A Magic Shewolf

Entering Hogwarts

And that was what she did. Put Professor McGonagall didn't attend me to the train. She left me at the station and told me how to get there. I passed through the barriers between the platforms nine and ten and gazed at the blood-red locomotive being the commencement of the Hogwarts-Express. I sniffled and smelled coal, pets and magic. It was a nice smell. I loafed beside the train in search for an empty compartment. As I found one I entered and put my trunk up into the luggage rag. I didn't have a pet, no money to buy one and by the way I thought of being enough pet for myself. Indeed I didn't need help with my trunk a werewolf was strong and I had been even stronger just because of my father. I sat down at the place next to the window and closed my eyes. Up to yesterday there had been the full moon and because of that I needed to catch up some sleep.

Two or three hours later I got woken up abruptly. Two ginger girls were now sitting in my commencement playing a noisy round of Exploding Snap. I knew this game we were playing it in the forest from time to time. I murmured the incarnation and opened my eyes.

"Look, she's not dead!" said the first twin. She smelled like cookies and cinnamon. It smelled like Christmas, dreadful.

"As you're able to see" I answered cold. I knew, that my voice was sounding hoarse in fact I didn't use it very often.

"You sound like your voice had been rasp by dragon claws. I'm Alana and this is Madison. We are Weasleys. And you?" asked the other twin. She smelled like gummy bears and explosions. Interesting.

"I'm Rosalie. Rosalie Delgrey" I replied serene.

"Ouh, that's sounding French. Are you from France?" Madison asked who had spoken first.

"No, I'm not. I'm living at the Gwydyr Forest of Wales and in fact I do have another surname, but this one isn't very handy" I answered and turned to the tea cart – witch, who sold me Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans and cauldron cakes. I still had a little rest of the money Professor McGonagall had given me at Diagon Alley and so I was able to buy myself some sweets. Also the two girls really loved cauldron cakes and for sure the Every Flavour Beans which really had every flavour. I catch liver, steak and kidney pie, peppermint and blood. The last one made me lick my lips unintentionally; well I had inherited the blood thirst of my father. Because of that the rest of the journey was becoming very joyful in fact it made a lot of fun eating those beans together.

Arrived at Hogwarts we break away from each other. The twins were in the second grade now and so they went to the self-driving horse buggies. Indeed I went to some small boats carrying the first-years over the lake. They were nice the Grounds of Hogwarts and they smelled like forest, the lake and very old magic. This was going to become a very interesting time.

His view:

I was sitting at our house-table. I had been sorted to Slytherin last year like my mother and father.

But there was nothing bad about this. My mother was the sister of famous Harry Potter the man, who killed Voldemort. My mother told me not to fear a name. Somehow I was famous in two ways, because my father was Draco Malfoy son of an old pure-blooded family full of Slytherins and Death Eaters. But that was making my life a challenge and I'd inherited from my mother to love challenges. Just because of my name no one did notice the fact who was my mother and my uncle, but this was how it was I lived with it and I liked it. I had inherited father's cold and arrogant appearance as well as his and mothers sly streak this had made me becoming a Slytherin. But there were also streaks within me about which mother was always saying they remember her of her brother: beginning with my deep wish to play as the house-team's seeker on to my eyes, emerald with grey sparkles.

I watched the Sorting of the first years with lively interest. There was a girl in between the new pupils having odd-looking silvery hair and even more odd-looking blue eyes. I liked her straightaway. I listened to Professor Sullivan carefully while she was reading out the list of first years.

"Delgrey, Rosalie" I heard her say. That was her that was this girl! She stepped out of the other first years and put the Sorting Hat on her head. He kept silent for a long time as he had been with me one year ago.

"RAVENCLAW" the table in blue was clapping loud now. I watched the girl enquiring. She was moving different than all the other girls, more careful. It looked a bit like an animal. I saw how he was greeting her, Frank Longbottom son of my Herbology teacher. He was an old bootlicker, nothing else! Jealousy was boiling inside me what was happening here?

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