The wrong boss


Gabriella finished putting up her shoes, she was getting ready for her date with Troy that night and she would be lying if she said she wasn’t nervous. After the incident during lunch, everybody at Bolton Industries was looking at her differently. She knew it would happen when everybody realized she was dating the big boss but it wasn’t something she could help.

Gabriella stood up and looked at her reflection in the mirror, she didn’t look special but she thought it was acceptable. The dress she was wearing was white and it ended just above her knees, her long and black curls were falling over her shoulders and she was wearing some designer shoes her mom got for her last Christmas. She thought about her mom for a while, how would her family react when she told them she was going out with her boss? She knew her dad wouldn’t like the idea that much; he was always getting her and her sister away from guys, but that was until her sister got married like a month ago.

She brushed those thoughts away as she grabbed her purse, her ride would be there any minute to pick her up and take her to Troy’s house. She told him she could get there by herself but he insisted on sending someone to pick her up. Just as if they could read her mind, the doorbell rang and she rushed down the stairs to open the door.

She found a very tall guy, with blonde hair and blue eyes standing behind the door, he looked like he had been a military on a previous life, there was no emotion behind his dark blue eyes and he was standing on a rigid position.

“Are you Miss Gabriella Montez?” he politely asked, she simply nodded and he stepped aside so she could get out of the apartment. “Mr. Bolton sent me here to pick you up.” she nodded again and closed the door behind her, they walked to the awaiting car.

“What’s your name?” She asked him, she was a bit curious about this guy, he wasn’t Troy’s usual driver, and he looked more like a bodyguard.

“My name is Ross miss,” he said as he opened the door of the black Rolls Royce for her to get inside, she did and he soon closed it. Gabriella searched for her phone inside her purse and unlocked it to check for new messages. She didn’t have any but she texted Ryan who was out with some friends from previous work, just to let him know she was out.

After a few minutes of driving around, she finally saw Ross stopping in front of a big mansion, a security guard let them in and she watched, completely amazed, the beautiful garden, there were flowers of all kinds. It was dark but the lights made it a really amazing sight. The car stopped at the front door, she was looking through the window at how huge the house actually was.

Ross opened the door for her and that’s when she noticed Troy standing by the door, waiting for her, he was smiling as he scanned her body. Troy walked over to her and helped her out the Rolls Royce, he pulled her a little too close to him, making her blush a bit, it was a good thing it was dark and he couldn’t see it, or so she thought.

“Hey,” he whispered with a smile still playing on his lips, he loved her being there with him.

“Hey,” she replied as a smile grew on her.

“Sir,” Ross stood there next to them as if waiting for any new orders from Troy. He stepped back a bit and gave Ross a friendly smile, and you could notice some kind of affection between them.

“Just take the Rolls to the back and that would be all for today…I’m taking this lady home myself,” he said now looking at Gabriella with a small spark in his eyes. Ross nodded and he bit his lip to stop an incoming smile, he kind of loved to see Troy so messed up for a girl, with that he left.

“So I hope you’re hungry, I made a lot of food because I didn’t know exactly what you liked,” Troy said as he pulled her into his house. The inside was as amazing as the outside, they walked through a small hall before entering the big living room, there was a big stair on the left that led to the second floor, on the right, she saw a big fireplace taking all the attention from everything else, and a huge painting standing above it. She was admiring the whole place, taking in every detail; she always thought Troy would be more an apartment kind of guy instead he had a beautiful house.

“This place is amazing,” she said when they walked through another hall to get to the kitchen.

“Thanks! It was my grandfather’s house,” he explained, by his expression, you could tell he really loved his grandfather and that this house was his treasure. “We’re having dinner out on the terrace, I hope you don’t mind,” he said as he led her to the terrace through a glass door.

“I don’t,” She said as she stared at the table set for two and the candles shining along with the moon. “This is amazing,” She said.

“I’m not the most romantic man in the world…but I can try, for you,” he said as he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and buried his face into her hair, taking in her sweet vanilla scent. He just loved to have her around, his world had a different meaning when she was with him, he saw things from a different perspective and he smiled more often.

“I don’t want you to change for me… I like you just the way you are,” She said as she turned around to face him, his blue eyes sparkled with the moonlight, she brushed back his hair and kissed his cheek softly.

“You know, the day I went to Trevor’s office and found you with tears in your eyes and your voice broke when you talked to me I just felt like I couldn’t ignore you. I know we got together for the wrong reasons, but I don’t regret a single moment.”

“I used to think you were some kind of arrogant person who just thought everybody else wasn’t as important, I’m glad you proved me wrong,” She said with a smile.

“You weren’t wrong Gabs,” He said, she loved the way his deep voice said her name. “You just made me a better person, you simply changed me,” he stared deeply into her eyes before he softly pressed his lips against hers in a gentle kiss. Troy pulled back after a few minutes.

“So, what now?” She asked him.

“Now, we have dinner,” he said. He went into the kitchen to get their dinner.

Gabriella stared at him as he left, they weren’t perfect but they were together, and that was all that mattered.

That’s all she needed.

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