The wrong boss

Dinner night

That Night

Gabriella looked at her reflection in the mirror one more time, she still couldn't believe Troy actually went shopping with her and better yet he helped her pick the best dress she ever had. The black dress she was now wearing hugged her curves perfectly, it was a one shoulder dress and had a mermaid cut. She felt like a princess instead of a secretary. She wasn't wearing a lot of makeup, just some lip gloss, eye shadow and stuff; she wasn't the type to wear a lot of makeup even when her sister gave her a full kit on Christmas. Gabriella took another deep breath, she was seriously thinking about taking that ridiculously expensive dress off and call Troy to tell him she would stay but then she thought about it again, Troy wouldn't be happy to hear that and either way she wanted to see how that turned out with Trevor. She looked at the clock on the wall.

"6:58" She said, that meant Troy was almost picking her up. 'be ready by seven' were his exact words when he left her at her front door after shopping and she knew Troy hated to be late so she grabbed her purse and walked downstairs to wait for him.


Troy was walking to the front door as he looked down at his watch, 7:00 PM exactly, he knocked on the door and waited for an answer, he heard the sound of high heels against the floor getting closer. Troy's plan was way better than he expected, when he saw Trevor all over Gabriella that same afternoon he just knew it would work just as he wanted, he would get his brother off that bitch's spell and Gabriella would finally get to be with the love of her life…everybody won. Troy thought he was ready for anything that would happen that night, but he sure wasn't ready for what he saw when Gabriella opened the door. The lady from the store told him she looked really beautiful but he never thought Gabriella would look that gorgeous, he was shocked when he saw her, where the hell has she been hiding all that beauty all this fucking time?

"Hey" She said softly bringing Troy back to reality, he soon hid his feelings behind the professional mask he always used at work, he had to focus.

"You look beautiful" He said as he offered his arm for her to grab, she did and closed the door after her. They walked to the limousine that was parked on her driveway. Wow! Gabriella thought when she got inside.

"Where are we going?" She asked once he was also inside and the Chauffeur closed the door. Troy looked at her and smiled, that night was about to get interesting.

"We are having dinner with my parents" He said totally calm. Gabriella thought she heard wrong, with his what…? He had to be kidding! It wasn't the first time she met their parents but it was the first time she saw them on a personal level.

"Is it ok? I mean they know I'm Trevor's secretary" She said totally unsure about the whole situation now, she never knew Trevor's parents would be there and there was a big possibility that Sharpay would be there too and Gabriella sure as hell didn't want to see her.

"Stop worrying" Troy said, he grabbed her hand and kissed her fingers softly, Gabriella felt a strange emotion building inside of her when he did. She just stared at him not knowing what else to do "I want you to just enjoy the evening and forget about the fact that you work for my brother"

Gabriella nodded, Troy was a perfect gentleman whenever he wanted to and that was a side she rarely ever saw; when they were working Troy Bolton was her boss and the guy everybody was afraid of, he was always so hard and cold when it was about business and she knew that's why his company had such a big success, because he wasn't playing. When they arrived to one of the most expensive restaurants in New York Gabriella was nearly losing it, she was so nervous you could see her hands shaking while she grabbed her purse. Troy grabbed one of her hands and smiled at her.

"Relax" He said "it's just dinner, after today you'll have Trevor after you day and night, just trust me" He kissed her fingers softly again and she felt that strange emotion she didn't want to name inside her stomach again. Gabriella just nodded and took a deep breath. He didn't let go of her hand when they got out of the limousine and walked into the restaurant. She didn't want to admit it but having Troy next to her, holding her hand, made her feel a little better; it was like he was supporting her. The inside of the restaurant was as nice as the outside, there was a huge fountain in the middle of the room and it was decorated in red, white and black. She could hear the sound of all the conversations around the room; everybody was chatting and laughing as they ate. Gabriella felt like she didn't belong there at all but somehow she was there wearing that expensive black dress looking like everybody inside that restaurant, somehow she felt like a spy.

Troy gave his name and the maitre walked them to their table. He let go of her hand just to wrap his arm around her waist and pull her closer to him in a very possessive gesture, she felt her cheeks blushing a little. As they got closer to the table she finally saw Troy's family sitting there, she felt nervous again, Troy's family stood up when they got to the table. Jack Bolton hugged his son with a smile, Lucille did the same and kissed his cheek, Troy hugged her back and Gabriella noticed in his eyes how much he loved his mother, it was a side of him nobody got to see. Other two familiar faces went to greet Troy, Travis and Tyara of course; they looked exactly like Troy and Trevor, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, tall…the list could go on and on.

Jack Bolton finally noticed the petite girl standing behind Troy; he smiled because he knew her and wrapped her inside a hug too. Lucille kissed her cheek just as she did with Troy and Gabriella noticed the joy inside her eyes. They all finally sat down, Troy made sure to be really close to Gabriella because at the other end of the table, Trevor who was with Sharpay couldn't stop looking their way, he knew exactly what he was thinking.

"It's so nice to see you here Gabriella" Lucille Bolton said, she was smiling at Gabriella like she was a lost daughter that they just found out they had. Troy was playing with her hand and drawing circles in her palm which she found extremely relaxing, she smiled back with the same intensity.

"I'm glad to be here Mrs. Bolton" She replied looking at Troy and then down at their hands.

"Oh please call me Lucille, you're not inside the office right now" Lucille told her as she grabbed her husband's hand. Gabriella noticed the affection between the married couple, they still had chemistry and Gabriella felt happy for them. That's when she noticed Trevor staring at her from the other side of the table; she looked at Troy who was smiling because he already noticed, Gabriella decided to play along and leaned into his shoulder. Trevor saw the scene totally confused, Sharpay was trying to get his attention but it was impossible, he had to know exactly what was going on with his secretary and his brother.

Troy looked down into Gabriella's eyes and smiled, he knew the dinner would be really interesting, it was just matter of time for his brother to realize his mistake…and he would be there to enjoy every single moment.

He just had to be patient…

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