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The Search


One unique Gallifreyan girl, now a woman, searching the universe and all of time to find the notoriously infamous Doctor. She lives under a secret that only he knows that can mean her life or death on their planet. First she must find a safe place to rest, heal, and fix her damaged T.A.R.D.I.S., Chamele. Can an old friend and student be their salvation? This is a chronicle of her search for him and finding out the truth of who or what she truly is.

Scifi / Adventure
D. L. Garlick
5.0 2 reviews
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Fiery eruptions of molten rock burst into the sky falling into river flows and lakes of hot lava. Dark skies are from ashen clouds that are billowing high into the atmosphere making it appear to be night. This was the scene of a new forming planet with no life just violence and fire. The solid ground was no more than a small outcropping, a ragged ledge cliff face high above the fury that was the unstable landscape below.

This ledge was solid, cool, and smooth under foot. Diploid plumes of lava shot into the air on either side of the protruding end of this cliff that overlooked the crimson magma flows and pools of the long valley vista below. These plumes curved upwards colliding violently with one another at their leading tips to form a perfect circle of solid standing rock looking as if it had grown out of the ledge itself. It seemed like the first living thing of this land. This arching circle was cool to the touch and solid almost instantaneously the moment it formed. Curious characters started to form around the smooth cooled surface of its circumference. Strange ancient language markings, from before the beginning of time and space, etched or stamped themselves on it as if by magic.

Two large figures, men dressed in skullcaps, ropes, and each holding a tall decorative staff; one with a globe the other with a jewel at the top; are poised chatting in a profiled silhouette dead center in front of the new towering stone circle oblivious of its creation. Their attire, form head to toe, was the same colors of the staffs they yielded; one the pitchiest of blacks with a fiery red crystal jewel on the top of his black staff and the other the purest of whites donning a golden glowing globe on the top of his white staff; true contrasts to the darkness and red fiercely uncontrollable magma stage they were on. They were young in age it seemed, yet old enough to be considered adults.

They seemed to be arguing, as brothers at odds, unaware that they were being watched by even younger eyes. Their words were distorted, hard to hear through winds that howled and whipped around the only solid mesa structure of this turbulent planet.

“Well?” Said the one in black with an anger to his annoyed tone, “I am here at your beckon call. What is it you wish to discuss?”

A sigh came from the one in white, “Why must you always be angry and full of distain? Can we not just meet for the sake of meeting and talk?”

The other laughed, “Ha! What? About the weather? What’s happening in our lives? Or more about this universe that is newly forming?”

“If you like.” Replied the one in white, “I wish us to work together instead of at odds and seeming to be in competition all the time. We may be opposites, yet made part of the same coil, so to speak.”

There was no reply except a growl coming from his companion, who soon lashed out in anger, becoming violence. A strike of one staff hitting the other creates lightening radiating from them as they came into contact. The one in black was the aggressor of anger with fiery red eyes while the one in white was only calmly defending. The small silent figure watching this encounter unfold saw it eventually become much more serious. Lightning, close enough to strike the ground, crackled all around the fight scene from the ashen sky framing it in brief light, a contrast to the dark gloomy setting. There fight inevitably took them closer to the stone circle that loomed above them until they seemed to be in the center of the arch and close to the edge of the land. The staffs at one point connecting with the tops then hitting the ground at the center underneath the giant structure. Sparks and lightning fly all around them. Suddenly there was contact with tops touching again. Each staff making a sonic like explosion as they hit the ground between the men a second time. Lighting from the air around struck at the point of impact too. The multiple strikes throwing them out of the structure on the flats of their backs winded and stunned. The ground shook as if ready to break making the watcher scream falling to the glassy surface. A huge fissure in the ground opened a rift going all the way to the center of the planet. Opened up a rift that should have never been beneath this arch or on any planet.

The men look to the source of the scream to see a small child sliding to the edge of the ground they are secure on. Both men lunge to the edge, each grabbing a hand, and pulling the child to safety. Holding her between them in a mutual embrace till things calm down underneath them all.

“You are safe now child,” the deep rich voice of the one in black says.

“No need to fear little one. We will not let anything happen to you,” replies the one dressed in white in a tenor like tone.

“Why thank you both,” the small voice says calmer than expected. “Why were you both fighting? Family should never fight, especially brothers. They should love each other.” This tiny thing enquires. The two men look at each other in shock, then look at her. She seems very young to be so calm after such an experience and wise beyond her young years.

“A telepath?” Said the one in black in a shocked whisper.

“Very strong one too for age,” responded the one in white just as quietly.

Once the ground stops moving they all stand, separating, and speak to this child of extraordinary composure, strength in character, and strong talented ability. Before them stands a child that can be no more than a toddler of two or three years in age. A little girl barely off her mother’s protection.

“How old are you child?” The man in black asks.

“Three! Three Gallifrey years that is.” She replied shyly, then continued with more confidence. “I just turned three a few days ago when my brother turned eight. He calls us birthday twins.”

The gentleman in white enquirers, “What is your name child? And how by the cosmos did you get here?”

“Anastasialtheaxonia!” offers him her hand to shake. “My parents call me Ana for short.” Lowers her head kicking a hot magma rock, sounding slightly angry as she continues. “My brother Theta and his best friend Koschie call me Stacey. I hate it.” Then a bit calmer again as if nothing was ever wrong, taking a formal stance. “Though Anastasialtheaxonia is my given name, from the house of Lungbarrow, on the planet Gallifrey, in the constellation of Kasterborous. We are one of the Seven Shining Planets of the Galaxy.” She smiled as she remembered it all so well, reciting it perfectly in one long breath. She had a precious sweet smile full of such trust with her hands clasped behind her back rocking from heel to toe as she spoke. “I don’t know how I got here or even where here is. I was looking through The Untempered Schism with my brother for his initiation to the academy.” There was a bit of a pout on her face in that last part. It smoothed out as she continued by asking, “Who are you?”

The man in black laughs. “You are a plucky little thing aren’t you! We are The Brothers of Time.” Mimicking her stance at his announcement. “I am the Guardian of the Darkness, or Black Guardian if you wish.”

“We are officially called The Guardians of Time, little one.” The one in white states with a smile in a gentle corrective rebuking tone to his brother, as he eyes him sideways. “I am The Guardian of Light and Time known as The White Guardian.” He refused to talk down to others no matter how young or lack of intelligence, which she was clearly not either.

This little thing looked around. Closed her eyes and listened. Where was she? She had no idea. How had she gotten there? Was she dreaming? Was this a vision? Her mother had warned her she may have some day. Or was this what was inside The Untempered Schism? But mostly she wondered where was her brother? Though her brother was nowhere to be seem. She could still feel his presence, his fear as he gazed into The Untempered Schism next to her, and feel the squeezing of her hand by him as well. But where was he physically? She looked all around again and could not see him anywhere with her in this present dark and violent place. She wanted to be afraid, knew she should be afraid, yet she felt safe, and at peace just knowing and feeling her Theta still there somewhere.

“Are you both, and this place, a dream? Or do you live in The Untempered Schism?” She asked them in her innocence. When she looked into the Black Guardian’s she could feel such evil and love of chaos in him.

The brothers just looked at each other blinking in silence at her inquiries. They had never heard of or seen an ‘Untempered Schism.’ They knew not what to tell this inspiring young thing. Quiet speechless they both were at this point.

“You are The Guardian of Darkness, but you love chaos and evil.” She stated looking deeply into his eyes and soul. Her eyes were glowing like tiny suns as she spoke, her voice slightly strange.

“An empath as well,” mused the Black Guardian.

The White Guardian smiled looking at his globe which was glowing, “An extremely heightened empathic ability at that.”

So full of wonder, life, passion for knowledge beyond her understanding, and youthful innocence. She was all that and more. It was refreshing to both Guardians. She had made them quite speechless for a second time, not easy to do to Guardians of Time. They had always been and always would be from before the beginning and until the end of the universe plus time, yet were more than immortals. She could not hear them when her eyes were glowing, when they returned to their violet color again she was aware of all around her again.

The White Guardian attempted to reply, “Hmm! We are not a dream my dear.” Kneels down to her level, “Did you say you are from Gallifrey little one?” She nods as he continues, “Well this is your Gallifrey.” Gestures with his hand and arm to the vastness around them, “This is it at its birth, its beginnings. As is this vast new Universe.” Gesturing to the sky, “It is just the start of this spiral Galaxy. Your Solar System will be at it’s near center. How did you travel to us? You do not yet exist child. The planet is only now forming. With no life forms yet.”

She giggled taking it all in. Her eyes following his every gesture and shrugged her shoulders as she examined the vast sky, “I don’t know, but that looks like our Untempered Schism archway.” Pointing to the structure that had formed high into the sky and was now over some strange chasm still forming.

The men both look at where their staffs had struck the ground twice and realized it was the start of an eventual leak into this new world of unfiltered unprotected time and space. She was from this planets future people. Evidently they would find a way to use it to advance themselves into something more than mere flesh and blood mortals. They would become sensitive to and travel in time.

Suddenly her eyes were glowing suns again staring into the White Guardians eyes, her hand on his heart seeing into his soul, “You are a gentle and kind soul Guardian of Light and Time. Your brother craves the control of time that you were blessed with at your being.”

The White Guardians eyes twinkle, “She has vision and insight as a prophet or seer of her people.”

“I wonder if all her people have these gifts.” Grunted the Black Guardian, “to be so young and strong in these three with such control is astounding.”

“Guard it well sir, for he wants it all. Your brother will try to trick you and others whom help you to gain that control and kill you to rule all of Light and Time and the many Universes you now protect together in your own ways.” Her the other hand now points to the man’s brother when he was mentioned. Her hands lowered to her sides, her eyes became violet again, and her voice returned to normal. “No sir of White you shan’t need me, but my brother. He will help you when those times come. He is a beacon of light in a dark evil universe and the best anchor you can find.” She smiled as her image flickered, but did not yet fade.

The White Guardian smiled knowing now that she would be a very special Gallifreyan of interest. “You are very wise little one. Are all your people like you?”

She shakes her head no, “All are telepathic, but not all have other abilities. If they do it is only a very few whom have one other ability.”

“Well I see that you have only just touched on what someday you will be able to do. I see you are genetically wired for so much more. Perhaps the savior of your people and the universe when needed just as your brother you hold so dear.” The White Guardian adds.

“Hmm! My parents believed so at my birth.” She said sadly, “My mother said that I would be all that our people could be one day. That is why I am to be a great secret to them and all others. To protect me from them and, I think, to protect them from me.”

The White Guardian nods, “Your secret is safe with us, little one.” He could see that one day he would need to help her in return for her insight. Her brother would not be the only great light and anchor in a universe of darkness. That she too would find her path to help in this universes future. Thus he must find a way for her to be protected, watched over, and studied throughout her life.

Likewise his brother, The Black Guardian, smirks making note of this little visitor. She had made it clear that her brother would be a thorn in his side when working his future plans. Yet he was working out a way even now to destroy her brother and possibly use her for his own reasons. He cataloged her presence and words to them both for future reference. Could he use her existence in this universe, galaxy, and planet for his own future needs? He wondered.

Her image started to fade away before them both.


Suddenly, she was back with her brother grinning and excited. Telepathically, for she never spoke except to him in private telepathy, she was all abuzz about her experience she just came from. She showed him what she could of the experience too. Then she started speaking to him about the wonders she saw in the ‘Untempered Schism’ as well. Praising how marvelous and wondrous the Untempered Schism was. That it was nothing to fear but something someday to explore together along with the universe when they’re ‘grown’ time came.

Her brother just looked at her in awe, amazement, and shock. Replying to her telepathically, for he knew better than to speak to her in reply out loud with an official standing there, “But you never left my side baby sister. I held your hand tightly this entire time.” She was so little, smiling, and yet not afraid. All he wanted to do was runaway, but not her. She was genuinely excited to be here with him. She even honestly wanted to stay and learn so much more.

“That was the strangest part. I could feel you squeezing my hand. I could still even feel your fear as you looked into this Untempered Schism, but you were not with me where I obviously was. The two men I met said I was on Gallifrey before it was even finished forming. Do you think that is even possible? Or did I just travel without a Time Machine?” She said all of this looking him in the eyes this time. His mouth dropped open in shock as she talked.

Her brother was speechless for a time. Looked up to the elder at their side then back to her eye-to-eye and replied back telepathically, “I-I don’t know sis. I guess it is possible. We still know so little of all you can do. Or it could be visions like mum told us you would have someday. Like becoming a Seer or Visionary as mum was and nana still is.” He joined her in looking into the Untempered Schism one last time.

“Brother? We will travel the universe together some day won’t we?” Her question was a bit guarded and sad.

It made him smile at her, “Yes, little Ana. We will you, me, and Koschie will explore it all together as Time Lords with our extraordinary Time Lady by our side.” He hugged her from the side, “You are right, about the Untempered Schism too. We can one day explore it and all of time along with it. Together.” He would do anything for his baby sister. Even die for her if he had to to protect her as he promised their parents before they died. But then he had decided to protect her the moment they met on her day of birth.

Catching each other’s eyes one last time with smiles ahead of looking into the great void before them once more. They stood there till the elder made them move on. It would also be the very last time she would ever hear him call her Ana.

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