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As cliché as it sounds, a bad guy fell for a good girl. The thing is that bad guy is Ban, the Fox Sin of Greed. They were polar opposites, yet they found the warmth from one another. It started in Ravens, it was another typical day for teen Ban snatching wallets, jewelry,food and many other things, but he lost everything the moment he saw her. A Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins) fanfiction. A Ban x oc. An Inuyasha and Nanatsu no Taizai cross over. First Book of the Different Worlds Series Note The cover was from Pinterest. Credits to the amazing creator/owner Sakimi-chan & was posted by ArtStation_HQ. I do not own the original characters or series but the plot is mine making it not copyright(ed). Still, Plagiarism is a crime.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Character Info


Alyas: War Tactician & Midnight Howler

Race:Dog demon(True Form, even though she has dark brown hair this form is silver but with small brown strays)

Birthday: July 26th

Age: over 500 years old

Hair: Dark Brown with few Silver Strands (Humanoid), Silver and Dark Brown (True Form)

Eyes: Gold/Amber (Humanoid), Red (True Form)

Height: 5' 3" (Humanoid) , 710' 5" (True Form)

Weight: 58 kg (Humanoid), 967 kg (True Form)

Dominant Hand: Right

Demon Rank: Western Lands' Healer/ Lady

Magic Power Heal: Heals any illness but takes great amount of magic

Specialty:Healing & Gardening

Weapon: Needles (Thousands that she can conjure at will in any size. Biggest Needle)

Parents: Inu Taisho & Inu Kimi

Siblings: Sesshomaru(Twin) & Inuyasha(Half Brother)


Alyas: Fox Sin of Greed, Bandit Ban & Undead Ban

Race: formerly Human

Birthday: February 14th

Age: 43 (became immortal at age 23)

Hair: Pale blue but mistaken as white

Eyes: Red

Height: 6' 11"

Weight: 70 kg

Dominant Hand: right

Knight Rank: formerly Diamond

Magic Power Snatch: robs both material things and physical ability

Specialty: theft

Weapon: Sacred Cudgel Courechose.

Parents: unknown

Siblings: Kilia (diseased)

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