A Magic Shewolf

Becoming like the famous Weasley-Twins

I slinked through the dark corridors of Hogwarts Castle sleepless. Tomorrow there would be the full moon again. My eyes were reflected in the high windows through which the nearly full moon was shining at the corridor. My eyes were nearly glowing and the yellow rays within them made them look a bit horrifying somehow. I sighed and continued my aimless walk. I was twelve years by now, but definitely I was looking like fourteen, but I didn't care. This was me and truly I didn't want to change anything. My naked feet weren't making even the smallest noise on the nice cool ground. It was October now and a warm autumn.

After a while I reached the corridor that was leading to the Owlery. But there were someone in there yet. Carefully, lurking I stood still and sniffled. The fog of explosions, Christmas, a forest and a very expensive perfume. Alana, Madison, Scorpius and Ethan. Alana and Madison were good friends of mine and Scorpius was related to them someway (his godfather was the father of Alana and Madison and his Family was related to the one of the twins mother) and Ethan, well I did know Ethan out of the library he liked to study with me. I straightened up, spoke the spell for my eyes and walked towards the little group of people.

"Still awake? At this time?" I asked quietly and stopped. Alana turned around rapidly and pointed her illuminated wand at me.

"Rosie! Can you even imagine how much you'd scared us?!"

"What are you doing here?" Madison added watching me from the hair to the feet.

"I wasn't able to sleep, and you?"

"We? We wanna beat the previous Weasley-Twins in being pranksters!" Ethan answered and even was growing a little with these words. This didn't mean much because he was more than ten inches smaller than me, but what did that mean; boys grew later, don't they?

"Well, well and that's what you need magical room colours for?" I asked looking skeptically at the paint bucket full of pink and orange colour between them.

"We'll paint the school owls! Mr Miller should have something to do too!" Scorpius said cocky. My head jerked around and I faced him enquiring. I did never ever imagine him being involved in things like that.

His view:

I could see that she was confused seeing me like people always were and they were always staring at me then.

"And you are here, because…?" she asked. Rosalie's voice was hoarse and it wasn't as bright as the voices of Alana and Madison who were as similar as twins could even be. My Metamorphmagi-Cousins were as cheeky as genius and cheeky I was too. I did not want to be seen as the son of the Malfoys and on second view maybe as the son of the sister of Harry Potter, no thanks, I wanted to be someone on my own.

"I want to get rid of the shadow my name carries on!" I said using the most arrogant tone I had. Rosalie's face showed a very evil grin.

"Then let me join!"

"Sure! Here! Or do you have your wand with you?" Alana said handing her a paint brush. Smiling Rosalie put her wand out of her trousers. Even now I noticed that she wasn't wearing shoes.

"Aren't your feet cold?" I asked her enquiring. She shook her head.

"I never wear shoes at home" she replied. I raised my eyebrows not understanding her completely. But I didn't get to the point asking her where she lived because Madison was shooing us to the Owlery. The night wouldn't last forever.

Even three weeks later Mr Miller was cleaning the orange and pink owls. He was as Squib like his, now dead, precursor and because of that he wasn't able to clean the owls with magic. At breakfast time there were sometimes raining some colour from the owls but that meant nothing to the students, they were all able to clean their clothes with just one magic word. Anyway from this day on Rosalie belonged to us.

Her view:

In the following summer holidays I missed Hogwarts for the first time. I missed the nights of pranks, when we five were getting up to nonsense around the school. I missed Alana's and Madison's tricks. I missed Ethan's smugly grin and Scorpius, Scorpius more than everything. For me he was, maybe because he wasn't fitting to the others any better than I did, extraordinary like me. I knew the story about his parents and I made a mental note for myself to tell my friends about my father one day. I wanted to wear my name, as proud as Scorpius always did, one day too.

As we were back at Hogwarts together we celebrated this with going out the first night back in school. We bewitched the locks of all classroom doors, what made us having an involuntarily free lesson at the next morning, because Mr Miller wasn't able to open the classroom doors in time. Finally the tiny Professor Flitwick had to reopen the doors, because Mr Miller was not able to open the doors at all.

But this wasn't going to be our last prank. We drove Mr Miller, the caretaker, nuts countless times. Wrong-headed cleaning brooms or classrooms not able to be cleaned were just the beginning. We used many products from Weasleys' Wizardry Wheezes. I stopped counting how many corridors we turned into swamps very soon or to how many students we sold the skiving snackboxes. We established a real trading post of the Weasleys' Wizardry Wheezes AG, who opened a shop at Hogsmeade too.

We helped to alter the old Zonkos shop during the Easter Holidays. The guys were very surprised about my not very girl like strength. Wolves were very strong and I believed that every wolf with my dad would have been this strong.

On one of these days I was carrying the counter inside the shop all alone, when I almost placed it on Ethan's foot.

"Be careful! I am no counter-carry place!" he mumbled.

"Do you want to carry the counter?" I asked barefaced and lifted the counter a little bit higher to look into his face. His eyebrows were raised quizzical.

"You are not all human, are you?" he asked watching me placing the counter. This time I put it where it was supposed to stand. He was saying the 'all' in a very odd way.

"What do you want to tell me?" I asked back standing there in a belligerent posture. He laughed.

"You're a wolf! A werewolf!" he shouted still laughing.

"A she-wolf please! But what's the matter you're shouting this out loud?" I snarled furious. Luckily we were all alone at the moment.

"So I am right?" he triumphed.

"How do you know?"

"My dad is a rockstar, my mother's a healer. I have seen nearly all" he replied and laughed again. I snored like a wolf and shook my head. Ethan laughed loudly and accompanied me back to the castle. Sadly we couldn't always help the Weasleys with the shop, because those damned homework were not making itself. Ethan and I, we had the same averseness to homework and school but what had to be had to be.

His view:

I never thought of having so much fun with braking rules. On this Friday we were going around in school again, searching for the next prank after the lessons had finished. Alana was carrying a box with fireworks from Weasleys' Wizardry Wheezes. We were on our way to the office of Professor McKenzie, she was teacher for Muggle studies and really, really annoying. We wanted to set the fireworks on fire there, to show her what we thought of her, although Ethan was the only one of us, who took Muggle studies. Nevertheless his stories were enough for us judging this.

"Hope she'll enjoy her Inferno Deluxe" laughed Madison and opened the door to the office. No one was there, but of course we knew that. Rosalie had spied on her for us, at this time the Professor was at the staff room, reading the paper.

"Come on now! Let's go! Let's place the box in the middle of the office and light it!" Rosalie said and took the box from Alana. She placed it in the middle of the office and came back to the door. I aimed the box with my wand


The box began to crackle immediately.

"Alli! Madi! Scorp! Rosie! Get out!" Ethan shouted from the door. We jerked around sharply. Ethan sounded panic, danger was about to come! We dashed out of the office and down the corridor at once.

"YOU! STAND STILL!" Mr Miller screamed angrily behind us. We dashed around the corner.

"We have to separate! That's easier!" shouted Madison. Without the slightest thought I hustled Rosalie into the next secret corridor, Ethan right after her, and then I followed Alana and Madison up to the sixth floor. We ran around the next corner and unfortunately ran into the arms of Professor Sullivan, our Transfiguration teacher. She was, if this was even possible, even stricter than the headmistress.

"Though, what do we have here? The three marauders. You'll follow me to the headmaster, now!"

Feeling caught we followed her to the headmasters office. We stopped in front of the gargoyle. We three had been there many times before, but we always kept Ethan and Rosalie out of sight.

"Ginger cookies" said Professor Sullivan and the gargoyle jumped aside. Alana, Madison and I stepped on the spiral staircase and looked at each other. Did we go too far this time?

We stepped out at the top and knocked on the door.

"Come in" came a sound from behind the door. We opened and entered. "You, once again! May I ask if there will be at least one week during your school time you'll not be send here by a teacher! Sit down" said Professor McGonagall and laid Transfiguration today aside. Submissive we sat down on the stairs in front of her desk.

"What are we accused for, Professor?" Alana asked audacious. That was how we always did it, at first we tried to look as if we didn't know anything.

"You're accused for having set a firework alight in Professor Sullivan's office, that's not able to be stopped, do you know anything about that?" she asked watching us through her spectacles.

"Is a firework something forbidden?" Madison asked politely. I smiled amused.

"There is no need to grin Mr Malfoy! Once I had expected a better behaviour from you, but for four years now you're constantly teaching me the different. Can you tell me at least where this love of braking rules came from?" asked Professor McGonagall, she sounded angry.

"I don't want to stand in my parents' shadows anymore!" I said in an arrogant voice, maybe this wasn't the tone you should use in front of your headmaster, but I didn't care.

"Well, well. You remind me of your mother all time, she although never minded any rule. I hope you haven't inherited any other of her abilities" she sighed and sent Alana and Madison away with a wave of her hand and fifty points off for Gryffindor.

"What do you want to say, Professor?" I added.

"You know for sure what your mother is, Mr Malfoy?"

I nodded. Of course I knew the fact of my mother being a Black Veela and I was proud of telling so.

"Well then you know too, what your father is"

I nodded again. I knew too, that my mother once had bitten my father, both didn't get older, both would never die, that was unfair.

"No one can tell you what happens to the children of those creatures, because there had never been any before. Maybe you should think about that, you may go"

I stood up in silence and went down to the Slytherin common room. Without looking at anyone I went up to my dormitory, laid down on my four-poster and closed the curtains around me. Contemplative I looked at the green curtains. What was I? Would I stop getting older one day? I should ask my mother about her book, maybe there was something about the children about those two standing there.

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