The wrong boss


Troy watched Gabriella as she moved around the store looking for the perfect dress to wear that night. He didn’t really have a lot of time to spend with her but he wanted to tease his brother and what a better way to do that than to show some interest in his secretary, Troy knew Trevor would be intrigued by that in the very first moment he saw something weird happening. Trevor has been that way since they were little kids, always wanting what Troy had, this wasn’t the first time Trevor dated a girl Troy broke up with, and now that he would pretend to be attracted to his nerdy secretary it was only matter of time until Trevor tried to make her his. It was a win-win situation.

Especially for Gabriella because she was in love with him.

He saw Gabriella look at a couple of very horrible dresses and he decided to take the matter in his hands. Troy rolled his eyes as he walked towards her and put his hands on her shoulders turning her around so he could get a good look at her; he was surprised to discover Gabriella actually had a really nice body, some curves she tried to hide so desperately with those shapeless skirts and huge shirts. He didn’t realize he was actually feeling her hips and her waist until he heard her gasp.

Troy looked up at her just to find her blushing like a schoolgirl, he chuckled and licked his lips before turning and walking around the store, he would find something appropriate for her, something that would hug her curves and make Trevor finally see what he was missing on. A woman soon walked over to them and smiled at Troy like he had the cure for cancer or something like that.

“Can I help you sir?” She said. Troy looked down at her nametag, it said Amanda, he looked back at her and simply nodded.

“Yes we’re looking for a dress that this beautiful woman can wear” He grabbed Gabriella’s hand and pulled her closer. Amanda looked at her in a very bad disguised disgust but soon recovered and smiled at Gabriella. She instantly took over, looking for dresses and pushing Gabriella into the dressing room. Troy waited outside and watched Gabriella come and go with several dresses that looked nice but weren’t what he was looking for.

He wanted something that would make Trevor hesitate and look twice at her. Troy walked around and found a dress he thought would do the effect he was looking for. He gave it to Amanda and put his hands inside his pocket after looking at the time. Gabriella walked out and he grabbed her hand.

“I have a very important meeting now” He looked at Amanda “But I’m sure this lady here will treat you excellently” Gabriella noticed that was a warning. “Be ready by seven” Troy gave Amanda his card so she could call him to fill him in on the progress made and left.

When he arrived at his office he saw the pile of paperwork waiting for him, he honestly felt like staying with Gabriella- which was a very strange feeling - and help her look beautiful for his brother. He sat back in his chair and smiled remembering the scene Trevor made earlier, his brother was so predictable, he was all over what Troy wanted all the time.

It had been like that since he was born, Troy was always the quiet one out of the four of them, whenever his parents got them something Trevor would make a scene because he thought Troy's was better than his, with time he learned to exchange things with Trevor before he started to make a scene and then when he saw Troy liked what used to be previously his he would want it back.

'Kids' He thought.

There was a knock on the door and Troy's secretary peeked in “Mr. Williams is here sir” She said and he simply nodded letting her know he was on his way. Work was waiting for him.

Trevor was sitting on his desk playing with his pen just as confused as he was earlier that afternoon when Troy asked…no, he demanded him to give Gabriella the afternoon off, just to go shopping. He couldn’t believe his cold brother Troy Bolton actually wanted to go shopping with a woman. He had to tell his mother about that.

He had been afraid Troy would take it the wrong way when he saw him with Sharpay that morning, Troy was his brother and he wouldn’t want to hurt him in anyway but when he saw Sharpay for the first time it felt like taking a punch right in the stomach and to know she was about to marry Troy back then made Trevor feel like someone grabbed his stomach and tried to pull it out. Having Sharpay was everything he ever wanted for such a long time and now he finally had her he wouldn’t let Troy or anybody get in the way of that.

Not even Gabriella.

He didn’t know what was going on but he would get to the bottom of it.

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