Iron Bonds


A short time later…

Some awkward silence follows in the conference room.

Like Tuvok…Chakotay has a pounding headache from all the thundering voices. It’s already been treated. But, it’ll take some time before it subsides.

Captain Janeway reflects, “you know…if it were anyone else’s crew… I wouldn’t have believed it. I mean…living statues that live off of rock faces and sleep over them at night? It’s absolutely absurd.”

Chakotay points out, “and more than a little uncomfortable.”

Sounding sick to her stomach… Captain Janeway concludes, “agreed. Remind me not to eat lunch for the next few days.”

Chakotay figures, “understood. Permission to do the same?”

Captain Janeway says, “permission granted. Besides, when we tell the rest of the senior staff… Something tells me Neelix is going to skip on lunch himself.”

Slightly amused sounding… Chakotay checks, “and the log entry?”

Captain Janeway says, “already deleted.”

Chakotay figures, “sounds good. The sooner we leave that planet behind, the better.” Captain Janeway agrees, “understood. Dismissed.”

Chakotay reasons, “thank you, Captain. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Captain Janeway says sympathetically, “see you then.”

Chakotay walks out of the conference room: Looking to get some much needed rest.

Out in space…

The USS Voyager drops a mostly gray beacon in orbit of the planet: Saying the environment is too radioactive to beam down anyone.

And, that is half right. High concentrations of Iron have a way of sticking out above the rest…come rust or metalwork.

The End
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