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The wrong boss

So curious

Gabriella was really nervous; she didn't know the reason why Troy Bolton asked her to have lunch with him. 'I have a plan I want to talk to you about' were his exact words when they were at the office. She looked at him and noticed he was looking down at his phone, they were sitting inside his White Cadillac, he was doing something on his Samsung Galaxy and she just looked out the window, Troy and Gabriella didn't get along, somehow they just didn't like each other that much when she started to work for Trevor, it had something to do with his attitude when he was around her, an attitude she didn't like at all. She didn't know what was about to happen but she had a strange feeling about it.

Soon they stopped in front of a very elegant restaurant and Troy finally decided to look at her, it was obvious she felt a little nervous and he noticed; a small smile formed on Troy's lips as he waited for his chauffeur to open the door for them. He grabbed her hand and walked inside the very fancy restaurant, she was impressed by how beautiful it was, the decoration was all black and white, there was a beautiful fountain in the middle giving the place a very exotic look. Troy didn't have to say anything they instantly walked to a table, inside a red room in the back of the restaurant, it seemed it was for VIP clients and Gabriella just knew Troy was really important, if there was something Troy loved was his intimacy.

Troy held Gabriella's chair out so she could sit down, she felt strange when he did, because nobody was ever so nice to her. He sat right across from her; the waiter gave them the menus walked away.

"Is there something in particular you want?" Troy asked her, his intense blue eyes never left hers.

"Well…" She looked at the menu in search of something she wanted; she brushed her hair and took a deep breath, his presence made her feel strange.

"You don't have to look at the menu…if you want something just order it, they'll make it" He sat back in his chair with a serious expression. Gabriella looked down at her menu again, she wasn't sure of what he meant. The waiter came back with a bottle of wine, he poured some inside Troy's glass, he took a small sip of it and then nodded in approval, and the waiter then poured some in her glass too and left the bottle on the table.

"Are you ready to order Mr. Bolton?" The waiter asked. Troy looked at Gabriella.

"I want the…Risotto of mushrooms and shrimps." She said and then looked up at Troy.

"I'll take the same" He said with a smile. The waiter took their menus and left. Gabriella waited for Troy to say something but he didn't, he just stared at her for a while, thinking about how to say what he needed to say. Gabriella tried not to have eye contact with him; his blue eyes made her feel weird and insecure all at the same time and she couldn't hold his stare for long.

"So…" She started, she was playing with her purse nervously as she waited for him to say something, and she sighed when he didn't "You wanted to talk to me about something"

"Are you in love with my brother?" He asked, her heart skipped a beat and she stopped breathing, he knew! How? He smiled when he saw her expression; he thought so, when he saw her crying earlier he just knew what was going on, he wasn't exactly happy either. Troy couldn't believe his brother would go out with the woman that once was his and broke his heart with no hesitation, of course, Troy knew it was a mistake back then; Sharpay was a really cold woman who just thinks about herself. Troy felt the need to save his brother from her and Gabriella was going to help him.

Troy would do anything for his brother.

"I don't know what you're talking about sir" She whispered, Troy raised an eyebrow; she knew exactly what he was talking about. Gabriella looked down and blushed furiously. "There's nothing I can do anyway"

"You're wrong" He leaned closer to her over the table. "Trevor wants her because I had her, if you want him to notice you; all you need to do is pretend you want to be with me. He'll instantly want to have you" He waved it off like it was irrelevant. Gabriella couldn't believe what he just said, he wanted her to pretend to be his girlfriend, and how could that help her get Trevor's attention? She couldn't think of a good ending for this plan. She shook her head furiously.

"I don't think that's a good idea" She said. Troy grabbed her hand over the table and locked eyes with her. Somehow now she couldn't take her eyes off his, the magnetism of his stare was so intense, Troy rubbed her hand with his fingers; he had to convince her no matter what.

"Listen…we have a family dinner tonight, we can go and try to see how things work out, if it doesn't I'll leave you alone but if it does we'll go on with my plan" He said looking completely confident about his strange plan, Gabriella didn't want to listen what he was trying to say. The waiter came back with their food and set them on the table. Troy sat back in his chair again not taking his eyes off her, he knew she would give in somehow, nobody ever said no to Troy Bolton, that was the key to his success, he knew when and how, he was hard with his enemies and he never stopped until he got what he wanted. That's why his company was so successful, because Troy had vision.

"Can I think about it?" Gabriella asked looking down. Troy's lips formed a thin line expressing how much he disliked her insecurity, but he could accept that, at least she wasn't saying no right away. He nodded and focused on his plate. They ate in a complete silence, Gabriella was less nervous every second that passed by and she knew Troy was the reason, he wasn't harassing her like he usually would, instead he would smile at her once in a while, and when it was time for dessert he ordered three kinds for her to eat: Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry. She loved the three of them. Once they were inside the Cadillac going back to their office Gabriella made a decision, if he could pretend to be with her even when it was obvious he didn't want to, she could do it too. She looked at Troy once again and opened her mouth to express her intentions…

"I'll pick you up by 7" He simply said already knowing what she was about to tell him. Gabriella nodded and got out of the car when it stopped. They walked together back to his brother's office and when they got there they saw Trevor and Sharpay outside saying goodbye. Trevor had a strange confused look when he saw Troy and Gabriella walking in together. Troy nodded in his way and then grabbed Gabriella's hand.

"Thanks for having lunch with me…it was wonderful" He softly kissed her hand and she felt she was gonna die. Her cheeks were covered with a soft blush and he smiled at her reaction, it was exactly what he was looking for. "See you tonight" He said and started to walk away "by 7" he yelled as he walked into the elevator and pushed a button, after a while the doors closed and he was gone. Sharpay and Trevor looked at Gabriella searching for an answer, she just sat behind her desk and checked some papers and pretended to work.

"I'll see you later sweetie" Sharpay then said and kissed his cheek before leaving. Trevor was still kinda shocked when Sharpay left. He slowly walked to her desk and looked at her confused.

"What's going on?" He simply asked.

"Nothing…Mr. Bolton asked me to have lunch with him that's all" She said, Gabriella didn't look at him at any moment, she was feeling a lump in her throat and she didn't want Trevor to realize how badly she wanted to cry.

"Ok" He said and walked inside his office. Ten minutes later he walked out again, even more confused, he looked at Gabriella before speaking. "Troy just asked me to give you the rest of the afternoon off"

Gabriella was as confused as Trevor. "Why?" She asked him.

"He said he wanted you to go shopping for tonight…" Trevor couldn't believe what was going on, why his brother Troy, the guy who always wanted to stay single had a sudden interest in his secretary, he looked at Gabriella, there was nothing extraordinary with her, sure she was really pretty but everything about her was really normal, he couldn’t see a single thing that would catch Troy’s attention and she was just his simple secretary who would work hard every day. He had to find out why he liked her all of a sudden. Trevor leaned in over her desk and got closer to Gabriella, he had to ask what was going on. Gabriella on the other hand was trying to avoid Trevor's stare and to ignore the way his scent was filling all of her senses, knocking the air out of her; he was so close she could almost feel his lips on hers. "Why is he so interested in you Gabs?" His voice was so captivating, she was now blushing furiously and breathing heavily, Gabriella couldn't stand to have him so close and not being able to kiss him like she wanted to do.

Suddenly a strong hand crashed against the desk in the middle of them making Trevor stand straight and giving Gabriella the time to breathe again. Troy's intense blue eyes looked inside his brother's grey eyes; Trevor just looked back at Gabriella totally confused. He couldn't understand why Troy wanted to be around her so bad. He loved Gabriella, she was a great secretary but she just wasn't Troy's type of girl and they both knew it, so…why?

"If you want to know, why don't you ask me?" Troy said with that deep strong voice that made every single person shiver. Gabriella looked at the two brothers curious about what would happen next. Trevor put his hands inside his pocket and shrugged his shoulders as he looked down. Gabriella saw how a small smirk appeared on Troy's lips, he then looked at her and offered his hand, somehow she didn't hesitate to take it and she noticed he smiled even bigger. "I'm taking Gabriella out now"

Trevor just nodded and walked back to his office and closed his door, Troy was still smiling when he looked at Gabriella, and he got closer to her so he could whisper into her ear.

"I told you so" He whispered and pulled her hand so she would stand up "Let's go now…shall we?" He walked in direction to the elevator. Gabriella just followed him not knowing what else to do, it was true, and Troy was right about Trevor, maybe his plan wasn't as crazy as she thought it was.

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