The wrong boss

I Do

Gabriella was a huge mess; she didn’t know exactly what to do anymore or who to talk to. She felt so confused about everything, Trevor had been acting weird with her since they got there, sometimes he was in a really good mood and she just had to blink to see him upset as hell. Gabriella was now getting ready for the Charity Gala inside her room, she had been there all afternoon after the family lunch where Trevor just flirted with her openly and nobody seemed to notice, or maybe she was just being paranoid about the whole situation. Gabriella touched her lips again, that kiss was definitely real, she didn’t imagine that, Trevor Bolton actually kissed her and now she didn’t know what the hell to do.

Or how to feel about it.

Gabriella opened the white box Troy gave her to find the very beautiful white dress inside of it. She didn’t even know how he found out her size but the dress fit her perfectly, it was almost like it was made especially for her. He told her she should wear it to the Gala and since she had no time to buy a dress of her own she decided to go with his instructions. She softly slide down the beautiful white dress, Troy sure had great taste in clothes, you just had to see him to notice and he also knew exactly what a girl likes.

The thought of Troy made Gabriella sigh, she still couldn’t decide whether to tell him or not about the kiss, on one hand if she told him then that would mean their plan was over and they could finally go on different ways, it was crazy cause that’s exactly what she wanted before but now she wasn’t so sure, Troy treated her like she wanted to be treated, whenever they were in front of his family he would hold her close and kiss her forehead sweetly and even when they were alone he would treat her like she was the only girl in the world. Gabriella sighed once again; on the other hand she didn’t want Troy to be miserable with a fake relationship with her when he could go after the girl he’s always wanted, the blonde she couldn’t really stand. She had to admit that even when she tried hard not to, she had strong feelings towards Troy, all she wanted to do was to be selfish and keep him for some time but she also wanted him to be happy.

What a mess.

When Gabriella was finally done getting ready she looked at her reflection in the mirror very pleased with the result, her dress hugged the right curves in the right places, it made her feel desirable and beautiful for the first time in a long time. There was a strong knock on the door, she stared at it afraid Trevor would be back to mess with her again.

“Who is it?” She asked praying for it to be someone else.

“It’s me” Troy’s voice echoed inside the room for a second and after getting out of the initial shock she went to open the door for him. He was looking extremely sexy wearing that gray tux with a blue tie that matched his eyes perfectly, Gabriella felt her heart stop beating inside her chest just to start beating harder and she felt a soft blush cover her cheeks. Troy smiled. “Are you ready to go? They’re waiting for us downstairs” He said and offered his arm.

Gabriella linked her arm with his and closed the door behind her. Troy was always a gentleman when it came to her and that’s one of the things she loved about him. They slowly walked downstairs and her eyes instantly landed on Trevor’s figure by the door receiving the guests, he was wearing a dark blue tux with no tie and the first two buttons of his white shirt were undone, he couldn’t get any sexier with that bright smile as he shook some old man’s hand. Trevor looked up at them and smiled, Gabriella felt her body tensing up at the gesture, somehow everything that had something to do with Trevor made her feel uncomfortable. She looked at Troy to see if he noticed her sudden change and she sighed in relief when she saw him frowning down at his phone not seeming to notice anything around him. When they finally reached the entrance Trevor smiled at Troy.

“Problems with work bro?” He asked with that stupid smirk hanging on his lips, Gabriella was never an aggressive person but she just wanted to slap that smirk away.

“It’s all good” Troy smiled back at his brother with confidence, Gabriella felt so proud of him.

“Glad to hear it then… mom is over the piano” He informed Troy and looked at Gabriella with a certain spark filling his gray eyes, Troy pulled her closer to his body and walked away, Gabriella thought he was a really good actor. They spotted his mom over the white piano just as Trevor said and she smiled the very minute she saw them walking over.

“Troy, darling! I know this is not your style but would you play a piece for our guests while the staff finishes serving the food”

“Mom” Troy whined making him look so adorable, a side Gabriella had never seen on him.

“Oh, don’t be like that Troy! You know I love to hear you play, please”

Troy couldn’t help to surrender to his mother’s wishes; he just loved her way to much to say no to anything she asked. He pulled Gabriella to the piano and sat her down next to him not wanting to leave her alone for one second, he noticed something was up between her and his brother, he could tell by the way she was always alert when Trevor was around. He would find out what was up with them sooner or later. Troy started to play one of his favorite songs and Gabriella totally loved it, she didn’t know he was so good at playing the piano, well she had to imagine because he was amazing at everything he did. Once the song was over his mother called everybody to the dining room to have dinner, Gabriella took a deep breath and got ready for what was about to happen next.

A few hours later Gabriella was sitting with Troy, Travis and Tyara watching as some couples danced to the amazing music the band played. Gabriella found out Travis was the funniest out of the three brothers and Tyara had a slight obsession with her brother Troy, not a bad kind of obsession, she just seemed to be fascinated by her brother, she heard everything he said with a sparkle in her eyes and put her full attention to everything he did like he was the only person in the room. Gabriella thought it was kinda cute. She laughed at something Travis said when the band played a new song.

“Ooh! I love that song!” Tyara said “Trav dance with me please” She told her brother, he looked at her as if she had gone crazy, he put her hand away from his arm and just shook his head. Gabriella saw that opportunity to bring her closer to Troy.

“Why don’t you dance with her Troy?” She suggested, Tyara looked at her like she was a genius but then replaced it with a shy expression when she turned to Troy to see his reaction. Troy smiled at the teenager and stood up offering his hand, he knew how his sister felt about him. Tyara grabbed his hand and they walked over to the dance floor, Gabriella felt happy to see them dancing and laughing, Tyara looked amazingly happy and so did Troy. Suddenly someone tapped on her shoulder and she turned around to see Trevor standing there with his million dollar smile staring at her.

“Can I have this dance?” He asked as he offered his hand also, she couldn’t help to think the gesture looked a lot like something Troy would do, well they were brothers after all, she looked at Travis searching for some help, she really didn’t want to dance with Trevor so she was hoping Travis wouldn’t want to stay alone or something so she wouldn’t have to make a scene in front of all of those people.

“It’s ok” Travis said much to her dismay “I’ll just stay here and drown in food” Trevor smile went bigger if that was even possible, she hated the situation but she stood up and walked over to the dance floor without grabbing Trevor’s hand, she wanted him to know she would hate every single moment of that dance, he didn’t pay any attention to it he just wrapped his hands around her waist pulling her closer to him, where was the annoying blonde when you needed her?

“I got you” He whispered as he looked down at her lips, she was completely sure he was remembering the stupid kiss they shared, she felt a soft blush cover her cheeks against her will, she just wished he had no effect on her and just then she realized how much she changed in just a couple of days, if you would tell her 3 months ago that she wouldn’t want to be with Trevor Bolton, she would just laugh at your face, Trevor was everything she ever wanted back then and now…

And now she couldn’t stand the thought of kissing him or being around him for too long. Gabriella looked in Troy’s direction and saw him staring back at her as his sister leaned her head on his shoulder happily, he was everything she wanted now, they made a plan to separate Trevor and Sharpay so they could both get what they wanted but now… she had feelings for someone else, something she never thought would ever happen. Trevor’s gray eyes stared into her eyes deeply trying to find the reason for her sudden frown, but it was done, the magic she always thought she saw in Trevor was gone; she wasn’t in love with Trevor anymore, she wasn’t even sure that what she felt about him could be called love.

Gabriella didn’t notice the moment the song ended until she felt someone’s presence next to her, she turned around to find a very annoyed looking Troy staring at his brother like he could jump on him any moment now. Gabriella quickly let go of Trevor and waited for him to do the same. Trevor was really tall and muscular but Troy was bigger than him in every aspect. Gabriella felt the tension building between them.

“I got it now Trev” Troy said in a very low and cold tone trying to tell Trevor with his eyes that he should be letting go of her before something went down between them. Gabriella grabbed Troy’s arm to keep him from punching Trevor, his intentions were clear in his expression and she didn’t want to cause a scene in front of all those important people. She pulled him away and they walked to the center of the dance floor, another song started to play, it was the song they danced at the beach, Gabriella instantly smiled and Troy did the same just forgetting the recent incident, he wrapped his arms around her bringing her closer to him and she gladly let him.

Then Gabriella saw Sharpay a few tables away looking at them with a strange expression in her face, she thought that maybe the blonde wanted Troy back as much as he wanted her, they were together just to complete their plan otherwise they would be making their own lives, she would be back in New York eating Tostitos while watching a romantic comedy and he would be here smiling to these people and being nice to everybody. Gabriella leaned her head on his shoulder thinking, maybe they would be happy if they got back together, maybe that’s what they were looking, a chance to be together and she was getting in the middle of it. She definitely had to tell him.

“Troy?” She whispered into his shoulder, he was playing with her hair as they danced.


“I have to tell you something important” her voice was serious, thing that made Troy worry, he wondered what was wrong.

“Tell me” He looked into her chocolate eyes trying to find the answer, they wouldn’t reveal the thing that was bothering her so he just waited patiently.

“Well the thing is…” She took a deep breath, she knew she would just lose Troy after she said those words so she took a moment also to admire his perfect blue eyes filled with joy, maybe she would never get the chance to see them that way again. “Today when we were getting ready for that family lunch Trevor came over to my room…” She started she felt Troy’s body tensing up immediately so she chose her words carefully. “I thought he just wanted to talk but then he… uhh… he kissed me” She stared into his eyes as he processed the information, he slowly stopped dancing and just held her there in total shock, Gabriella saw how his eyes went from that shiny blue to a really dark and cold blue, he looked over her shoulder to where Sharpay and Trevor were sitting, he instantly let go of her and walked in their direction. Gabriella thought he just couldn’t wait to get the blonde out of Trevor’s hands, she stood there looking down completely sad until she heard a few gasps and screams coming from the people around the room, she turned around to see Trevor and Troy on the floor, Troy was furiously punching Trevor in the face and other parts of his body and Trevor was desperately trying to cover himself.

Gabriella ran over to them trying to pull Troy away from Trevor, who saw it as his chance to fight back and punched Troy right in the nose, then again Troy furiously punched Trevor until blood was coming out of his lower lip and his right eye was starting to turn a strange shade of red. Travis and Jack ran over and pulled them away from each other.

“What the hell is going on here?” Jack asked looking really furious, Troy pulled his arm away from Jack’s handgrip, he touched his lower lip softly to see the blood coming out of it, he didn’t answer he just walked away angry as hell and then Jack and Travis started to question Trevor about the whole situation. Gabriella followed Troy up the stairs and into his room; he took off his blazer, tie and his shirt, he looked at his reflection in the bathroom’s mirror and started to wash up his wounds.

Gabriella grabbed a medical kit that was sitting under the mirror and grabbed a small bottle of alcohol.

“Turn around” She ordered, he sighed and did as she said, then she grabbed a small cotton to start disinfecting the wound, he jumped a little sometimes as she removed the blood from his nose and his lower lip, Trevor had to look ten times worse than that. “Would you mind explaining what happened to you down there?” She asked. Troy just looked down to avoid her eyes and stayed silent. “Come on Troy, you’re not the aggressive type. What happened?”

When Troy looked up his stare was the same as a lost little boy and Gabriella couldn’t help but feel sorry for him, she wanted to hug him and she wanted to tell him it was gonna be ok. Troy finally got the courage to say something.

“I don’t know what came on to me, you were there telling my brother kissed you when I wasn’t around to stop it, I just… it overcame me”

Gabriella looked at him confused “But I thought that’s what you wanted, for him to notice me”

“What guy with common sense would want another guy, especially his brother, to kiss his girl?” he shook his head “Doesn’t make any sense?”

Gabriella felt her heart skip a beat! His girl, that’s what he just said, he thought she was his girl, which was so far the best thing she heard in the past few days.

“But I thought us being together was just a plan to break them up”

“It was when it started but then something changed… when we came on this trip I was clear on what I wanted and the truth is all I want is you” He said, Gabriella felt her heart wanting to get out of her chest, he was telling he had actual feelings towards her, so it wasn’t just her who felt that strange attraction between them. “I was hoping you would feel the same” he said, his blue eyes were sad as he stared back at her, he was hurt and she would do anything to erase that sad feeling from his system.

“I do” she said.

Silence fell between them and the next thing she knew they were kissing…

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