A Magic Shewolf

The first Encounter

The weeks and months were passing by. I learned much and became one of the best soon. But as the time was going near Christmas my mood was changing to a very evil one. There had never been a reason for me to like Christmas why should I start doing it now? The castle got decorated and the twins were in a more joyous mood than ever. I wasn't I remained silent.

"Oh come on, Rosie-"

"-it's nearly Christmas, so you-"

"-can't just have a bad mood!"

I snuffled. I didn't like it when the finished the sentences of the other. This was making me laughing and I didn't like to laugh. Although my snort seconds ago had been an amused one.

"Stop calling me Rosie! My name is Rosalie and nothing else" I said with a cold voice and went away. I knew the sentence won't stop them from trying to make me laugh. Everyone else but not the trouble-twins.

I walked down the corridor not knowing where I should exactly go to. Tonight I was forced to come to the Whomping Willow. I went outside and while walking I decided to make my homework out there on the Grounds. Even if there was snow and of course it was cold I was used to this. I had lived in the forest for too long to mind it anymore.

On my way outside I raced around a boy. He stumbled and fell down. He was in the year above mine I had seen him a few times yet. He was akin with them or things like that.

"Sorry" I murmured and held out my hand with the claw-like nails to help him up.

"No matter. But, tell me, why are you running so fast?" he answered and took my hand so that I was able to help him standing up again. I was able to tell by his uniform that he was a Slytherin, a nice Slytherin I had to add. He was a little bit taller than I was, with platinum blond hair and green eyes with silver grey sparkles. His smell was of the forest, of the dew that lay on the leaves on an early morning, and a fine note of a just lit fire. I liked this smell and I noticed that I seemed to like him to without knowing him. That had never happen to me before!

"I…I don't know. I use to be a bit strange sometimes" I tried to excuse myself and walked away. I didn't have to tell him what I used to be, had I?

His view:

All of a dither I stood there on the corridor and gaped at her back that was moving towards the corridor. She had these strange blue eyes. There were some things being odd with these eyes. She said she was strange sometimes. Maybe I should ask Teddy about this? His dad had been a werewolf and grandmother Tonks could tell a lot of stories about this. Or maybe I should visit the library just to make sure. She was sinister, somehow, more sinister than anyone else, more mysterious. She was amazingly interesting and to my own surprise I could feel my heart beat faster. And it was beating even faster as I went on walking down the corridor, forgotten where I wanted to go, thinking about her odd-looking blue eyes. There was something about these eyes, I didn't know what. Her hair was as silver as the wings of a snitch glimmering in the sun. She was nearly as tall as I was and this was very unusual for a girl…

I had applied for the position of the seeker in our house-team and I got it without any difficulties. I really loved to fly and, if you could rely yourself on Madam Hooch, I was flying as good as my uncle. Also Alana and Madison were playing Quidditch now, for Gryffindor of course, as beaters. Nothing else would have fit to them; my chaos-cousins were the perfect beaters. In fact they had had the best teachers you were able to find beside the professional teams: Fred and George Weasley, whose golden medals were hanging eternally in the Trophy Room. It were engraved trophies for Special Services to the School (their rebellion and escape were still legendary), but they were on some badges for winning of the Quidditch Cup. My uncle was there too, he had been Seeker and later captain. My mother was also there but she had been playing as Keeper. She had a medal for Special Services to the School too, like Aunt Emily and all the others who had been involved in the liberation of Hogwarts.

I didn't know if it was just depending on me, on Rosalie, who was always cheered for me or her friends, my Metamorphmagi-Cousins, and with this giving me the feeling that I had to play even better, but this year Slytherin won the Housecup this year with over two hundred points more than all the others. I saw that even Rosalie was enjoying this although she was a Ravenclaw. Just my cousins were swearing my bad revenge. But as long as there were smiling while they were talking about that her revenge would be nothing worse than a mudslinging in the summer holidays. Father wouldn't be very pleased about that but what else; you just have one life to live even if it was a very long one.

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