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Sawage love


It's a story about a rude, hard, short tempered person who fell in love with the new student in there college. BTS images!! I hope you enjoy!!

Romance / Drama
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Sawage love part 1


"Yoongi !! Watch out!!" *punch* I fell on the football ground and this guy is dead "you basted !!" Yoongi punched his opponent and he fall on the ground he sat upon him and started punching him harder until some of the other team opponents came to stop him but his friends started beating them too

*Time skip*

"May I come in sir ?" Yoongi asked his professor after the big fight stopped somehow he came to the class

"Come in, see students this one of the best students of are collage , a very good doctor , but...if you can't control your anger....it doesn't matter how best you are" suddenly his friend came in the class "sir , sorry for disturbing ,but you can also see the video of the match -""No, I don't want to see it ,Yoongi wether you quit or one month suspension""i'll quit sir" "are you serious?" "...."think about it once again, you can go now"

*Time skip* (in the canteen)

*Yoongi's pov*

Pissed off, I am clearly pissed off , suddenly my eyes fell on a girl ,we made an eye contact , oilshe is the new student this year, I guess. I couldn't take my eyes of her

*Y/n's pov*

Lee Y/n is my name I came to the college for becoming a nurse I never thought that my my day is going to be bad I thought it was a fresh starting but we can’t do anything about the fate right? Actually, this college is a little weird I met other students of the 1st year of the first year but they don't seem to talk anything well I can't do anything about that let it be I am going to make another friends maybe? After my classes all the girls of the first year were taking round in a line to see our new college after sometime we were going towards the canteen and I made an eye contact with a guy, he is good looking though, but gives a bad guy Vibes I noticed that he was continuously looking at me I think this guy is going to Bully me now. Well whatever I am going to just ignore it

*Time skip*(the next day)

*Yoongi’s pov*

I saw this girl and I think I like her I went to the boys hostel and made an announcement “listen i don't know if you guys know about the new students that are the girls but there is one girl in. particular that I don't want you guys too even roam around her if you do your legs are broken I think you got it I am not going to aware you guys again it's not that threatening it's a warning now do your work”

*Time skip * (the next day)

As I was suspended for a month well actually e I decided not to quit because of her so I was just in the college and decided to give a lecture about the lesson . I found the class she was sitting in. I got into the class and supported her as I was the student of third year ,the students of the first and the second year used to call us sir or mam the student greeted me as. the teacher was not in the class yet I spotted her and made her stand up “stand up, what is your name?” “Y/n” I nodded “come here” she came “now sit on the first bench” she did what was told to her and I band on my knees in front of table , I whispered to her not to slowly just so that she and some of the the nearby students can hear me “what were you doing on the last bench ? The course is not easy you should be seated on the first bench keep your attention on the board got that? She just nodded silently, what I assume to be that she is a shy girl “what's the lesson you are going to learn today?” “humorous ,radius ,ulna-“ “ok come on get up”.

*Y/n's pov*

Ok wow, this guy from yesterday came to me and start giving me orders like literally? But I still silently followed his orders and now we are going what is this guy thinking? Am I going to bunk my classes? But I I silently stood up and now we are going towards his bike but there was something weird as soon as we got out of my class all the students noticed us and start running here and there is this guy gangster or something? He took me near a lake, we both. stared at each other for some time then he started “ok, so as I am older then you I am going. to teach you the lessons before your class starts like this you can score good marks in exams. Got it? I just silently nodded, like literally? We both just met and he is going to teach me now? I don’t think I have a problem with this but , it's still a little awkward. He started “ok so………………….” and so on. By the way he taught soo well that it’s easy too learn everything it. goes on till every day but I still am shy to talk to him

*Time skip*(after some weak)

*Yoongi’s pov*

I I go to Y/n's class and as she was sitting on the first bench I directly kneel down in front. of her “let's go?” she nodded. I wasn't in the mood of teaching today so I thought just to roam around with her let’s just say so I can know about her even more. Believe me or not but she was a sincere girl and a little too quiet but she is beautiful .

*Y/n pov*

Again I sat, ready to to go and study with him but this time we took another route instead of going towards the lake we ended up going to a field I looked at him confused and he was smiling “today we are not going to study instead let's just know about each other I am curious about what kind of girl you are” I was speechless and he kept on smiling is something going on with this guy ? “ok, tell me Y/n what kind of girl you are?” “umm-“ “ok tell me your favourite colour “ “it's purple” “what is is your favourite dish?” “kimchi” “oh same pinch,me too,” he suddenly came closer to me and kissed me on my cheek God comma is this guy out of his mind ? I blushed like crazy I look down to hide my blush “is something wrong Y/n?” he asked me smirking I looked at him unbelievable he just laughed at my I reaction . We talked about a lot of things and I I get to know that he is a nice person

*After sometime *

“Hey do you even know you make me bunk my classes today” I said and laughed” so what? ,it's not like I don't teach you trust me you are not gonna fail this time” “oh, so you mean that I fail every time?” “no! I didn't meant that!” I laughed at his reaction “it's ok I was just joking!!” we both laughed out a lot “come on let's get to home now it's pretty late” “home?” “oh yeah you live in the girl hostel right??” I nodded smiling” and you?” “well me too to all the boys hostel” “ok so let's go?” “ yeah” “today was fun wasn't it? “ “yeah, so much fun”

*In front of the hostel *

“well, thank you very much for the day yoongi I had a lot of fun with you”

“You do?”


“well I am glad you did” I giggled he giggled and we both left for our hostels

I can’t stop thinking about my day, our day, our talks, him and I can’t help it but whenever I think about today, him a smile take it's way up to my mouth

Today was a great day.

*Yoongi’s pov*

After I dropped Y/n , I went to my dorm and I can't stop smiling “yah! Are you alright? Why are you smiling so much” one of my friend spoke to me “why is there any problem with smiling ?” he made a disgusted face “you look very odd and scary like this!!”

“ I had a great day man, greaday”

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