The Aftermath




Well, I got a request for a carry-on of 'A Tear For Her', so here it is. Plus I've got quite a bit of time to kill this afternoon.

Bill cautiously stood up, blinking in the darkness. He looked down at his shirt, where the bullet had made an impact. He couldn't still be alive… Bill took a deep breath in. No, he wasn't. The distinct smell of smog and lies was gone- he'd left London.

A smile crept over Bill's face, for a few reasons. One, Nancy might be here, now that they were both dead. Two, slightly more immature, there were no more pickpockets. No more of that old miser, Fagin, with his scratchy voice and red beard, or those irritating tiny boys whose only use was taking cheap handkerchiefs.

"Nancy?" Bill called cautiously. "Nancy?" There was no answer. Bill cursed under his breath. He wished he could see something in this endless darkness. Even the blackest, cloudiest night in London wasn't as dark as this. "Nancy?" he tried again.

And, he could have sworn her voice replied. A tiny whisper, penetrating the darkness- "Bill…"

"Nancy!" he called more strongly. "Nancy, where are you?"

A thin gold mist seemed to descend from above him, though he couldn't locate the source. As though it were part of the mist, her voice whispered "Here."

Bill blinked in disbelief. Out of the mist Nancy seemed to walk, and he was willing to believe it here- he never would have back in London.

"Nancy… I'm so sor-" Bill choked up. He thought he'd never see her again, and suddenly realised how lucky he'd been to know her, to have her love.

"I never betrayed you, Bill. Never…" her voice was faraway, not like his, just a whisper, still part of the mist surrounding her feet.

And, for the first time in his life, Bill croaked "I love you."

"Goodbye, William Sikes…" she whispered, smiling goodbye.

Bill watched her fade into the mist again, the small smile of farewell etched onto her beautiful face.

Please R&R… wow, I'm in a really sad mood after writing that. I guess that's a good thing… anyway. R&R?

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