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A love-drama fanfiction. Youll find out soon enough what you got yourself into

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New house

After that eight, unbelievable long, hour flight we finally arrive in Canada and it looks so beautiful so far. It makes me almost forget the huge headache which Ive gotten because of it.

"Your bag" I hear Colin. Moments later the hard-plastic suitcase hits my body. Then it falls on the floor. I watch as he walks past me with his stuff and only his.

"Couldnt you just pass it like a normal person?" I am clearly pissed, watching him walk upstairs.

"Nope" He pops the p. "Im just going to make sure Ill get the bigger room, bye" He adds and runs the last few steps up pretty quickly.

"What?" I say and follow him pretty fast upstairs myself, hearing him laugh. "Mum!" I yell just before I am looking at him standing there, not sure in which room he wants to go in first.

"Its already decided. Your sister is getting the bigger room" I hear mum yell from downstairs.

"Ha!" I smirk. He gives me an angry look.

"I dont care" He shrugs, not wanting to admit that he is actually pissed. "I want this room anyway" He says and opens the door right next to him. And when he does that all of his stuff falls into the room. The bathroom, which he noticed now as well.

"Well thats the place you're supposed to be, right next to the toilet" I laugh, already thinking about another stupid comment. I open my mouth again before I look at him, but close it right after I see his jaw clench and his fingers form into a fist.

"Mum?" I yell as I sprint downstairs again.

A bit later I finally step into my room, laying all my stuff on the ground. Its a house with two floors. Practically I share a floor with my older brother, while my parents have the floor below us.

Im not gonna lie, I love my room already. It has this huge window across my bed, which really lightens up the entire room almost. Looking out of it I can see the neighbors house, which is actually not pretty far away from my room, at least the bedroom isnt.

It looks very nice, almost a bit artistic. I see some guitars and a couple of cool pictures on the wall, from what the curtain allows me to see so far. And a lot of sheets spread all over a desk.

It looks pretty teenage-ish Id say. Which is weird, because my mum told me that the people who are living there are alone. Meaning that they dont have kids or at least she hasnt ever seen some.

"Hey, stupid?" I hear as my door opens, which caused me to turn. "Do you may have a charger? I think Ive lost mine" My brother says.

"Sure" I mumble as I reach for it in my suitcase. Then handle it to him. "But I want it back later and stop calling me that!" I say.

"Yeah sure" He smirks sarcastically. "Oh, and we are going out. Mum said she wants to show us around a little" He adds.

Its late when we are back home again. Its already dark outside. Entering my room I close the door behind me very silently. Getting then quick in my pyjama, which by the way is just a long shirt. When I look at my desk I cant see my charger, but it doesnt really surprise me that he hasnt given it back yet.

But since I need it back now Im on my way to Colins room. I open the door, seeing him laying in his bed with his plugged phone in his hands.

"Since when are you allowed to just enter my room?" His eyebrows furrow. I just roll my eyes and pull my charger out of his phone and take it with me, hearing him yell behind me when I close the door.

"What do you think youre doing?" I hear when his door opens again

"Its my charger. So I can use, its mine" I explain, being very clear about the fact that it belongs to me.

"I need it" Colin says and reaches out for it to get it out of my hands, but fails.

"Go get yourself another one" I say and walk into my room, locking the door afterwards.

I check my phone, watching it turn off completely. Its been a long day anyway. I should catch some sleep.

Climbing into my bed and under the cover I close my eyes, but moments before I fall asleep something lightens up my face. I immediately open my eyes and see that it comes from the window. I wait a few seconds, not really wanting to stand up and close the curtains. But the light from across my room doesnt really seem to go off again anytime soon. Especially not when I see a shadow walk.

Curious enough I actually sit up. I see a boy. I watch him take some things out of his bag. Some clothes actually. He lays that down next to him onto his bed, which is at the exact same spot as mine.

I watch him sit down just across from me. Im a bit scared that he might look up and sees me staring. But instead he pulls his phone out of his pocket. When he is looking down at it some dark curls fall into his face, but hes quick with getting them back in place by running his free fingers through his hair. Falling then backwards onto the bed, still looking onto his phone.

I watch him lay there a couple of seconds, but I feel how heavy my eyes get. Moreover its also a bit weird to stare into peoples houses without them knowing.

Im ready to snuggle back into my covers, but he sits up again. I see his hands grab the back of his shirt around his neck and within seconds he pulls it over his head and tosses it away, leaving my mouth open. My eyes widen for a moment, then I look away.

I cant be staring at him, especially when he is changing. I didnt really notice it, but my eyes did find his body again. I couldnt help it. Hes standing now, the waistband of his boxers is peeking out of his dark jeans. Fingers typing onto his phone.

Looking at his features I notice how warm my face gets. Watching his veins pop out of his arms and his very well shaped upper body. His phone lands on the bed when he turns his back to me. Hands fumbling around with something in front of his lap. And then hes pushing his pants down.

Im absolutely not ready for all this and its so damn hot in here. Plus the guild actually starts to build up again. I cant be staring at him, I should not.

But again I look up and into that room. After all Ive seen I didnt really see his face. He doesnt look that old and pretty attractive. Grabbing his phone again he sits back onto the bed.

I cant help but wonder if that is his room or not. It could be, but at the same time it wouldnt really make any sense, after all what my mum has said.

When he stands up this time he walks to the door and within seconds everything turns black.

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