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The wrong boss

By StrangerInMoscow01


The plan

Gabriella walked inside the building on a Monday morning, like she always did. It was summer and the heat of NYC's streets was something she could barely stand. Once inside the building she felt the refreshing air conditioner hit her warm skin and she was really glad it was that way. It was a slow week at work so she sat behind her desk, turned on her computer to check on her mail and put her purse by her side. She worked at Bolton's industries one of the most important communication companies in New York, she loved her job and she was really good at it. Gabriella brushed back her black curls as she looked at her mail, nothing too important, there was mail from her sister who was in Hawaii on her honey moon, another from her mother to confirm their dinner on Friday. She was closing the windows when her boss walked in.

Trevor Bolton...the middle son of Jack and Lucille Bolton, and the reason of her obsession on the two years she had been working for the company. Trevor was tall, muscular, had dirty blonde hair and grey eyes, but that wasn't the reason why she was crazy about him, he was nice, friendly, loved to help other people and was the perfect boss with her, and that smile...that smile could make any winter turn into summer, he was just her definition of perfection, and she loved to work for him.

"Good morning Gabs" He said as he stood in front of her, he was wearing a simple black suit but he made it look amazing, the suit hugged his body perfectly...everything fit his perfect body amazingly. She smiled back at him with her heart beating faster than ever.

"Good morning Mr. Bolton" She said politely.

"Once again call me Trevor please! You make me feel like my brother..." He smiled at the thought "By the way, he is coming to check on some numbers so let me know when he gets here...and could you get me a cup of coffee?" She nodded "Great you're the best Gabs" And with that being said he locked himself inside his office. Gabriella could feel her mood go down slowly...so Trevor's brother was gonna be there sometime that day, Troy Bolton.

Troy was the owner of the entire Bolton industries, since he was the older brother he was the one taking over the company, of course his brothers and sister had a good spot in his company if they ever wanted to, Trevor followed Troy steps into the company while Travis was still in college and Tyara was still in High School. There was something about Troy that Gabriella didn't like at all, he was as handsome as his brother Trevor, but his beauty was dark and wild. He was taller than Trevor if that was even possible, muscular as well, and wherever he was every head turned to see him. He owned every place and every woman wanted to catch his attention, just a few ever made it. Troy was the complete opposite of Trevor, he was quiet and looked around like he was better than everybody else, and maybe that's why she hated him so much.

Gabriella thanked God everyday for making Trevor her boss and not Troy, because he had a reputation of being cruel to his employees and never stopped until he got what he wanted, that's the reason he took Bolton Industries to the next level...a level his father Jack never reached during his 45 years of running the company. As she was getting that cup of coffee she heard the sound of some high heels against the floor, it was weird because she wasn't expecting anyone so early and she didn't think Trevor was either. She went to her desk to find a blonde beauty waiting there looking around impatiently. Gabriella knew who it was, Sharpay Evans, also known as Troy's ex. They were engaged for some time but they broke up a week before their wedding, she was a famous model and currently had a role on Broadway. She was the specific type of woman Troy would go out with, blonde, tall, with long legs and a shiny smile.

"May I help you?" Gabriella asked with the cup of coffee still in her hand.

"I'm looking for Trev...is he around?" Gabriella nodded while she knocked on his door, Trev? Since when that was a possible nickname for Trevor? Gabriella was afraid that she would be after Trevor now that Troy didn't work for her, well they broke up a year before.

"Come in!" She heard Trevor said behind the door, she smiled at Sharpay and walked into his office putting his coffee on his desk.

"Sharpay Evans is outside" Gabriella grabbed some papers from his desk. He looked up obviously surprised.

"I wasn't expecting her so early...uh...Let her in and if Troy comes tell him to wait outside for a while" He said, fixing his tie and his hair. Gabriella had a bad feeling about this but she still did as he said, she stood by the door and told the blonde beauty that looked like an alien in the office to come inside. She saw how Sharpay walked over to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately; he kissed her back with the same passion and looked down at the blonde like she was the love of his life and the cure for cancer all at the same time. He pulled a small box from his desk and gave it to her.

"Is that what I think it is?!" She exclaimed as she slowly opened the box revealing a big and shiny diamond. That's all Gabriella could see, she quickly walked out of the office and sat down behind her desk to feel safe, her mind was still processing what was going on...he was asking her to marry him? Gabriella saw all the love in his eyes when he looked at her, it was impossible not to see it. Suddenly she wanted to cry, why did she have to be there to see that? Why did she have to feel that way about him? Why was he asking Sharpay, the wrong woman in every way, she couldn't give him the family he wanted, her career was more important for her. Gabriella playes around with the mouse and clicked random icons in her computer, she could feel her heart slowly falling apart and breaking into a million and one pieces, she wished that day was over already.

Troy Bolton was walking inside the building looking down at his Smartphone, his mother was calling him to tell him God knows what, he didn't have time for it now, he was in the middle of something really important and he needed to go check some numbers at his brother's office. He took the elevator to the 20th floor, where his brother's office was located; he had a meeting in 35 minutes so whatever his brother had for him had to be quick. He felt every eye on him and it was really frustrating, he hated to be looked at like some kind of object; everybody wanted something from him, money, advice, sex...

Troy stepped out of the elevator and walked down the hall to Trevor's office, he saw his secretary sitting there looking down at her hands, it was strange but he decided to ignore it, he walked over to her.

"Tell Trevor I'm here" He said, Troy had no time to waste.

"Right away sir" She said. Maybe it was how she never made eye contact with him when she answered or the way her voice broke at the word 'sir', but he just knew something was wrong. He took a better look at her face and noticed the small tears running down her cheeks, her reddish eyes and her teeth biting her bottom lip furiously. Ok something was really wrong.

"Is something wrong miss...?" He was having a hard time remembering her name, was it Gomez, Sanchez...Montez! Of course! "Miss Montez"

"No sir" She said as she kept looking down. If there was something he hated was to watch women cry and not being able to do something about it, even if it was just a simple secretary.

"I'm sure it's not even worth it" He said as he gave her his handkerchief. She looked up and grabbed it with a confused expression. "I'm sure you don't want Trevor to see you like this"

"He won't even notice, he's too busy with Miss Evans" She whispered, he thought he heard wrong, as in Sharpay Evans? His ex fiancée? He got to be kidding; he couldn't be seriously interested in that manipulative woman. Troy took a deep breath and controlled his feelings, it was obvious this poor girl was in love with his brother and what she saw in there affected her a lot. Troy walked to the office and opened the door furiously to see his brother sharing saliva with the reason he never wanted to have a serious relationship ever again. He cleared his throat hoping it would be awkward for both of them. They pulled away from each other, she had the decency to look embarrassed and his cheeks were blushing a little bit. He gave both of them a really cold glare.

"What do we have here?" Troy asked with a small smile playing on his lips.

"Heyyy bro, umm...Shar and I just..." Troy lifted an eyebrow, Shar? Ok he thought that's everything he wanted to hear.

"Just give me those papers...I don't care what's going on here" Troy replied...a plan was actually building up inside his head, you could almost hear his brain working.

"Uhh..." Trevor gave him some papers, he looked around nervous "Gabriella has the rest, oh and tell her she can leave for lunch, she's been working hard the entire morning" he finished. Troy had no doubt it was like that, maybe his secretary was doing his work while he made out with the worst woman ever. Troy managed to smile.

"Sure" He said and turned around to walk out.

"Oh and Troy, don't forget about tonight's dinner...we want to give the family some important news" Trevor hugged Sharpay and looked down at her with a smile. Perfect!

"Trust me I won't" Troy smiled and got out of the office. He grabbed his phone and called his own secretary and told her to cancel his meetings until 3. He then looked at most important part of his plan. He kept his smile on and walked over to Gabriella. "Trevor said you had the rest of the papers" He looked at her up and down, she could use a makeover.

Gabriella nodded and gave him what he was asking for, she then went back to her computer. He didn't leave; he just stood there staring at her, which she found weird as hell.

"Trevor also said you could leave for lunch, which made me wonder if you would like to grab some lunch with me" He said, his bright blue eyes looked at her, trying to get inside her head, to convince her, Gabriella never noticed but Troy's eyes color were more intense than Trevor's. She wouldn't normally say yes because she didn't like him but she was feeling so lost in that office and she could barely breathe so she would take any chance to get out of there.

"Ok...Mr. Bolton" She said.

"Please call me Troy...I have a plan I want to talk to you about" He said with that million dollars smile he could pull off once in a while.

It was about to go down.

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