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MaNan - Let Me Go ( #JaaneDeMujhe)


A girl who loves the boy like he is her only world but soon she got a shocking news which shook her whole beautiful world and later on asking the boy to let g off her Want to more about so peep into the story to know more about This is a short story for the contest of VYRL Orginals #JaaneDeMujhe

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Let Me Go

Manik and Nandini are married since 2 years they had love marriage , both love each other like crazy , they can't stay away from each other . Manik Malhotra he is asia's top most business man he won many business awards to loves his jaan a lot he can do anything for her just to see her smile . Nandini Manik Malhotra India's best Cardiologist she works in City care hospital loves her mani a lot he is her whole world . Manik parents treats nandini as her own daughter they love her more than manik . Manik and Nandini both studied in same college and they were friends slowly and gradually friendship turned to love and after both got settled in their life they got married .

Manan Room :

We can see two beautiful souls sleeping so peacefully but soon the peaceful smile of the boy turned into a frown as sunray are disturbing his sleep , he decide to wake up he looks beside him and sees his jaan sleeping so cutely and trying to hide herself in his arms to avoid the sunrays .

The couple is none other than manik and nandini

Manik : Jaan get up its 8 u will be late for your hospital

Nandini ; mani let me sleep na

Manik : no get up

Nandini : 5 min

Manik ( nods her head in disbelief as its day to day routine and also chuckles seeing her cute face ) ok 5 min i will go freshen up and wake u up ok

Nandini nods her head cutely and manik kiss her forehead and go to freshen up

Soon manik came out after freshening up and sees nandini still sleeping

Manik : jaan get up

Nandini : good morning mani

Manik : good morning sweetheart , now go n freshen up we will leave together

Nandini : yeshh papa

Manik loves when she calls him papa

Soon nandini came out all freshen up for a change she wore a saree today

Manik Outfit :

Nandini Outfit :

Manan went down and see raj and nyonika ( manik parents ) having their morning beverages anf talking .

Manan : good morning mom dad

Raj & Nyonika : good morning bacho

Nyonika : chalo we will have breakfast

They went to breakfast table and started having their breakfast except nandini

Manik : jaan what happened

Nandini : mani i don't want to eat it

Manik : why ?? this is ur fav na

Nandini : i don't know

Manik : ok have this juice

Nandni : hmm

After breakfast manik and nandini left for their respective workplace Manik dropped nandini at her hospital and went to his office

City Hospital :

Nandini was having a surgery today and few check up since morning she is not feeling well she hasn't shared with anyone as she don't want anyone to get worried , the surgery was successful and she was went for rounds and suddenly she started to feel dizzy and she fell on the floor few doctors saw her and took her to ward and also informed one of the nurse to call manik

Manik was done with the meeting when he received call from hospital he picked it up what he heard shook him to core and immediately left the office and went to hospital

Soon manik reached hospital and asked for nandini where abouts in reception and they send she is in room no 405

Manik reached the room just then doctor came out

Manik : doctor how is my wife

Doctor : nothing to worry Mr.Malhotra ur wife is pregnant

Manik : what ?? r u serious

Doctor : yess in right now she is unconscious in few minutes she will be conscious

Manik : thank u so much can i meet her

Doctor : yes

Soon manik went inside and sees nandini with IV drip on her hand slowly went inside and sat on the stool beside the bed and kissed on her forehead soon after 30 minutes nandini woke up and sees the surroundings and lastly she look manik

Nandini : mani

Manik : jaan are u ok

Nandini : kya hua mujhe

Manik slowly took her hand kept it on her stomach and said we are pregnant

Nandini : mani is it true

Manik : yess

Nandini hugs him tight manik to hugs her back

Manik : thank u nandini for this beautiful gift

Nandini : thanks to u too

soon doctor came and said she can leave and also prescribed some vitamins tablet

Malhotra Mansion :

Manan went inside and see raj and nyonika waiting for them actually before leaving manik messaged to both of them said to come home quick

Nyonika : manu what happened

Raj : tell me

Manik : dad nandini is pregnant

Nyonika : im so happy for u both

Raj : god bless u

Everyone are happy hearing the news the newly parents are super happy , everything is going fine it was nandini 3 month suddenly she fainted everyone got panicked and took her to hospital and immediately she was shifted to emergency ward , manik was roaming one end to other end doctor took nandini blood sample , after sometime doctor came out

Manik : doctor what happened

Doctor : ur wife is suffering from Leukemia blood cancer

Manik was shocked to core and so as raj and nyonika

Doctor : and ur child is perfect its a very rare case where the cancer doesn't effect on fetus andur child was luckily and nandini is i her last stage i'm sorry

Manik sits on chair with shock all the moments of their is playing in his head his eyes are blood red a nurse came out and said nandini is awake and calling manik

Nandini : mani what happened is our baby alright

Manik : yes our baby is fine

Nandini : then what happened

Manik : woh

Nandini : mani tell me na please

Manik : u have blood cancer

Nandini was shocked : is our baby safe

Manik : yess but i can't live without u

Nandini : but u have to because our love will be with u forever

Manik : what about u

Nandini : i will be always in ur heart

Manik hugs her tight and cries

The time and nandini was health was not at all good all are trying to be fine but no one is able to take it manik was just leaving for nandini and their soon to be child . It was her 9th month ending and she was shifted to hospital as her water broke all are tensed soon they heard cried of baby , a nurse brought the child

Nurse : it's a girl

Manik took the baby from the nurse

Manik : nurse how is my wife

Nurse : she is being operated

Nyonika : she is so cute

Raj : yes she is same like nandu

Manik : yes m hy pari

Soon doctor came out

Manik : doctor how is nandini

Doctor : im sorry she doesn't have much time maximum 3 months

Manik was shocked his jaan his first baby who is everything for him is not gone be with him

manik with their baby went inside and see nandini all awake , manik hand overs the baby and was going to leave

Nandini : mani where ur going stay na

Manik : y should i stay when u decided to leave

Nandini was confused

Manik : confused i will tell u knew it from before the u have blood cancer yes or no

Nandini : yes

Manik : y did u hid it , if u told me i would do anything to save u

Nandini : because for that i need to lose my baby and i can't do that and that treatment is not permanent that's y i hid it from u i got to know when i was 2 months pregnant

Manik : i can't let u go

Nandini : u have to LET ME GO #JaaneDeMuhje and promise u will be happy and also protect our pari

Manik : jaan

Nandini : mani

Manik : nandini promise

Nandini : our princess name will be Aashi Manik Malhotra ( Aashi means happy and cheerful )

In these 3 months manik and all took care of nandini alot , nandini was becoming weak and her face was pale seeing her like this manik was crying it was one fine day nandini fainted and blood started coming from her nose they rushed her to hospital she has taken to ICU

it was ours nandini is being operated soon after lot time doctor came all sad

Manik : doctor

Doctor : im sorry we tried a lot but she just have few hours

Manik went inside seeing her pale face and smile he cried and nandini asked him to come

Nandini : mani please don;t cry i can't see u like this

Manik : then y r u leaving me

Nandini : i have to #JaaneDeMujhe

Manik :i love u

Nandini : i love u a lot

Nyonika brought aashi infront of nandini , nandini kissed her cheek and forehead

Nandini : mani please hug me

Manik hugs her tight soon he realized all her weight is on him and see nandini eyes were closed

Manik : nandini utto

Raj called doctor , doctor checked her and said im sorry she is no more manik hugs her cried out

it was most toughest situation to let ur loved one leave

Its been 2 years since nandini left them but no one cried or been sad because she gave them an angel who is just like nandini

Aashi Manik Malhotra she is replecca of nandini and she is manik happiness


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