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It is about Maria who falls in love to someone 2 years younger than her. Can she be with him in the end?

Drama / Other
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Maria's POV

There was this guy whom i really like ever since we were kids. I never told him since i don't want him to hate me.

We use to be so close before. I don't know why he started to ignore me when we grow up.

By the way, i am actually 2 years older than him. I am going to be a 3rd year high school student at the start of new school year and he is going to be a First year high school. We both live in Tokyo, Japan. Our school is called Kisaragi Gakuen.

Today is supposed to be our family reunion. I actually don't wanna go but, i don't want to be alone into our scary house. My sister Yurari is actually so excited for the reunion. I asked her "Why?" She told me "Because Kakeru is gonna be with us." I asked her "What do you mean?" She answered me with this "Because i like him. Do you have a problem with that?" I reply with "No." Then my sister decided to go inside the car after that. Meanwhile, i was still contemplating if i really wanna go or not. My mother saw me while i was just sitting into the chair and stop packing things for the 2 weeks family reunion. So my mother told me "Maria! stop slacking off and finish packing all you need for the reunion." Then i said "Can i just stay here?" Even though i don't really wanna stay alone into our house. Then my mother said "If you don't wanna go. I will tell Kakeru how much you like him." My reaction was "Can you please shut up Mom. Someone might here you." Then my mom said "If you really don't want your deepest secret to be reveal then finish packing all your things before its too late." After that i decided to just do whatever my mother wants and then later on my father help me to put all my things into the back of the car. "Thank you for helping me Dad." then my Dad says "Your welcome Sweetheart." Then i decided to go inside the car after that.

By the way, my mother knows about my secret because i used to have a diary and my mom accidentally read it and now i need to live knowing that Mom is sometimes can't contain herself so she unintentionally say things that she didn't really wants to say.

We are now on our way to the vacation home. Kakeru is in the car with he's family. I wonder if he would talk to me when we get there.


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