Iron Bonds

Act 3

In the mind of the leader…

Kes finds herself in a mostly crystalline mine tunnel. Iron support beams line the branching off mine tunnels and their openings. Cold fire dances through the tunnels.

Kes sees ghostly images of Tuvok and Chakotay, lying on the ground. She checks their lifesigns with her tricorder. But, it just shows up on the tricorder as this in crystalline wording:

Not real images you’re seeing. Try again.

Kes steps back: Understandably a little rattled by it.

What she steps back to see though makes her gasp. She sees thousands of scattered shattered dust piles reminiscent of Crysal. And, she can hear the echoes again.

The cold winds sweep in…as the tunnels begin to collapse in piling up piles of rubble. Kes runs for it, ducking through one winding tunnel after another.

Above it all… Kes catches her breath against an iron pillar.

In spite of the dust clouds coming for her… She calls out, “please don’t hurt us. He’s telling the truth!”

Kes starts coughing away dust. And, the whole tunnel shakes apart.

Kes ducks under the slanting down iron pillar: Using it to shield herself from the dust clouds and the winds that are driving them.

And, as quickly as it comes… The tunnels seem to vanish into bright star light.

In the star light… Kes sees a Crysal looking back at her: Almost close to touch.

The flashes of the visions circle around in crystalline moons: In orbit of a dying sun.

In a distorted voice… The Crysal says, “we…were much like yourselves. We…are better minded though.”

Kes challenges, “what makes you so sure…if you were and are still much like ourselves?”

The Crysal heavily sighs, “maybe…I’m not so sure.”

Kes faintly smiles bittersweetly, “well…it’s a start.”

The crystalline moons fade away. The dying sun starts becoming reborn: From red to yellow. And, the rest of everything else fades like a dream.

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