The wrong boss

Breakfast First

Trevor walked over to them with Sharpay right next to him, he didn’t bother to lay his eyes on Gabriella and she wasn’t sure if he was still mad about the office incident or if he was mad for any other reason. Gabriella felt a shiver run down her spine when he walked past her and Troy. Trevor looked sexier than ever, her heart racing as his presence filled the room and she just hated the way he ignored her. Troy pulled Gabriella closer because he noticed the tension in her body; she smiled shyly to him when he did, grateful for that sweet gesture.

“Hi mom” Trevor said as he hugged his mother and kissed her cheek.

“Hi Sweetheart” Lucille smiled at his son “You must be really tired”

“Yeah, you know I hate airplanes” Trevor said as he hugged his father and then went to grab Sharpay’s hand. Gabriella wondered why she wasn’t hugging her fiancée’s parents; maybe they didn’t get along as much as she thought they did. The blonde looked in Troy’s direction and frowned when she saw Gabriella that close to Troy which made Gabriella pull him in closer to her, Troy smiled to that. Trevor sat down in a near chair and pulled Sharpay to his lap as he looked at Troy for the first time since he walked in.

“So how was your flight bro” He said with a smirk playing in his face.

“It was amazing” Troy said as he looked down at Gabriella before kissing her head softly.

“Interesting” Trevor said his eyes then landing on Gabriella too who was blushing furiously. She avoided looking directly at Trevor, she still felt weird about the office incident and his eyes felt cold and distant, he wasn’t the same nice boss she thought she knew.

“It’s late… now that Trevor is here we all should go to sleep” Lucille suggested “Tomorrow is a very important day” Everybody agreed and started heading to their respective rooms.

Troy pulled Gabriella out of the terrace and they walked up the stairs, Trevor and Sharpay followed them and they split to go to their rooms. Troy opened the door for Gabriella and followed her inside her room; she sat on her soft bed and sighed.

“I have the feeling tomorrow is going to be a really heavy day” She said as she looked at Troy who was standing by the door looking back at her.

“Oh don’t worry, I bet it’s gonna be fun” He walked over to her “What do you say if we go out tomorrow morning, I could give you a tour around the city”

She smiled at the idea “You mean like… a date?” Gabriella asked, Troy smiled back as he thought about it, he wanted to be alone with her, no parents, no Trevor or Sharpay to ruin everything and he was about to find the right opportunity.

“Yeah sure” He said and he leaned in slowly. Gabriella suddenly stopped breathing, she thought he was about to kiss her, thing she wanted since the bathroom scene a few nights ago, there was nothing Gabriella wanted more than to have Troy’s lips on hers like the last time, he made her feel beautiful and desirable and she also felt stuff that she never felt towards any other guy… not even Trevor. Troy looked into her eyes and smiled, before she knew it he kissed her cheek softly and left the room.

Soon, he thought, it will be happening very soon.

Gabriella went to bed that night thinking about the next day and what would happen next, she had to remember Troy was her boss, and he was only with her because he wanted to break his brother’s relationship with the arrogant blonde. Gabriella wondered if Troy had feelings for Sharpay, that thought had been bothering her for long now but she just couldn’t help it, what other reason would Troy have to want his brother away from the blonde, if he didn’t love her. Either way she had to remember she was just helping Troy with his plan and nothing more and with that thought she finally fell asleep.

The next day Gabriella woke up feeling fully rested and ready for whatever that day had for her. She walked into the very elegant bathroom and took a quick shower, she brushed her teeth and washed her hair. She was still thinking about her date, and somehow she felt nervous about going out with Troy, it was going to be just the two of them so anything could happen. She decided to wear a flower dress with her favorite sandals and after letting her wet curly hair down she finally walked out of the bedroom. She didn’t know where Troy was but she figured he would be having breakfast downstairs so she headed to the kitchen where she found Troy’s parents, Trevor, the blonde and Troy casually drinking some coffee and laughing. She smiled at the scene, for once she saw Trevor and Troy laughing together and getting along when they normally are all serious towards each other, she thought it was because she only saw them together during work hours discussing numbers and technology.

“Good morning” Troy said finally noticing Gabriella standing by the entrance “Are you ready?” Gabriella nodded with a smile.

“Ready for what?” Jack asked looking up from his newspaper through his glasses.

“I promised her I would give her a tour around the city” Troy said as he filled a new cup with hot coffee and gave it to Gabriella with a smile, he kissed her cheek softly which made her blush a little bit.

“Aw that’s so sweet honey!“His mother exclaimed “Where are you planning to go?”

“I don’t know we could go to Hollywood Boulevard and check the walk of fame and then maybe go to the beach” He said still looking at Gabriella as she drank her coffee “Did you pack a swimsuit?”

“No” She shook her head while finishing her coffee “I didn’t know we were going to go to the beach”

Sharpay giggled at Gabriella’s comment and everybody looked at her wondering what was so funny about it. Troy grabbed Gabriella’s cup and put it in the sink.

“First we’re gonna grab a decent breakfast, then we’re gonna get you a swimsuit and then we’ll do the tour” He decided. Trevor looked at Gabriella with a friendly smile, whatever he was going through it was obvious he was totally over it or pretending to be, Gabriella wondered if he was bipolar like that Katy Perry’s song.

“Sounds good to me” Gabriella said and Troy grabbed her hand as he walked through a door that connected the kitchen with a really big garage filled with cars left and right. “Which one?”

She looked at him, her eyebrows squishing together “I have to choose one?” She asked as she looked at the long line of cars, she didn’t know anything about cars so how was he expecting her to choose.

“It’s ok” he said and he grabbed a key from a panel next to the door “We’ll take Lily!”

“Lily?” She asked and raised an eyebrow “You name your cars?” They walked to a white Audi R8 and he unlocked it.

“In fact... I do” He said as he jumped into the driver’s seat “so” he looked at Gabriella with a smile when she joined him on the passengers seat“Breakfast first” She nodded.

And he drove away.

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