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The Offspring


This is the tale of Accalia, who is the daughter of Freya(the Goddess of love and fertility). Accalia's life seems like it is ending from the news of her engagement with Balder's son, Forseti, who is the God of justice. From an engagement to Accalia finding out that Conner(her best friend and crush) loves her, she feels as though this is the start to something terrible to happen between the Gods and Goddesses. What she doesn't know, is that this is the start of a tricky deal that will alter the fate of Conner, her, and maybe even Midgard.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: Beginnings

“I told you, I don’t have time for this!” Exclaimed Accalia to her best friend, Conner, as she briskly walked down the corridor of her chambers.

“Well, on my behalf, you always say that!” Shouted Conner as he had to run to catch up with her. While Conner was hurrying to approach Accalia, she rolled her eyes, quickly turned around, and replied, “You’re so much like your father.”

Conner was the son of Loki, the Trickster. All of the sons and daughters of the Norses had to live on Asgard, the Realm of the Aesir, with their parent(s). We are never allowed to leave, unless the All-Father, Odin, specifically needs us for a mission on one of the nine realms. In summary, I am a little bird in a caged prison until they decide to free me from this place. Now, don’t get me wrong! I love Asgard; I always will. It is my home, but I wish I could see the other realms. When I say. “I wish”, I really mean I have longed for it ever since I was a child. I want to go to every realm possible. Maybe starting with Alfheim(ALF-hame), which is the Realm of the Light Elves. The other realms include: Jotunheim(YO-tun-hame), which is the Realm of Giants; The Realm of Humans called Midgard; Muspelhiem(MOO-spell-hame) as the Realm of Fire; Nidavellir(nih-DA-vel-EAR) is the Realm of the Dwarves; The Realm of Ice and Mist called Niflheim(NIF-el-hame); Svartalfheim(SVART-alf-hame) as the Realm of the Black Elves; And Vanaheim is the Realm of the Vanir.

Accalia had now stopped in the corridor when she said that Conner was so much like his father, Loki. She needed to say something to make Conner leave. She loved his company, but right now she needed to get to her destination quickly and all Conner had been doing is slowing her down. So, Accalia claimed, “I really need to go”, as she looked into his blue-green eyes. Conner, being his usual nosy self, asked with a puzzled demeanor, “Does Freya need you?”

“Yes”, I replied. As I said this, I tried to hide as much of my disappointment as possible, but it was in vain because Conner noticed my changed emotions right away.

“Is it that bad to see your mother? I thought she was the Goddess of Love and Fertility; Not the goddess of making you gloomy.” Conner said with a hint of amusement.

Accalia, who now had a big smile on her face, rebuked with, “No, it’s not that. It’s the fact that I have to walk into a whole room of gods and goddesses to sit next to my mother.”

As Conner stared at her, he knew that with her dove-like face that is white as snow, her emerald-green eyes, and her blond hair she would be just fine.

With a chuckle at what he just thought, Conner stated, “It’ll be fine Snow. Just hurry so you’re not late.”

Snow was a name Conner had given Accalia when they were kids. He gave it to her because of how much she liked the cold and for how she loved to be around snow and ice. In turn, Accalia nicknamed Conner, Cedar, for how much he loved trees and the woodland animals in Asgard.

“Okay, Cedar!” Exclaimed Accalia as she walked briskly as she could down the hallway with her purple silk dress flowing around her legs like an ocean storm because of how in a hurry she was.

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