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Epiphany - Kim Taehyung x Reader


In which Taehyung and you are best friends who live together. What happens when one decipher their actual feelings towards the other?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Y/N Pov

“At least today I hope it would be peacef--”


Oh no! Not again!

“Just when I thought that today would be peaceful that brat had to ruin it AGAIN!”

I rushed and let my feet lead to the noise and what I just saw was unbelievable!

“YAH! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!” I screamed.

I’ve had enough and I will not control my anger anymore.

The whole kitchen had turned into a mess and that means another day of cleaning and it’s all because of this idiot.

“KIM TAEHYUNG! How many times have I told you to NOT create a mess in here? Which part of the ‘not’ do you not understand, huh?”

He was nowhere to be seen in the kitchen. Where is he?

“Yah! Where are yo--”

I gasped.

There stood Taehyung in the corner covered in white powder which looks like flour? and not to mention that sheepish smile on his face.

“Omo, you scared me!” I exclaimed.

“Hehe mianhae Y/n..” He apologized avoiding eye contact.

“Care to explain what happened?”
He sighed “Well, I just wanted to make some pancakes for breakfast and it did not go as planned” he smiled awkwardly while scratching the back of his neck.


When will he ever realize that he can’t cook?

“I’ll make them for you, and this is the last time you’re going to create a mess like this okay?”

“Okay!” he grinned.


“Go and wash up now so that the pancakes will be ready when you come back.” I said, whilst wearing the apron and opening a new box of flour.

“Be right back!” He cheered and hopped off.

It’s difficult to stay mad at him when he acts all cute like this.

Sometimes I wonder-- scratch that. Every single time I always ask myself that, how can a ‘playboy’ I repeat playboy have this side of him?

“I wonder how girls even fall for him!” Obviously because he is handsome. That’s what he always says which is true.

Whatever it is I’m really glad to have him in my life, like who wouldn’t be right?

Ahhh! Tae is sooo cuteee!💜😭

Hey readers I hope you liked the first chapter! 😊
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