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In which, the leader of a korean boy group, choi seungcheol, fell in love with the nation's beloved actress, korean's sweetheart, yoo seulkyung. Their meeting was short, but the feelings that began to take root in their heart were growing. However, as their relationship began to sail peacefully, storms began to hit them. Will they be able to fix their relationship after all the past issues were unfolded? ❝ what matters the most is the chemistry and sparks we have..❞ - choi seungcheol ❝ are you sure seungcheol? ask yourself, are you really ready to accept all my flaws that you bound to in the near future..❞ - yoo seulkyung since: 08 August 2020 'till: -

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001: "actor Wonwoo"

“wonwoo’s going to star in a new historical drama?!”

this is not fair! why does Wonwoo get the chance to debut as an actor? I sighed with a pout and put away my phone. ain’t reading those disgustingly sweet words from the members to Wonwoo. who wouldn’t be jealous if they had been dreaming of becoming an actor but didn’t get the chance to? Mingyu already acted in a thailand sitcom and Joshua made a cameo in one of those web drama recently, then Wonwoo got the offer to act in a historical drama! when is my chance seriously? God if you're listening, please gimme a chance.

I am grateful that I got the chance to debut as an idol and we’ve been gaining lots of attention lately, but being an actor had always been my dream. “well, wonwoo those have the face of an actor..”, I stared at the ceiling, wondering how would it be like acting with those charismatic actors and actress. “mom! do I have the face of an actor??”, I turned around to face my mom, who’s busy preparing lunch for us. yup, I am currently staying at home due to my symptoms of anxiety. no other place is better than our home. well, the members are my home too, but mom, dad and hyung are my first and forever home.

“of course you have the face of an actor cheollie. who do you think gave you that foreign like face huh?”, I smiled like a happy kid upon hearing those words. I would be lying if I’m not proud of my face, I mean, some people thought I’m mixed, when I am originally made in Korea by a Korean couple? “but, having a foreign like face doesn’t mean I have the face of an actor..I guess they can’t picture me as an actor..”, i sighed. “don’t worry cheollie..you’ll get your chance someday..don’t think much about it, or it’ll effect your health..”, mom’s right, jealousy is not good for my health. I get up and went to the backyard with my phone. the doctor said that it’s important to be surrounded by nature, as it’ll help us to ease our mind and soul.

as I walked around the backyard quietly, my phone buzzed and it’s a message from wonwoo.

wonu: hyung, are you okay with the news?

I sighed. I shouldn’t be jealous with my members, especially this guy who’s cold at the outside, but warm in the inside.

coups: i am fine wonwoo, congratulations for your first appearance as an actor~

He must be feeling bad, as they all knew how sulky I am when Mingyu and Joshua got the chance to act. I shouldn’t act like that anymore, you’re not a little kid anymore Choi Seungcheol.

wonu: i am sorry. I didn’t expect I would be offered. I can reject the offer if you’re not comfortable with it..

Okay, this made me feel so bad but touched at the same time. However, this is his chance, not mine. As a friend, I should be supporting him, not forcing him to reject the chance for him to grow bigger in the entertainment industry. instead of replying him back, I called him.

“yah! Jeon Wonwoo! it’s your chance to explore new things and grow! don’t reject it because of me. It’s not my time yet. I am happy for you Wonu, don’t feel bad about it..”, I reassured him. That’s what friends do, supporting each other for the best. After he’s finally fully reassured, we bid our farewell and I put my phone back to my pocket. “You’ll get your chance soon Seungcheol, you just have to wait a little more..”, I said as I stared at the sky. I’ve never notice how beautiful and calming the sky could be. I guess, this illness really does give me the chance to settle down and relax from the chaotic kpop world. I feel more like a human at this moment.

again, my phone buzzed and it’s a message from my brother? I looked at the living room that’s not that far from our backyard, and he’s laying down lazily on the couch. I opened the message and mentally facepalmed at the message.

hyung: get back in here, mom’s almost done preparing lunch.

this man, seriously? I put back my phone in my pocket and make my way to the dining room. another homemade lunch for me! mom’s cook is always the best~

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