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Calon Seren


Attending a Gala in honor of her cousins finds,the daughter of a famed archeologist and geneticist finds herself in an age old struggle between opposing sides...

Fantasy / Scifi
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Chapter 1

"Miss Granger…."

At the call of her name she blinked in confusion before looking to her teacher."Forgive me professor I had not realized that my mind had drifted."

"You have done so quite often recently. Might I inquire what grips your attention so?"

"I would not burden you any more then I do Professor." The normally stern teacher softened her gaze on her brightest pupil. However before she could give her thoughts the grand clock struck two and the student took leave of her Mentor.

With not even a glance she left without a word heading straight for home as was routine. She did not mean to show disrespect, merely only wanting to avoid discussion of a topic that seemed to have gone as viral as the sickness plaguing the slums. Hermione Granger Level 7 witch; class A rank 3 Magi, though some would argue her to be rank 2.

She was also considered the brightest witch her age. For being so young Hermione had earned her credentials during her apprentice and novice years. Non but a year ago did she and her friends help a boy who was practically her brother defeat a deranged Black Wizard. A man who obsessed with blood caste and deemed those only of Magical descent worthy of this life.

It had been a hard fight but she was glad they had stopped his plans before another Great War broke loose. Though it was only the state of Britan that broke into Civil War. Still she had fought in it along aside her friends coming out victorious, though the casualties were many, those who gave their lives did not die in vain. Though there were many a time Hermione wondered if such a thing would have been avoided if Lord Voldemort as he was called, had settled In the lands of the Imperium.

For there any and all who wielded Magick were held in high esteem, becoming noblemen and lords of the land. Where any other who did not share in this gift were slaves or common folk peasants. But the past is the past and can not be changed. After Voldemorts fall The Ministry, which is the ruling government in Britain, restored itself into power in the current thanks to the now minister of Magick Kingsley Shacklebolt. Who as it were a fellow order member who fought against the ideals of the dark lord.

Unlike many of her fellow Magi Hermione preferred to walk home instead of apparating or flying (The school she attended though a boarding school, many of the older students did not have to live on the grounds. Since she was repeating her last year there was no need for her to stay as her classes were not many, but they were long.) She enjoyed her walks mostly as on the way home she would stop by the library to check out the many books and tomes. Today however she needed to be home earlier then usual and would have to miss her guilty pleasure.

Now considering the distance between Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry and her current destination, muggles (humans) would consider her trek highly unlikely considering if one wanted to make it home on time. Even with all the technological advances of today's era. It took a very skilled magi to apparate from one part of the State to another far end of it, and that's with the help of a rune.

Hermione had opted to use the floo system and would apparate from there. By the time she made it to her home town of Northhall it was a quarter after two. Walking the familiar streets the witch smiled to herself, glad to be home. Her smile widened upon seeing her father's shop, a brilliant man most would say. Her father and mother both were, and that was without the bias of being their daughter.

Dr. Jonathan C. Granger, renown historian, archeologist, and science history major. Quite the adventurer in his younger years and he always brought back with him stories she would never tire of hearing even now. Of course he never came back empty handed for the Bembridge scholars but it wasn't the riches that brought great income for her family that took her interest. Nor the small trinkets he kept for himself to give to both her mother and herself. No it was the tales of the digs and the places her father got to see, the chance to see cultures other then her own, a glimpse into a time much different then this. Not only on this Terra but others as well. It was the tales and legends of old he told that always had her eyes twinkling with excitement and wonder.

That's not to say her mother was any less then the man she married. Heavens no, Dr. Amelia T. Granger née Reed one of the most brilliant scientists of her time, though her mother never really spoke of what she did in her younger years nor the precise field of science. Still Hermione was as much proud of her mother as she was her father. For despite all they achieved, they were as humble as when they first began in their respective fields.

Nowadays her parents lived a relatively quiet life. Her father owned a history shop where he sold replicas of artifacts and historical documents. Told his stories to those eager to learn of the history of the worlds and battles fought long ago. reciting legend and myth to all. Giving tours of the museum the shop held as well as an interactive dig site of sorts for the children. There were many in the field coming to to visit him, to look at his findings and hear of his exploits. Some old colleges, others new young up and coming archeologists seeking his advice or expertise on history of the different Terras.

Her mother on the other hand was a well known dentist her own clinic next to her husbands. But she too did not go with out some excitement from time to time. Still the familiar sights of both buildings brought a sense of joy and calmness to her and Hermione ran the rest of the way. Her brown eyes catching sight of the transport unloading new artifacts for the museum.

Before entering the building Hermione caught a glimpse of a rather large crate the men began to move. Almost running into the door way as she watched curious as to what was inside. Upon entering the museum she was greeting with the sight of her mother welcoming her.

"There you are dear…look your father's absolutely buzzing with joy from your cousin's findings." The woman said pointing to where her husband stood looking over the boxes checking for any damages. Both giggling at the sight,"Did you say cousin's findings? Which one found all of this?"

"Believe it or not they worked together on this one…and I must say both their efforts paid off. Quite handsomely…in fact why don't you go and asked them yourself they are somewhere in there with your father." Smiling brightly the younger brunette hugged her mother before going to her father.

"Ah there you are poppet! I was wondering when you would show, come look look at all this….I'm going to have to start construction for more space." Hugging him tightly Hermione chuckled,"You silly man, I could help with that if you need more space."

"No no I couldn't possibly ask you to waste you talents on something as menial as that."

"Let her do it uncle it would save in the cost of construction if you did."

"Not to mention not having to worry about buying more land and tearing down and homes" Hermione brightened tremendously at the two familiar voices. Turning to find her two cousins smiling just as brightly as she.

"Tate! Alfred you're here!" Letting go of her father the magi ran to the two young men she had not seen since their last expeditions in her fifth year at Hogwarts. Of course the two had gone on many since then and with their competitive nature with each she had no doubt they never disappointed with their finds. Tate and Alfred Reed were very much like the sons Her father never had and the brothers she wished for. Tate lost his father in an airship explosion, he was a pilot for the U.T.F. Alfred never knew their father as the bastard left right after he was born. Their mother died while they were still young and Grangers had taken them in after that and raised them as their own. Jonathan Granger was more then estatic in finding them to have the same lust for knowledge of the past and sense of adventure.

Tate took very much after his mother with the dominating blue eyes and brown hair. A trait of the Reed family tree, where as Alfred too had the blue eyes but his hair was a sandy color a little more blonde then brown in Hermione's opinion. Though the boys were a mixture of their parents Hermione felt she saw more of her aunt in them then their father who ever they was.

"Cousin! You grow more beautiful every time we see you!" Alfred said catching her in his embrace.

"Pass her over here Al so I can see for myself." She squeaked when Alfred indeed tossed her to his brother who caught her bridal style. They laughed happily at her look of surprise."You're right, it's a wonder she hasn't been claimed yet..." He sniffed her causing her to giggle from the brush of his stubble."And still pure!"

"As it should be!" Alfred added. Brown eyes rolled as she freed herself from her cousin's hold,"Honestly I would expect as much from you Tate but from you Alfred? You were always so well more refined then your brother. I take it the American habits were too strong not to pick up then?" That was another thing about her cousins. Tate who was older then his brother by a year was born in the Americas. A colony of several territories across the Atlantic, that was wild and filled with ruggish Miners and gold seeking men, as well as bandits and outlaws. Alfred on the other hand was born here he had the accent to prove it. Tate would travel back and forth his time spent here and back with his father's family in the Americas. It was the American accent that stuck for him though every now and then from his time spent here the Brit in him was heard.

"They're boys Hermione and you're basically their baby sister. Do you really think they'd act any less protective of you?" Hermione's smile grew even more at the sound of the female voice coming from one of the back rooms. Her cheeks were beginning to ache from her smiling so much,"Aaron!" The young woman grinned as she met the magi halfway for another crushing hug.

"You didn't think I wouldn't come did you? Who else do you think kept these two from killing each other on the dig."

The younger girl pulled back with a quirked brow,"Don't be silly of course you did, other wise they would have fallen down a hole with the way they go at it sometimes." The girls laughed as the two they spoke of huffed and gave what they thought were great reasons in how that was not true at all. Aaron is Tate's mate and wife they had met four years ago but it was only last year did they recite the right of claiming each other.

Aaron was an adventurer and she had traveled to many places and not just here on the Terra of Earth either. Hermione had first met Aaron during the summer of her third year, a little after Tate and Aaron had been courting and dating. Though a little intimidating at first once getting to know the older girl getting past the tough and gruff exterior Hermione loved being with her as the adventurer was like the older sister she never had.

"Right…so are you all going to just stand there and chat or are you going to help me with all this hmm?" Mr. Granger said hands on his hips staring at his children.

"Oh let them be John. It's been years since they were all together like this, let them enjoy themselves darling."

"Well the boys can at least help me with this one then." He said motioning toward a rather large crate.

"Oh that ones our greatest find uncle." Alfred said as he walked toward the crate,"Yeah I bet 100 credits once the scholars know it here, they'll make you dozens of offers to get their hands on her." His brother added.

"Her?" The older man said.

Tate grinned as he walked to the other side of the crate nodding to his brother. The younger Reed mirrored his brothers grin as he readied himself to reveal what lay hidden within the wooden box.

"On the count of 3…1…2…3!"

The two then ripped the side panel off causing dust to emerge, and continued with the other sides until the artifact was revealed.

The three unfamiliar with the find gasped in shock at what they were looking at. For what stood before them was a perfectly fossilized statue of a fully intact Being of old. An ancient one Vajiri as they were known as.

"And that's not all either…" Alfred said a he climbed to stand on the platform of rock the statue like fossil stood upon. Tate passed him his tools and the sandy haired young man took his small mallet and pick, placing the pointed end on the fossil where there was less build up of dirt and rock.

Hammering the head of the pick a few times Hermione watched as the build up of earth and rock was chiseled away from that small area revealing a well preserve patch of skin encoded in some type of glass like crystal substance.

"By the stars…" The veteran archeologists breathed as he moved for a closure look,"You found a fully intact Vajirian….."

"Boys…this..do you have any idea what this means.." Amelia said a bit breathlessly. Jonathan then turned to his wife both sharing a look,"Who else knows of this?" The man asked.

"Just us for now…we wanted you to be the first know. We thought maybe you would have better use for her then being kept in the vault with all the other good finds The Higher ups like to keep hidden." Tate answered brushing away the dirt from his hands and pants.

"She would be a nice display for you Uncle John." Jonathan gave another glance to his wife before she spoke,"Well I would suggest you get her cleaned and ready for her debut then. It would not do a lady well for a first impression if she is covered in dirt." The smile she gave lacked its usual luster as it did not reach her eyes and Amelia Granger turned to her daughter,"Perhaps you could help them Hermione? I know you enjoy doing so when it's just you and your father."

"What about all these ones?" Alfred asked motioning to the other crates that were settled around them.

"Right..perhaps it's best to put all this in order before working on this one here"

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