made her hide behind Tim.

"I didn't say anything!" She squeaked.

"Give the girl a break don't you think you've done enough Alex?" Tim growled. He would never admit but he loved Winston and knew Alex was no good for her.

"Why don't you mind your business Timothy?"

"We're talking about this when we go home!" He turned towards Winston. She sighed. She helped her brother Jay load his car up.

"Hey Jaybird. Can you bring me some food later when Alex isn't home?"

"Of course. Anything in particular?"

"Just a hamburger. Thanks Jay." Jay ruffled her hair. She missed her brother but Alex never allowed her to see him off set. Winston hugged Jay tightly. Once finished, everyone left. Which left Winston to a hellish night up ahead.

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