The wrong boss



He could hear his name being called but all he could see was that gorgeous face smiling at him like there was nobody else in this world. Her black curls, her tanned skin, her chocolate eyes, everything about her made him wanna forget about everybody. He just needed her. He just wanted her.

Troy are you listening to me?

That annoying voice again! He came back to earth to find his all time best friend staring at him. Chad Danforth, with his chocolate skin and his perfectly made curls was standing there with some papers in his hands trying to work on some important business. Chad and Troy had been friends since they were 5 years old, they went through every stage of their lives together, Troy knew Chad like nobody and Chad could tell when something was wrong with Troy before Troy could notice himself. Chad raised an eyebrow as he looked deeply into his best friend’s eyes.

“Ok” He said as he put the papers on Troy’s desk “What’s wrong?” Chad crossed his arms over his chest and waited for Troy to give him an answer.

“Nothing’s wrong” Troy said as he grabbed the papers from his desk.

“I know you dude!” Chad sat down and smiled “Something has been on your mind all morning because you can’t concentrate, when you’re behind these walls all you see, breathe or eat is work, so come on and tell me what’s wrong”

Troy looked at his best friend exasperated; there was nothing he could hide from his best friend. He put the papers back on the wooden desk and stood up to look through the big glass window.

“There’s this girl…” Troy started.

“Oh so a girl is involved!” Chad exclaimed “I thought it had something to do with your family! This is getting better” Chad smirked as he waited for the rest of the story; Troy chuckled at how excited Chad was now.

“Yeah well, turns out we kinda have feelings for each other”


“But I think that now she’s technically mine, Trevor will come in the way”

“What makes you think that?” Chad asked as he frowned, he hated the kind of relationship Troy had with Trevor, it was like they were always trying to be better than the other, and it was kind of annoying sometimes.

“Well to start he kissed her” Troy frowned still angry about this fact, he couldn’t put into words how much he wanted to punch Trevor for even looking at her twice, she was his girl, nothing would ever change that. Troy knew at first it was all just a plan to get his brother out of Sharpay’s evil hands but now he couldn’t care less, when he got to know the real Gabriella he realized that he wanted her for himself only. They never told anyone the reason of the fight, only Gabriella knew the real reason, and he wasn’t gonna tell anyone either, the last thing he wanted was for Sharpay to dump Trevor for kissing someone else, he didn’t want Trevor to be available so he could go over there harassing Gabriella.

“He did what?” Chad stared at Troy with his mouth wide open like he couldn’t believe such thing ever happened, Troy nodded and sighed, he really hated to talk about his feelings and now more than ever that he started to feel really strong things for someone, feelings he never felt for Sharpay even weeks before they cancelled their wedding. “Your brother is insane”

“Tell me about it” Troy said “worst thing is that she’s his secretary”

“Hold on” Chad almost fell off his chair “You’re telling me the girl you guys are fighting over is the shy secretary that can never look directly into my eyes and speaks with this soft voice that makes you think she’s gonna break?” Troy nodded making Chad laugh his ass off.

“Are you done?” Troy asked after hearing his best friend laugh for a while. Troy looked at Chad with a cold expression. Chad slowly stopped laughing.

“Sorry, it’s just I think he has a better position than you right now, she works for him.”

“I know” There was nothing Troy could do about it.

“Well, there’s only one thing you can do” Chad said as he handed Troy the office phone.

Gabriella was having breakfast with her roommate Ryan before leaving for work. He was a great cook so she loved it when it was his turn to make breakfast, Ryan was reading the newspaper sitting on one of the stools in the kitchen, his long hair was covering his eyes and he was biting his lip softly while reading.

“Should I pick you up for lunch today?” He said not even looking up at her. She thought it was a good idea.

“Yeah, maybe I can introduce you to my boss” Gabriella felt a soft blush cover her cheeks as she thought of Troy, she really wanted to see him that day but she knew that was almost impossible, he was always so busy and days could pass by before she gets to see him again.

“I already know your boss silly” Ryan said as he looked at her like she was stupid or something.

“Not Trevor… Troy” She said feeling her cheeks go a deeper shade of red.

“Oh… the possessive boyfriend” Ryan said with a smile hanging on his lips.

“He’s not my boyfriend” She protested.

“Not yet at least” He said, she knew he was just messing around with her but she couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

“Shut up”

“I just hope he doesn’t think I’m some kind of old boyfriend and shit” Ryan frowned at the thought “I don’t wanna have to break his pretty little face.” Gabriella loved Ryan, he was her best friend but she was pretty sure Troy could take him down any moment. Ryan was muscular and really big but he was nothing compared to Troy.

“Riiiiight” Gabriella said as she finished her breakfast and stood up to grab her purse.

“What?” Ryan asked “You don’t think I can take him down? Just wait and see”

“Ryan, please” Gabriella kissed his cheek “this is important to me, don’t mess it up” She said.

“I won’t” He said with a smile, he kissed her cheek too and then went to his room to get changed.

Gabriella was soon outside her apartment building waiting for a cab. She was wondering how that day would be for her. After they came back from L.A. Troy dropped her home and they hadn’t seen each other ever since, he called a couple of times on Sunday night and sent her a ‘good morning’ text that morning meaning he was still thinking of her but it couldn’t compare to the feeling she got when she was with him.

Then she remembered she had to go face Trevor that morning, she never spoke to him after the fight and he didn’t make any move either, she thought maybe he learned his lesson and he would just leave her alone. She clung to that thought as she sat inside the cab and told the driver to head to the Spark Tower, she really wished that was true.

When she walked inside the huge building she heard her name being called, she looked up to see the main receptionist waving at her. Gabriella frowned as she walked to the front desk, what could she possibly want?

“Hey Taylor!” Gabriella greeted happily “What’s up?” she asked. Taylor handed her a small red card with a half smile.

“Mr. Bolton wants to see you” she explained and Gabriella sighed, she knew exactly what that meant. Gabriella nodded with a smile and walked to the big elevator, she then pushed the button of Troy’s private elevator and its doors opened immediately, she stepped in and put the card inside the panel.

Once she was on Troy’s floor she stepped out and walked more confidently to his office than last time. She softly knocked on the door and waited for any response, two seconds later a big guy walked out of Troy’s office with some papers in his hand, he had chocolate skin and short curls, the guy smiled to her and left. Gabriella looked at the open door with hesitation, she didn’t know what he wanted but she was already there so she had to go in.

When Gabriella walked inside she saw Troy leaning against his desk waiting for her, an instant smile came to his face when he saw her, he then licked his lower lip slowly, she looked even more beautiful than the day before if that was possible. She closed the door behind her and walked over to him.

“Hi” She said as she smiled back at him, he didn’t know how to look normal, he was sexy with everything.

“Hey” He said. Troy grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to him so he could kiss her lips softly, there was nothing better than that and he always wanted more. She made him want more.

“You wanted to talk to me?” she asked him after they pulled away. There was a small sparkle inside their eyes. Troy wrapped his arm around her pulling her even closer so he could smell her sweet scent.

“Yeah” He replied into her hair. “I have two things to talk to you about” his tone was more serious when he said this so she pulled back a bit to see his expression.

“What is it?” She frowned making him rub the spot where her frown was more intense so she would stop doing it.

“I was just wondering…would you consider a position reestablishment?” he played with her curls.

“Why?” She asked totally freaked out, she loved her job.

“Well, to be honest, I don’t feel comfortable with you working with Trevor” Troy looked down while he tried to say the thing that was bothering him. She looked at him for a while before she answered.

“I love my job” She simply said. “I don’t feel comfortable with it either but I love what I do and I don’t want to leave it just because I feel weird around Trevor”

Troy sighed, he could see the determination inside her eyes, he then knew that nothing he could say would make Gabriella change her mind, and he had to give it a shot at least.

“Fine” He replied, he wasn’t very happy but he wasn’t gonna force her to do something she didn’t want to do “On the other side I was also wondering if you would consider having dinner with me at my place tonight”

Her face instantly lit up “Really?”

“Yeah, I was thinking of having lunch together but I have a very important meeting until 3, so I imagined dinner wouldn’t be so bad, I can cook”

“You cook?” Gabriella asked surprised as hell, she didn’t know the very serious and practical Troy Bolton could be behind a kitchen making dinner, that was a picture she just couldn’t imagine.

“Looks can fool you Montez” He said as he playfully pinched her nose, she giggled.

“I notice” She replied. “I better get to work; my boss gets angry when I’m late”

“If he ever bothers you just tell me” an ice cold expression crossed Troy’s face “he won’t mess with you”

“I know… don’t worry I can handle it” She smiled and kissed his lips softly one more time before leaving, soon that kiss became passionate, Gabriella’s hands were playing with Troy’s hair as his hands tried to pull her closer to him, thing that was not possible. A soft moan escaped from Gabriella’s throat and then Troy noticed that if he didn’t stop they would end doing something that they weren’t ready for yet, they still had a lot to talk about.

A while later she was sitting behind her desk, she was a few minutes late but she didn’t care, the only thing she could think of was Troy and their dinner. Troy made her feel things she never felt with anybody, not even Trevor, she soon realized what she felt towards Trevor couldn’t be called love at all.

Just then he walked out of his office and looked at her with an expressionless face. He slowly walked towards her making her even more nervous; she was waiting for him to start yelling she was fired or something like that, so imagine her surprise when he flashed a smile in her way.

“Hey Gabs how are you?” he asked politely, she blinked a couple of times. His eye was dark and he had a small cut over his lip.

“I’m fine!” she said “What about you?”

“I’m great. Could you please get me a coffee so we can get started?” he asked, Gabriella nodded and stood up to get that coffee, she was extremely confused, was Trevor bipolar? Because he changed his mood like she changed her shoes. For now it seemed the old Trevor was back, the boss that made her love her job so much, she was gonna wait to see how much it would last.

He was so weird.

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