The wrong boss

Thanks for Last night

Gabriella woke up the next day not knowing what the hell happened to her the night before. She got out of her bed feeling ashamed of her stupid behavior during the dinner; she was acting like a total slut. SHE KISSED HER BOSS INSIDE THE LADIES BATHROOM! She had to be crazy, even more than crazy when she was kissing Troy, the guy she always hated, with Trevor, the guy she loved a few steps away. Gabriella took off her clothes and walked inside her private bathroom, it was decorated with white and red details like her entire apartment. She avoided the tub and headed to the shower, she had no time to waste and she knew Trevor would be really upset if she was late even when he never showed it. Trevor was the perfect boss, she really loved that about him and she also loved the fact that he made her love her job too; on the other hand, Troy was the total opposite, he had a reputation of being cruel to his employees and his cold ways of doing business was the thing that got him to the top. He was cruel and mean and…why couldn’t she get that stupid kiss out of her head?

Because she liked it.

Troy was nothing like the guy she ever wanted to spend the rest of her life with, so she had to get that night out of her system before it was too late. After taking her shower Gabriella walked back into her bedroom and picked the outfit she was going to wear that day. She was on her period, so she didn’t feel like wearing trousers, so she chose a really modest brown dress, a black jacket, and some black heels. She usually didn’t wear much makeup to go to work and that day wasn’t any different so after applying some lip gloss, mascara, and a soft blush she decided she was ready to go.

When she walked into the kitchen she found her best friend making breakfast. Gabriella met Ryan when she was about 16 years old and he was the only friend she was able to keep. They shared the very big apartment in one of New York’s best buildings. Ryan was an actor who was fighting his way into Broadway, he was really talented but not everyone ever got the chance to see that and Gabriella sometimes felt sad about it.

“Hello, sleepy head. Running late?” He said as he finished his eggs and put them on a plate. Gabriella walked over and kissed his cheek.

“Yes, I don’t have time for breakfast” Gabriella replied looking sad at the very delicious breakfast Ryan made for himself.

“I know that’s why I prepared yours to go” He handed her a small box Japanese style. She had to smile to that.

“You’re the best,” She said while kissing him on the cheek again and heading out of their apartment. Ryan was the best thing that ever happened to her, and she was thankful that he was in her life after so many years.

Gabriella grabbed a taxi to the Spark Tower, Troy owned the whole building and his office was located on the last floor, he bought it to a Japanese businessman but somehow, he didn’t want to change its name. In the distance she could see the amazing building almost reaching the sky, it was modern, but it had that old touch that made the whole building look different from the ones around it. Gabriella took a deep breath; she could almost feel Troy’s presence behind one of those windows looking outside. She got out of the taxi and quickly walked inside the building to avoid the heat of New York streets; she waved at the security guy and walked past the main receptionist. The African American girl called her name making Gabriella walk back to her desk. The girl was beautiful, her black hair was down in beautiful curls and her chocolate skin was shiny and beautiful. Gabriella took a glance at the nametag Taylor.

“Mr. Bolton just called, he wants to see you in his office right now,” Taylor said, she gave Gabriella a shy smile before handing her a small card. Gabriella was confused.

“Well, I’m on my way to my office so why would he call?” She asked the nice receptionist.

“Not Mr. Trevor Bolton…it was Mr. Troy Bolton” Taylor clarified; Gabriella then looked down at the small card and understood everything. “He said you should take his private elevator and you need that card to use it” Gabriella nodded and walked away to the elevator area. What could Troy possibly want at this time in the morning?

She pushed the big red button of Troy’s private elevator, the doors were soon open, and of course, his elevator was always available if he needed to use it. She put the small card on the panel and the doors instantly got closed and the elevator started to go up. Gabriella was getting nervous by the second after last night’s events the last thing she wanted was to face Troy. Of course, he acted like a perfect gentleman, walking her to her door and kissing her cheek before he left but that didn’t make her embarrassment any smaller. She was never like that and she wanted him to know that.

When the doors got open on the last floor of the huge building she shyly walked out of it, she saw all the workers on their desks, avoiding looking at her as if they were told to do so. She quickly walked to the main office and his personal secretary smiled at her in the very minute she saw her.

“Miss Montez, right?” Gabriella nodded “He’s waiting for you, you can go in,” She said and went back to her work; Gabriella should be working but instead she was there meeting with Troy. She slowly knocked on the door and waited for a response, when she didn’t get any she grabbed the knob and opened the door slowly. He was there with his back turned to her, looking out the big window as she imagined he would be a few minutes ago inside the taxi. He looked powerful with his suit of an expensive designer and his hair perfectly cut with some locks standing out, the perfect image of a businessman.

“Uhh…Mr. Bolton?” She asked softly not knowing what to do.

“Please close the door behind you,” His cold voice said, he didn’t turn around or look at her at any moment. She did as he said and stood there waiting for him to say what he needed to say. There was no way she could know his mood at that exact moment, so she just waited.

“Is something wrong?” Gabriella asked, and he finally turned around and looked at her with those blue eyes that could make any girl melt; he grabbed a box that was on his desk and walked over to the brunette.

“My mom called me this morning, there’s a Charity Gala this Saturday at our family’s beach house in Los Angeles and she demanded me to take you” He said softly, like that wasn’t the whole information at all, what she didn’t know was the rest of the information was something he was going to keep to himself. “In this box is something you’re going to use during the Gala, I don’t care what you wear with it”

Gabriella was confused, what made him believe she wanted to go to that thing, where a lot of rich people would look at her over their shoulders as if they were better than her; she had enough of that with Troy himself.

“What makes you think I’m going to go” She finally said.

“I know you will because Trevor and his lovely fiancée will be there too and it’s an amazing opportunity for us” He slowly said as he got closer to her “And also…” He continued whispering in her ear “…No one ever says no to me” With that being said a very arrogant smile crossed his lips as he went to sit down behind his desk. “Information’s inside the box, we’re leaving on Friday after work, be ready”

She just stood there looking at Troy and hating his arrogant and confident attitude and wanting to grab that box and throw it in his face, but he was her boss and she would be fired if she ever did such thing and he knew it, also he was right, if Trevor was going to be there then it was the perfect time to work on their plan; even if that meant pretending she was into Troy.

Gabriella grabbed the brown box and walked out of Troy’s office and headed to the elevator again, she didn’t know what was going to happen that weekend, but she did know it was going to be crazy. Troy, on the other hand, was completely satisfied sitting on his big chair looking out the window; after dropping Gabriella at her apartment the night before he just knew his plan was about to suffer a major change. Saving his brother wasn’t his main priority anymore, even though, if his plan worked he would be able to save him, but now what he truly wanted was something else, and he was planning to get it during that weekend.

When Gabriella finally reached her floor, carrying that stupid box, she felt like things were a little different. Trevor instantly got out of his office and walked over to her looking kind of angry.

“You’re late Montez! Where have you been?” He asked her in a very loud tone, Gabriella didn’t know what was up with him, she was only like ten minutes late and it was all because of Troy.

“Sorry, Troy called me in to his office, so I had to make a stop there before coming down here” She said as she put her box under her desk, it was then when she noticed a branch of flowers resting on her desk, she was surprised to see the white roses, they were her favorite.

“Those are from Troy, check the note,” Trevor said even more upset. She did as he said.

Thanks for a wonderful night. It was simply amazing.



Gabriella looked at the beautiful flowers and then back at Trevor who seemed to be about to explode, she put the flowers on top of the box under her desk and turned on her computer, she has never seen Trevor so upset and she didn’t want him to be taking it out on her, but it was a little too late.

“Gabriella, let me get this clear, I don’t care what you do or not with my brother, but I expect professionalism coming from you while you’re at work. I don’t pay you to be daydreaming about my brother, so you better get to work or else you won’t have a job by the end of this day, are we clear?” Trevor’s gray eyes were dark and angry, Gabriella had no doubt he would fulfill his promise if he ever wanted to, so she just nodded her head.

“Yes sir” Her eyes were wide open as she waited for him to say something else.

“I hope not to see you late again and bring me a cup of coffee” He barked and walked inside his office again. Ok this was seriously wrong, when did Trevor turn into Troy? As Gabriella stood up to get that coffee she couldn’t help but wonder, what did she get herself into.

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