The wrong boss



Gabriella was finishing some reports when Trevor finally came out of his office. He was wearing a grey suit and looked sexier than ever, he looked over at her with that cold stare he’s been practicing lately, it was obvious he was still upset and she didn’t know why. He had been acting like that since that day she went to Troy’s office and Troy on the other hand has been acting all sweet and caring with her, it was like they changed bodies.

Freaky Friday.

She didn’t have time to think about this though, in just a few hours she would be in a plane to Los Angeles to spend the weekend with Trevor’s family and she was really nervous. Gabriella didn’t know how she got into this but there was no way back, and if she wanted Trevor to finally notice her she had to do something about it, that’s if she wanted to do something about it. Gabriella had been confused about what she wanted lately, she wasn’t so sure about wanting Trevor anymore and she knew the reason of her confusion…Troy.

Ever since Troy walked into her life she had been feeling some weird stuff when she was around him and it had nothing to do with the initial hate she felt towards him, also the sudden change on him towards her wasn’t helping, suddenly he was smiling at her and giving her things, asking her out to dinner and telling her she looked beautiful and every time he did she felt more and more attracted to him and less attracted to Trevor who slowly seemed to be changing into the old Troy.

Trevor walked over to her desk with some papers in his hands; he put them in front of her and ran a hand through his perfectly cut hair.

“What’s this?” Gabriella asked, it was almost time to leave and he was giving her even more work, if she really had to do it she would miss her plane. She looked into his grey eyes, his stare was cold and impersonal. She thought he was unable to smile anymore.

“That’s work, you have to get it done before you leave; I’m taking off now, I have a plane to catch” He told her. Trevor had never made her stay past five, something was definitely wrong.

“But if I do I’m gonna miss my plane too” She said softly trying to explain her situation.

“I know” He simply said, and that’s when she finally got it, Trevor didn’t want her to go, he actually wanted her to miss that plane so she couldn’t make it. Knowing he would do such thing broke the last good feeling she had for him. “Make sure you do this before eight, that’s when the building closes” He said and turned his back on her.

“No she won’t” A deep voice said behind them, she looked at the door and there was Troy casually standing there like he had been there all along, wearing that black tux that made him look so dangerous and sexy, his baby blue eyes were darker than usual meaning he was really upset. “Gabriella is leaving now” he finished.

“She has work to do” Trevor said in the same dangerous tone.

“It’s late and she’s off her working hours, besides she has a plane to catch” Troy said in a tone that admitted no discussion. Trevor looked at his brother, challenging him. Gabriella just looked at the two totally scared because they were brothers but they were both capable of anything.

“I’m her boss Troy, if it’s necessary I’ll make her stay” Trevor replied to his older brother, there was obviously another meaning to that sentence.

“I’m your boss and hers too so if I say she’s leaving it’s because she is” Troy said, he looked at Gabriella and his eyes soften a bit “Get your stuff” Gabriella instantly stood up and went to get her suitcase and her purse that she previously left in front of the copy machine, when she came back the two brothers were still staring at each other.

“I’m ready” She said, Troy nodded and stuck out his hand, she grabbed it with no hesitation.

“We’ll see you there bro” Troy said and he pulled Gabriella out of the office, leaving Trevor standing there very upset.

“Is he gonna be ok?” Gabriella asked, she was afraid her job might be in jeopardy because of that small argument.

“He’s fine” Troy said, he was still holding Gabriella’s hand and he was loving the feeling. “Trevor has always been like that, he always wants what he can’t have and when he sees he can’t get it he starts bumping into everyone until someone gives him what he wants.” Gabriella was surprised because she never saw that side of Trevor while she worked for him, until now.

They walked outside of the huge building and Gabriella saw a black Rolls Royce waiting for them, a man was standing next to the opened door, he must be in his late 30′s or early 40′s, she thought. He held the door open until they both got inside the car and he put Gabriella’s suitcase inside the trunk before heading to the driver’s seat.

“To the airport James” Troy said as he turned to look at Gabriella, she didn’t notice because she was looking out the window, he then took that moment to admire her features. Her black hair was falling straight past her shoulders, her chocolate eyes seemed sad as they looked through the window, she was thin but she also had the right curves in the right places, she was perfect. Troy wondered why Trevor never realized what he had just in front of him but now it was too late, he had found her and he wasn’t gonna share her with his spoiled little brother, he didn’t know how he was gonna get her attention but he promised himself he would.

Troy touched her soft hair and played with it for a while, he then caressed her cheek and she leaned into his touch. Gabriella was so soft and seemed so fragile that he was afraid something would break her. She looked at him still with that sadness filling her beautiful eyes.

“It’s gonna be fine, I promise” Troy said, she tried to smile but it was obvious she didn’t fully believe him. Troy then pulled her closer to him and wrapped his arms around her softly, it was the first time she was so close to him since the kiss inside the ladies room a few nights ago. She didn’t pull away because she didn’t want to; Troy kissed her forehead and rubbed her arms as the car passed the streets of a silent NYC.

Gabriella woke up sitting in a very comfortable seat, she looked around trying to figure out where she was, it seemed like the inside of an airplane but there weren’t other people around, just her. Gabriella looked for her purse to reach her cell phone.

“6:45” She said as she tried to remember how she got there but her mind was totally blank. She remembered being inside the car with Troy and he was hugging her in a very sweet way, whispering sweet things into her ear and kissing her forehead once in a while or playing with her hair, it was so relaxing that she fell asleep.

“You’re awake” She heard a voice say behind her, she looked back to find a more casual Troy getting something out of a small fridge before walking over to her “Water?” He asked as he handed her a bottle. She nodded and grabbed it.

“Where are we?” She finally asked him as she took a sip of the very refreshing water.

“Inside my private jet” he answered while sitting in front of her. He was wearing some dark jeans and a T-shirt, he looked nothing like the Troy she was used to, and this Troy was more casual, more accessible. She then started to process his answer.

“Your private what?” She asked “But I bought a ticket for first class” Gabriella exclaimed.

“I know I cancelled that” He said.

“Who gave you permission to do such thing?” She asked him a little upset now.

“I did, besides a private jet is way better than first class” He said, Troy stood up and walked closer to Gabriella, his hands were at each side of her and his face was just a few inches away from hers, just a small move and their lips would be touching and Gabriella felt there was nothing else she wanted more. Troy’s blue eyes scanned her face and landed on her lips with lust. “And also... first class doesn't have Troy Bolton”

And with that being said he walked away with an arrogant smile playing on his lips, he had her just where he wanted her and he knew it, soon she would be his and he wouldn’t have to wait any longer.

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