The wrong boss


Gabriella slowly opened her eyes and found herself in a really soft bed with silk sheets, she looked around trying to remember how she even got there but her mind was totally blank. Gabriella couldn’t recognize the room she was in, all she could remember was falling asleep in her seat as she watched Troy work… Of course! Troy! He should have taken her into a room when he found out she was asleep. How sweet.

Then a soft knock on the door got her attention, Troy walked inside the room looking around for her, he was wearing jeans and a blue t-shirt that matched his beautiful blue eyes, his normally wild hair was now down and made him seem to be younger than he really was. He smiled and she felt her heart skip a beat, he didn’t smile often but when he did he could just make the whole world stop.

He made her world stop.

“You’re awake… that’s good” he said as he walked over and sat next to her on the bed. He licked his lips as he looked at her, with that messy hair and the sleepy look she just looked sexier than ever. He felt he could just kiss her until she couldn’t breathe anymore. “We’re almost landing so get ready; we should be there in a couple of minutes”

“Ok then” She replied and Troy took that as his moment to leave the room. Gabriella shouldn’t forget he was her boss and she was there only to help him with a separation plan, it seemed so easy to forget when he was so nice to her all the time. You’re just helping him get Trevor away from Sharpay, remember that! She thought. Gabriella also wondered if Troy was doing this because he was still in love with Sharpay, she remembered their engagement was something NYC wouldn’t stop talking about. They had a long engagement and when they finally decided to put a date to their wedding it was like everything started to fall apart, she knew because she kinda overheard some conversations Trevor had with his mother during work hours.

Not on purpose though.

Gabriella sighed, Trevor, she would have to see him soon and she sure didn’t feel ready to face her boss and be treated like trash again, she needed to be strong. Gabriella stood up and walked inside the very small but elegant bathroom, Troy sure had good taste; it didn’t have to be a huge place to be beautiful and classy. After looking at her reflection in the mirror she decided to brush her hair a bit and let it down on its natural curls, she brushed her teeth and washed her face, she would have a decent shower once they landed. When Gabriella finished fixing her clothes she heard a shy knock on the door.

“Are you ready? We should be sitting with our seatbelts on” Troy said behind the door, she took a last look at her appearance and opened the very heavy door. Troy looked at her up and down and smiled genuinely again, that was weird, twice in just a couple of minutes that should be a record. Gabriella walked outside the small bathroom and followed him to the cabin; they both sat down and fasten their seatbelts.

“Nervous?” he asked as he looked up from the business magazine he was reading.

“No… why?”

“Well you keep tapping the floor so I just figured you would be” he casually said looking down at her feet, she looked down and found her left foot tapping the floor continuously, a gesture she didn’t realize she was doing until then.

“Sorry,” She said as she stopped. She had to admit she was a little nervous about meeting Troy’s family again and going to a very important Gala too, she wasn’t used to it and she didn’t think she would feel comfortable there. She looked out the window thinking it would help her relax.

“It’s gonna be fine” Troy said looking down at his magazine, then he looked at her “I’m gonna be there with you” he finished. Gabriella didn’t know why but the fact that he said he would be there for her made her feel safe, and warm and she knew she shouldn’t be feeling like that around her boss but it was like she just couldn’t help it. Troy was the opposite of what she always thought he was and she wasn’t sure she was glad about it.

“Ok” Gabriella simply replied and continued to look out the window, soon they would be in a different place with a lot of different people and all Gabriella could think of was how was it gonna be once Trevor and Sharpay saw them… how will it be to be in the same room together? There would be some tension for sure but would she be able to stand it?

Everything else was just a blur for Gabriella, landing, the airport, the car waiting for them. She was getting more nervous by the second, she was breathing heavily and looking out the window wasn’t helping her one bit, all she could see was people, cars, and places. Troy noticed Gabriella’s tension and sighed, he didn’t want her to be so stressed about something like that, especially when they had such an important weekend ahead, he looked down at her hand resting on the black leather seat, without stopping to think about it he reached out for it and grabbed it, she was startled for a moment and looked at him. He smiled at her trying to comfort her a little bit and he thought that it worked because she sighed and relaxed against the seat.

When they reached the huge mansion Gabriella was beyond surprised, Troy told her it was their beach house when they were in the plane but this was bigger than a beach house. When the car reached the entrance she got a glimpse of the very beautiful garden, there were roses everywhere and in every color. A security man opened the enormous gate and the car parked in front of the principal door. As if they had been waiting for them Lucille and Jack Bolton walked outside to meet with them. Troy helped her out the car and pulled her to the front door, she was surprised he didn’t let go of her hand.

“You’re finally here!” Lucille kissed Troy’s cheeks and hugged him right after, then she did the same with Gabriella. “We’re so excited to see you Troy… you never attend this kind of events”

“I’m always busy mom” He said a bit uncomfortable about his mother’s attention, Gabriella giggled at his blushed cheeks.

“Son” Jack Bolton said as he hugged his son and kissed Gabriella's cheek “You must be tired why don’t you come inside and get settled”

Troy nodded and pulled Gabriella inside the house, which was as impressive as the outside. Everything was highly decorated with soft colors, the lights were settled in the right places to show the beauty of the room, Gabriella had never been to a place like that before and she loved the experience. Troy took her to a very big suite in the second floor and finally let go of her hand so she could admire the space. Gabriella looked around like a small child looked at a Christmas tree; she sat on the king size bed and looked at Troy who was still standing by the door.

“Thanks for bringing me here” She said with a bright smile hanging on her lips. Troy thought he had never seen someone so beautiful in his life.

“It was my pleasure” He said “And in case you need me” He walked to a door that was next to the closet “This door connects to my room” he opened it to reveal another suite decorated just like hers. “Meet me downstairs when you’re ready, we’ll be in the terrace” With that being said Troy left Gabriella alone.

Gabriella then took a hot bubble bath until the water got cold, she changed into a cute black dress with white flowers and searched for her cell phone, she needed to call Ryan to let him know she was fine. He answered after two rings.

“Are you ok?” He asked immediately. She had to smile to that.

“Yeah… you won’t even imagine how amazing this place is, I think the living room is the size of our apartment… and our place is really big” She said as she put on her sandals.

“Send me a picture” Ryan laughed “Just have fun baby girl, you work a lot”

“I will” She replied, she knew he cared for her and she loved him to death “I’ll make sure to buy you something from L.A”

“You better cause if you don’t you won’t step one foot in our apartment” He said and laughed right after “Call me later girl I have some issues to attend right now”

“A date maybe?” Gabriella smiled.

“I’ll let you know” And then they both hung up. Gabriella finished getting ready and walked downstairs looking for the terrace, when she finally found it she saw Troy and his parents chatting and laughing. The darkness covered Los Angeles sky, it was a really beautiful sight, she was really grateful to be there, and she could easily see herself living in a place like that.

Troy seemed to notice her presence because he turned around to see her, he didn’t smile but he didn’t have to, she could notice all the emotions inside his blue eyes, he offered his hand and instantly grabbed it, she smiled politely at his parents.

“It’s late but we can sit here to drink some tea while we wait for Trevor and Sharpay to arrive” Lucille said.

“That sounds lovely” Gabriella said as she leaned her head on Troy’s shoulder, he looked down at her and smelled her hair. It was such a natural gesture that he didn’t notice he did until a deep satisfied groan left his throat. His parents were looking at them slightly amused. Gabriella was so comfortable that she thought she could stay there forever but she had to remember he was her boss and he wouldn’t hesitate to dismiss her in a split second, he was still Troy Bolton… The Troy Bolton.

“You won’t have to wait for long. We’re here” A voice said behind them, they all turned around to find Trevor standing by the door wearing a black suit looking sexy as hell and Sharpay was next to him wearing an expensive dress flipping her blonde curls.

There it was, the moment Gabriella had been so afraid of, Trevor had an ice cold look in his eyes and she didn’t like it one bit. She felt how Troy squeezed her hand and pulled her closer, so that meant he noticed too. Gabriella took a deep breath.

Ok… here we go…

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