The wrong boss

Everything I Do

After having a decent breakfast, Troy drove around the city showing Gabriella the L.A. life, she saw several people running, the different stores and how different everything was from New York, she looked around totally amazed by the place and she was taking in every single bit of it, Troy looked at her with a smile, he loved to see that expression on her face. They stopped by a near store and Troy helped her get out of the car.

“What are we doing here?” She asked him, looking around and admiring the place.

“You’ll see” he said and he grabbed her hand before walking inside. A very tall, blonde woman instantly walked over to them.

“Hi my name is Sadie, What can I do for you?” She asked looking at Troy like he was the cure for cancer totally ignoring Gabriella’s presence.

“We want a swimsuit for this beautiful young lady right here” Troy said, Gabriella was about to protest but he squeezed her hand meaning she shouldn’t say a word.

“Of course!” Sadie said and looked at Gabriella with a fake smile “Come with me please” Gabriella looked at Troy looking for approval; he nodded and sat down on a near chair.

A few minutes later Gabriella was wearing a dark red bikini that hugged her curves just the way Troy wanted it too. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and then searched for Troy. He was staring at her from his chair, looking completely satisfied with the result.

“What do you think?” she asked him, he nodded.

“I love it” He said standing up and walked over to her, he scanned her body and licked his lower lip in the process, he knew she would look hot but it was getting kinda hard to look at her without touching any part of her gorgeous body. Troy stood behind her as she decided whether she liked it or not. He tucked a piece of loose hair behind her ear before he whispered “But it’s more important to me that you feel comfortable in it”

Gabriella felt a shiver run down her back and smiled because she totally loved the feeling. She nodded and he smiled satisfied.

“We’re taking this one” He said as he handed Sadie his credit card. Gabriella looked at him with her eyes wide open.

“I can pay for it” She quickly said looking for her purse.

“I know you can… but I want to buy it for you, so go put some clothes on before we go” He said “Unless you wanna make the rest of the tour dressed like that, I won’t complain” He smirked and went to sit in his chair once again, she blushed furiously and walked back into the dressing room. Troy grabbed Gabriella’s hand on their way out and opened the door for her so she could get into the car. Gabriella didn’t know why he was acting like that around her when years before he treated her like she didn’t even exist or like her existence didn’t matter at all, this was a huge change in Troy’s personality and she loved every single bit of it.

A few hours later they were sitting in Malibu beach looking around and enjoying the sun, the sound of the waves and the sand under their feet, Gabriella’s skin was naturally tanned but that didn’t stopped her from sitting on a towel with a magazine in her hand. Troy was talking on the phone with his lawyer from New York, even during the weekend work was chasing him, that’s the reason the company was so successful, because his blood, heart and soul were invested in it. When he was finally done he sat next to Gabriella and took a deep and very loud breath.

“Is everything ok?” Gabriella asked him looking up from her magazine.

“Yeah, it’s all good” He said as he tried to relax. He just needed a computer to work on a very important deal but he didn’t want to ruin Gabriella’s tour around the city just yet, his phone started to ring again and he just ignored the call, he wasn’t gonna let anyone stress him during this mini vacation, besides, Gabriella was there with him and that’s all he ever wanted.

“Are you sure?” She asked “We can leave if you want” she was worried he wouldn’t say anything just because of her.

“I’m sure Gabs, don’t worry” He said as he closed his eyes and took in the beach air, it was salty and delicious. He didn’t feel like going back to the house and facing his brother again, actually that’s the last thing he ever wanted to do. Then an idea popped into Troy’s head, he looked at Gabriella totally excited about this thing he was about to do, he quickly went to grab his Smartphone, searching on his playlist he found the song he was looking for and touched the play button.

Gabriella heard the sound of Everything I do by Bryan Adams, she so loved that song and when she looked up she found Troy standing there offering her his hand.

“Can I have this dance?” He asked with a smile, she looked around nervously to see if there were people around them, she saw a couple of guys a few feet away, but she didn’t think they could see them, Troy noticed it and smirked at her. “Oh come on! We’re here together, let’s enjoy it” He said, Gabriella smiled and grabbed his hand as he helped her getting up from her towel.

Troy wrapped his hands around her waist pulling her closer to him, since they were both wearing swimsuits her soft skin touched his in places where it just shouldn’t, Troy took a deep breath and tried to ignore the feeling. Gabriella wrapped her arms around his shoulders and played with his dirty blonde hair as they danced to Bryan Adam’s voice, that was so far the most romantic moment she ever shared with someone and she still couldn’t believe it was with Troy. She looked deeply into his baby blue eyes with fascination, he had the most beautiful eyes ever, and there was no doubt. Troy stared at her lips for a split second before looking into her eyes again, the last kiss they shared seemed to be a million years ago and there was nothing Troy wanted more than to touch her lips with his and to taste that sweetness again, he remembered how amazing it was and he just wanted to experience that a million times more. In the very minute he started to lean in, the music stopped breaking the mood and his ringtone replaced it. He looked at his phone because he knew who it was.

“Let me get that” He simply said as he grabbed his phone with one hand but held Gabriella with the other. “Hello?... hey mom… yeah… cool” He then hung up and looked at her with an unknown sparkle in his eyes. “My mom says we’re having family lunch before all the people get there”

“Ok” She said and looked down at her stuff, Troy pulled her hand to get her attention.

“But we need to talk right after” He said.

Gabriella was getting ready for their family lunch and she was very nervous, Troy told her he wanted to talk about something right after and she didn’t exactly know why, for a moment back there at the beach she really thought he was about to kiss her but she never got the chance to find out. Gabriella couldn’t understand what was going on with her and Troy, she wasn’t sure of their relationship anymore, Friends? Co-workers? Something more? Who knew?! The only thing she knew for sure was that she had stronger feelings for Troy than she had for Trevor at this point.

Suddenly she heard a strong knock on her door, she didn’t think it was Troy because he said they would meet downstairs, but maybe he changed his mind. Gabriella was extremely surprised when she opened the door to find Trevor casually standing there with his hands inside his pockets; his grey eyes had a dark sparkle as he stared back at her.

“Yeah?” She asked confused not opening the door fully so he wouldn’t take the liberty to walk inside, then it would be harder to get him out.

“Can I come in?” He asked.

“What for?” She looked at him suspiciously; he had been acting strangely lately so she didn’t fully trust him.

“Come on! It’s just me Gabs” He said with that tone he used back in their office before he turned into a cold person. “I just want to talk” He continued. Gabriella’s instincts were telling her to not to let him in but she ignored the feeling and opened the door so he could go inside.

“What do you want to talk about?” She asked him, he turned around to face her with an evil smirk playing on his lips, she instantly knew something was wrong and she made a big mistake letting him inside her room. He got closer to her and without any hesitation he smashed his lips against hers in a very rough kiss, he grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to him aggressively. Gabriella thought she should be happy, that’s what she wanted, right? At least that’s what she believed, but then why did she feel like it was awfully wrong and why did she want to take his hands off her? The answer came as soon as the question popped into her head. Troy. She immediately pushed him off of her, he was breathing heavily and was smiling like he got exactly what he wanted, and he touched his lower lip as he stared down at hers.

“See you downstairs” He said and left the room closing the door behind him. What was she gonna do now? How would she tell Troy his brother kissed her, maybe she shouldn’t because that would mean their plan worked and he would then just leave her, or maybe she should tell him so he could go after the girl he truly wanted, she was so confused.

What was the right thing to do?

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