The wrong boss

The Kiss

"Where did you grow up Gabriella?" Lucille asked wanting to know more about the petite brunette. So far the dinner was really good and after a couple of glasses of wine she finally let go a little bit and started to act more like her true self. Troy noticed and he was really happy about it, which was exactly what he planned. She was smiling pretty much all the time and whenever he got closer to her or kissed her she would react like any in love woman would do. Troy's plan was perfect cause Trevor seemed he was about to explode.

"Several places, my mom was always transferring so I had to get used to different schools and people" Gabriella answered. Troy didn't know that, somehow he found that interesting about her. He looked at her completely curious.

"Was it hard to transfer all the time?" Tyara asked Gabriella, it was the first time the little girl spoke during the entire dinner and it was almost time for dessert. Gabriella put her attention on the 16 year old girl, she looked just like Troy, her hair, her eyes and by the way she looked at him once in a while it was also pretty obvious he was her favorite brother.

"Sometimes…it was cool to meet new people and make new friends but I always knew I had to say goodbye at some point" Gabriella replied with a smile. Of course it was hard for her, having to move all the time and not being able to make a proper social life, to have a real boyfriend or real best friends. She knew her mother sometimes felt bad about it but it wasn't her fault at all and Gabriella knew that. Maria Montez did everything she could for her daughter.

Troy on the other side was processing all this new information about the shy secretary, he rarely ever got interested about his workers personal life but somehow he just wanted to know more about Gabriella's childhood. Trevor looked really pissed on the other side of the table, Sharpay was looking down a little pissed too; Troy felt the urge to smile, he was getting what he wanted. He slowly grabbed Gabriella's hand and kissed it softly not taking his eyes off Trevor, challenging him.

Trevor stood up getting everyone's attention, he was really pissed off and he had no idea why, but he wasn't gonna leave it at that. Trevor grabbed Sharpay's hand before he started to speak; Troy had a hard time trying to hide his smile.

"Mom, Dad, Family…Shar and I have some important news to give you" He seemed really nervous so Sharpay stood up and grabbed his hand for support, it was a gesture that made Gabriella think that maybe she actually did care about Trevor. "Sharpay and I are getting married" He finally said, the table stayed silent for about 5 seconds before Lucille Bolton stood up to hug her son.

"Oh Darling that's great news" She said and Jack Bolton ordered a bottle of Champagne. "Why did you wait so long to tell us?"

"I didn't know how to tell you" Trevor's gray eyes didn't leave Troy's intense blue. It was a battle between brothers, Troy couldn't help it anymore and smiled at his little brother, if he wanted war, then he was gonna have it.

After everybody sat down Troy leaned into Gabriella's ear to whisper. She felt a shiver run down her spine when he did and Troy noticed, he smiled before telling her what to do.

"Excuse yourself and go to the ladies restroom, I'll be there in five minutes" He whispered with that raspy voice he always used with the women he wanted to take home. Gabriella looked into his eyes wondering what he was up to, Troy just smiled at her and she did as he said.

"Excuse me please" She said before standing up and going to the ladies restroom. She didn't know what Troy was up to and she sure didn't wanna know just yet; her head was somewhere else in that moment. Once she reached the ladies restroom she scanned her reflection, her hair was a little messy and her cheeks had a soft blush because of the wine she had been drinking. "What am I doing here?" She asked herself after a few minutes, she just wanted to go home and forget her boss existed.

"Helping yourself" A voice said behind her, she jumped a little and looked at Troy through the mirror. He looked as handsome as always but it was the first time Gabriella actually noticed how sexy he was; the suit fit his body perfectly like it was especially made for him, maybe it was. Gabriella then turned around when he got closer to her. He was so close that it was really disturbing for her; she was a woman so that didn't make her any different from the other women who died to be with Troy. "I didn't know you had to move that much as a child" He said.

"You never asked" She replied looking at his lips, somehow the wine had an effect on her; she licked her lower lip and looked back into Troy's eyes. A raspy noise came from Troy's throat before he grabbed her waist and smashed his lips against hers with urgency. Gabriella wrapped her arms around his neck and played with his hair. The intensity of the kiss was something they couldn't help, he pulled her closer if that was even possible so she could feel the power of his desire; a soft moan escaped her lips when he did. Troy left her lips just to attack her neck, she felt a small shiver wherever he kissed her or licked her, and she wasn't surprised why every single woman in New York wanted Troy Bolton…he was perfect.

Suddenly he stopped kissing her and pulled away breathing heavily. His eyes were wide open and his hair was all messy, she loved to see that she wasn't the only one affected by the kiss they just shared. Even when they pulled away from each other one of Troy's hands was on her waist refusing to let her go, it was like his body wasn't listening to his brain. He licked his lips and sighed deeply.

"I think Sharpay saw us" He whispered not being able to look away from her blushed cheeks and her 'fuck me' expression, he had to get all of his will power to stop himself from actually doing it. "Go back to the table and wait for me, we're leaving in a minute" He said finally taking his hand off her and taking two steps back. She was about to start fixing her hair when he stopped her.

"Don't…leave it like that, it'll give us an excuse to leave" He said and she nodded before going outside, leaving him alone. He didn't know what the hell happened to him, he wasn't supposed to be kissing his secretary; he never mixed work with pleasure, because it was a horrible mistake.

But there was something about Gabriella's innocence that made the animal inside him want her. He wanted her and there was no way back. He took a deep breath before leaving the bathroom; he walked over to the table and grabbed Gabriella's hand to make her stand up.

"We're leaving" He simply said not taking his eyes off her. His mother smiled at them and hugged Gabriella one more time.

"Thanks for coming" Lucille said "I hope to see you again in another family reunion."

"It was a pleasure" Gabriella simply said before following Troy outside the beautiful restaurant. She didn't know what would happen after that but she did know she was ready for anything. Troy looked inside her eyes feeling the same way, a sudden change of plans quickly worked inside his head, but he needed to play his cards right.

"I have two options" He started "Taking you to your place or driving you back to mine" Gabriella's heart started to beat inside her chest.

"Let's see where it takes us then" She simply replied, he smiled and grabbed her hand and let her inside the limousine. Oh Dear lord help me he thought. He sure needed help.

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