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What Happened Is This


An angel and a demon. They are both destined for great things on each of their sides. Yet, colliding views of morals leads them to question their authority. who they are, and how the cosmos is aligned. Joining a journey together to pass the time of their respective duties, will they figure out who they were when they were alive? Will they solve all their answers? And is being friends... or more... really wrong in the whole fate of the cosmos thing?

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1: The Creation Of An Angel

Some people say that when you die, you see a blinding white light. Or some say you see the summed up crappy life you had. Some people can even somehow tell they’re gonna die in enough time to utter some words before they depart. None of these were existent for me when I died one minute ago. I was walking home from a job as a Zoologist when a drunk driver swerved onto the sidewalk and crashed into me before crashing into a tree. Now, this wasn’t what killed me. This drunk driver hit me and plunged me into a tree where the branch cracked from too much weight, and I fell upside down and broke my neck. So, evidently, I was killed by a tree. Not a cool way to die, but I suppose I can’t really complain since I’m dead. As I was saying, I’m gone. When I died one minute ago, I opened my eyes to a white room. I noticed that I was sitting on a white couch and in front of me was a white table and an identical white sofa on the other side of it. I look down and see that I am wearing a plain white dress and white heels. I look up to see that there is suddenly a woman sitting across from me. She has blonde hair and is wearing an identical plain white dress and white heels like me. Her skin is darker-toned, though, while mine is fair.

“Hello, Rosaline. Welcome to Heaven.” She says in a sing-songy voice. I stare at her in a bewildered state. Then, I reply, “How do you know my name? Is this real?”

“Of course, this is real, silly!” She replies as she laughs.

In a wary tone, I say to her, “You still didn’t answer my question about how you know who I am.”

She states, “I know who you are because I was your Guardian Angel until you just recently died.”

“If you were my Guardian Angel, then why did I die?” I bluntly ask. I look at her weirdly as she laughs, yet again. Then, she tells me, “You are always speaking your mind, Rosaline. That’s what I always liked about you.”

“Are you going to tell me why I died?” I asked her again.

She looked into my purple eyes and told me, “A demon killed you.”

I look at her strangely with my mouth sort of hanging open and then ask, “How?”

With a sorrowed look on her face, she told me, “I’m sorry, but I did everything that I could. I couldn’t prevent you from being hit by that drunk driver, but I used a miracle to make sure you didn’t die by having that branch catch your fall. I didn’t know there was a demon near you till the last second, but it was then too late. The demon called Mila used a demonic miracle to make the branch snap, which caused you to fall to your death.”

“Oh,” I replied. It was all I could say. There were too many things flying through my brain that were being processed right now. “I know it is hard to process, Rose, but I’m here to help you transition.”

I reply, “Ok. And don’t call me Rose. Only my friends call me that. . . Or at least they used to.”

She tells me, “Okay, Rosaline.”

Now I remember! I forgot to ask her name.

Bluntly, I ask, “What is your name?”

She smiles and tells me, “My name is Hera.” We sit in silence for about thirty seconds before she says something, “We should get going. You would have been picked to be a certain type of Angel by now.” On this cue, we both get up and I follow her to the door. Once she opens it and we walk through the white door, I ask, “What do you mean picked?” As we kept walking, I noticed that the floors, walls, and ceilings of the long hallway we were now in were all white. The Angel named Hera told me, “There are different types of angels for certain things. Whatever Angel you become is what you stay as forever. There are War, Earth, and Guardian Angels. Also, there are Archangels.”

I ask, “What do the different types of Angels do?”

Quickly, as we walk down the hall to wherever our destination is, Hera tells me, “Well, War Angels fight in the wars against Demons and try to make sure that they don’t make too many demonic miracles. Earth Angels stay on Earth. They are disguised as Humans and try to keep the human race peaceful. Then, Guardian Angels guard a certain human until they die…”

I interrupt by saying, “What happens to them when the human dies?” I looked at her with a worried expression at what will happen to her. Hera stops us in the hallway and tells me, “Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. Once a human dies, a Guardian Angel gets assigned to a new human after we guide them as a new Angel.” I nod my head and let my worried expression fade as I let her finish summing up the different kinds of Angels. Hera continues by saying, “Then, there are Archangels which are Angels that look after all the other Angels and they make sure we don’t become Fallen Angels. Also, they govern us too.”

“What is a Fallen Angel?” I ask Hera after she finishes.

She replies by saying, “A Fallen Angel is an Angel that has turned against the Archangels and God and they end up becoming Demons.”

I reply with another nod as Hera leads me to the place where I will be chosen as one of the four different types of angels.

Many Minutes Later. . .

Hera and I walked into the room where there is a pool of Holy Water used to determine what type of Angel you will become. As we entered, I noticed there were two other Angels waiting for us.

"Hello, Guardian Angel Hera and Rosaline. My name is Serenity and his name is Lucas. We are both Archangels.” Said Archangel Serenity. As I looked at them, I noticed that they are both wearing white suits with white ties and white leather shoes. Then, Archangel Lucas said, “Well, if you are ready, Rosaline, I will have you get in the pool of Holy Water.” I followed Archangel Lucas to the steps where I descend into the pool. Before I descend, Hera grabs my arm and squeezes it and tells me, “Good luck, Rosaline.” Once she lets go of my hand, I start to descend. As I get closer to the Holy Water, there are lights that come on above me. I look up and see that they aren’t lights. It is the events of my life on earth. All of my memories are showing up above the pool of Holy Water. It seems that as I get closer the Holy Water gets brighter. Once, I step into the pool my brain starts to hurt. Then, I feel a current pulling me into the water until all of a sudden I am underwater. I gasp for air, but then I realize I can still breathe. My head starts to hurt worse and I bring my hands up to my head to try and lessen the pain. That’s when I notice it. The Holy Water was sucking my memories away from my brain and swirling them into the giant abyss that was called a pool. As it took more and more of my memories, I frantically tried to keep as much of my life in my head as possible, but everything was fading. I tried to swim up, but the Holy Water kept me stuck where I was. In time, all of my memories were gone except for my name and what I experienced after I died up to this point. All of a sudden, the Holy Water turned a bright, white color and swirled around me. It was changing me. Making me into something new. I felt pain. So much pain. As pearl-white wings clawed there way out of my back. While the wings grew, the Holy Water changed my body too. It changed me into a perfect version of myself. It changed me to where I looked like perfection and I wasn’t flawed anymore. Once the Holy Water was done, it pushed me to the surface where I landed on the steps that I went down. The Archangels and Hera picked me up and rested me on a long, white couch as I finished the transformation. Before I passed out, Archangel Serenity said to me, “Welcome to Heaven, Earth Angel Rosaline.”

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