A Magic Shewolf

Unfogging the Secret

I passed the years vanishing during the days of the full moon and learning much. Meanwhile I was fifteen and the OWLs were about to get started. I had found a great friend within a Gryffindor. His name was Ethan Duke, son of the lead guitarist from the Weird Sisters, grandson of the famous keeper McCormack from Pride of Portree. Like him I got Alana and Madison Weasley, the Metamorphmagi-twins and Scorpius Malfoy, the mysterious son of the Malfoys, as good friends. Those for were great for playing tricks and they were great for everything else. But because of the fact that Alana, Madison and Scorpius were a year older than me, I mostly learned with Ethan only, because he was in year five like me.

Also today we were sitting in the library together and learning. This time for Transfiguration this would be our first OWL test six weeks from now.

"Oh men, I don't want to do this anymore! I can't get this into my head!" Ethan mumbled and sat back. I smiled evil and looked at him.

"I cannot get used to your blue eyes. What's the true colour of my favourite werewolf's eyes?" he asked and looked over to me. He knew the fact of me being a werewolf as long as we know each other. He has a good feeling to find out strange things. I looked directly at him remembering his little triumph once at Weasleys' Wizardry Wheezes for a single moment. I believed that Alana and Madison sensed something but they were tactfully enough not to ask. I wasn't sure about Scorpius but I wasn't ever sure about anything with him. With a shaking of my head I wrenched myself out of my thoughts and looked in Ethan's dark eyes.

"You really believe that you want to see that?" I asked him and closed my eyes.

"Sure. I have seen a lot already, my dad is a rockstar, remember?"

My face showed an evil grin as I opened my eyes again. If I kept them closed long enough the spell always vanished. As expected Ethan jerked short but in a nice scarry way. "Oops! That is definitely not what I expected. Do you know that this fits much better than blue?" he picked up his courage. I laughed acrimonious and returned to the notes I made for myself to learn for Transfiguration.

"Rosalie? Can you lent me your notes for Transfiguration for a short while? I wanted to look for something" sounded a voice right behind me. I sniffled before I turned around. Smoke, forest and the dew that lies on the leaves at morning – Scorpius Malfoy. I would find his smell out of thousands, he smelled too good, scrumptious. I turned around and he froze. I had forgotten to change the colour of my eyes, but instead of doing it now I smiled.

"Yeah Scorp! Here you are" I said and hold out a pile of parchment to him.

"Your eyes are beautiful. You're a werewolf, aren't you?"

"Outstanding, sit down. Yes I am I had always been"

What was a lie for, when he had already found out.

"Who's your father?"

"Fenrir Greyback"

"Urgh" Ethan made right beside me. I wasn't very proud of that either but in fact I couldn't change it.

"My father knew Greyback. He wasn't nice. You are nice" he said in a low voice. Then he took the papers and went away.

"What does he want to do with your notes? I mean, he's a year older than we are…"

"Dunno. I'll ask him next week, okay?" I said and rubbed my eyes. The full moon was about to come.

His view:

I sat on the stone circle outside the castle with Rosalie's notes. Father told me that he had sat here many times with mum. I understood them very well; it was very beautiful out here, even in the darkness. It was a warm night in April that was why I was sitting here. It was a starlit night and the moon was full.

Suddenly I heard an odd noise at the edge of the stone circle.

"Lumos" I mumbled and raised my illuminated wand high in the air. It fell over slowly dampish getting grass on a greyish snout. I gulped but still raised my wand higher in the air. It lit the red eyes with the beautiful yellow sun like rays within them.

"Rosalie. I didn't know you're allowed to walk around the grounds" I said irritated. The werewolf came closer and snorted. It was like a dog, but more like a human somehow. I must correct myself, she.

"Ah, so you're not allowed to. Abiding by rules isn't yours, right?"

The wolf snorted once again, it sounded amused. She was this close now, that I was able to see all of her. She was tall even as a wolf, she was also tall as a girl nearly as tall as me and that means something. Her silver hair was now her coat and her eyes were the same. I smiled.

"Thanks for your notes. I needed them for a summary for Professor Sullivan. You know her always summarize the old stuff"

The wolf nodded. I was aware how dangerous it was to talk with a werewolf without any security. But I trusted Rosalie; I knew she wouldn't do anything to me.

"You're a lovely wolf, you know? Can I ask you something, Rosalie-"

The wolf sat down and cocked its head.

"-do you want to visit me over the summer? I mean, you don't have to ask for permission, do you?" I asked hopefully. I noticed that the wolf wagged its tail.

"I interpret this as a 'yes', okay? I'll write my parents tomorrow. They don't care about your problem. My mother isn't all human too, you'll see"

The wolf wagged its tail again and snorted shortly. Then she pressed her cold snout under my hand and vanished. No matter what I thought about her before my heart wasn't only bumping because of the excitement. I knew that I had fallen in love with her.

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