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Epiphany - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Chapter - 2

“Taehyung-ah! Ireona! (wakeup) We are running late and we only have 15 minutes!” Y/n kept on banging his door as they were getting late to go to college.

“I’m up, I’m up” Taehyung opened the door with his eyes half closed. “Just give me five minutes to get ready.”

“Ppali! (hurry) I will be in the living room.” She said.

(After a few minutes)

Y/N Pov

What’s taking him so long? I groaned impatiently.
Class starts in five minutes!

“Tae hurry up! We are late!” I yelled while walking into his room cuz there was no answer.

Is he still in the washroom? Why is he taking a long time?

“Tae are you in there?” I knocked the washroom door but there was no answer again..

I gasped. Did he perhaps slip or maybe he is... dead? nah I don’t think so..
Aish, maybe he didn’t hear me knock?

“Tae are you in there?” I kept on knocking.

Okay this is freaking me out now. If it’s some prank he’s playing, I’m going to kill him!

“He wouldn’t have kept the door unlocked yeah?” I turned the door knob and surprisingly it’s unlocked?


As I opened the door, I gasped.

What was before me left me shook and speechless!



Coming chapters will be long, I promise!

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