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Victims of war

By Emilie

Other / Romance

Chapter 1: A new life

Victims of the war

Summary: This is a little fanfic about another outcome after the Hogwarts battle

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, or any of its characters. Only the plot was my idea.

Authors note: This is Draco Malfoys point of view.

Chapter 1: A new life

After the battle of Hogwarts I had hoped things would finally take a turn for the better. I had hoped that the people, in time, would forgive me for my mistakes. I was a child when I made those decisions and in the end I had made the right choices, right? Well I was wrong. People still hated me, and could not forgive me. I had let the death eaters into Hogwarts, I had gotten Dumbledore killed, etc. No one cared what my side of the story was. And who could blame them. After all, they were right.

But that was not all. After the war, my father had been thrown into Azkaban, for his crimes, and my mum had fallen into a depression, after they snapped her wand and band her from everything magic. We were kicked out of our house and I never got to finish my education. I couldn’t find a job in the wizarding world, to support my family, and we had no friends left to help us out.

In the end, my mum and I ended up in the muggle world. We lived in a tiny apartment, with one bedroom, a toilet, a sink and a microwave. The paint was nearly gone and there were several stains. You’d think a rich family like us could buy something descent. My mum slept in a crappy bed and I on a plastic mattress. But most of our money was taken and was being used to rebuilt Hogwarts and the ministry of magic. We were left with the bare minimum. And if that wasn’t bad enough, my mum had started drinking. The little money we had, she used on alcohol.

Knowing I had to do something, I went to look for a job in the muggle world. I knew how degrading it was, but I needed something. The problem was, in the muggle world the education was very different. There was math, science, English, etc. Nothing I had learned in Hogwarts, so I ended up working at the checkout at McDonalds. Some strange and unhealthy restaurant from the muggle world that paid a minimum wage.

The muggle world was a harsh place for muggles, let alone a broke, stuck up, pureblood, wizard family. Life was hell.

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