A Magic Shewolf

The summer at the Malfoys

This summer I did not return to Gwydyr Forest. I went with Scorpius Malfoy to Godric's Hollow. His family lived in a great manor that stood at the end of the street that left the village again. It was big and a bit sinister but I liked it.

The entrance hall was full with portraits of the ancestors of both sides as the subtitles of the pictures told me. Although I should have guessed by his name I paused as I got aware of the Malfoys' family portrait.

"I know, great relatives" I heard someone say behind me. Scorpius entered the hall and handed our trunks to an old looking house elf.

"Kreacher get our trunks upstairs. Mine as usual and Rosalie's will be placed in the great guest room, prompt"

"Very well young Mr Malfoy, sir" said the house elf named Kreacher and disappeared with a loud bang.

"Cool" I said. Scorpius jerked around.

"What did you say?" he asked astonished.

"I think it's pretty cool here" I repeated. He smiled cautiously.

"Thanks. I don't think about that…"

"I'm a werewolf. What do you think I like?"

Scorpius smiled barefaced.

"I should have expected that" he mumbled. He winked to me and I followed him. I followed him to the biggest living room I'd ever seen. It was full with expensive furniture: a big black leather couch, a chimney out of marble and a wall system full of books. I wrinkled my nose I didn't like books that much. Scorpius noticed that.

"You look a bit puzzled" he said low

"Well that's a difference to a wooden hut in the forest" I replied.

"Do you have your own bathroom there?"

"Do you believe?" I asked sarcastically. Scorpius agitated.

"You're disgusting"

I snorted amused.

"Just not used to something better"


I poked my tongue out to him and sat down on the sofa. Laughing he sat down next to me.

"Where are your parents?"

"Still at work. They will be home for dinner"

"Are you alone very often?"

"From time to time. But I used to stay many days of the holidays at my cousins'. With Alana and Madison or James Sirius, Albus Severus and Lily for example" he replied shrugging. I shook my head.

"And I always thought, being the only child between werewolves is annoying"

The next moment we snort with laughter. Normally I never laughed but Scorpius and Ethan were the exception. I liked them both but I liked Scorpius more than Ethan, a lot more…

His view:

Rosalie's OWLs came in the middle of the holidays. She got eight and I didn't wonder that she got a D in Herbology; she didn't have the slightest idea of plants. She smiled with her sharp teeth and shrugged.

"It's alright" she said. "I will not get a job later either. Anti – werewolf – legislation" she added. I sighed and turned my face to my mother. She didn't look even a day older than twenty and sometimes that was really annoying. She threatened me with the fact that, with luck or disaster, one day I would also stop getting older but she wasn't sure about that.

Mother nodded shortly. She was working in the Department of Mysteries; she could get Rosalie a job for sure. Thanking my father and grandfather I was going to start in the department of the minister of magic, Kingsley Shaklebolt, after school. Business relationships could help and they would help Rosalie too.

Actually asking Rosalie to stay for the summer was the best idea I ever had. Well, her eating habits left a lot to be desired and after that remarkable week also the house elves didn't like her anymore…

Her view:

It was full moon. I'd locked myself in the big guest room and coiled myself up on the bed. Full of anger about myself I had bitten and destroyed the furniture but now I was sorry about it.

There were still two days until the moon would start to fade again but I had the uncertain feeling I would need something to eat before. I was just thinking about how to get out of the room – a wolf couldn't use magic – when there was a knock at the door.

"Rosalie? Do you believe I could enter?"

I growled as friendly as possible and coiled myself up even more. Even though Scorpius had already seen me as a werewolf I must not use the most space in this, remarkable big, bedroom. Scorpius opened the door and entered cautiously. He should be cautious I was hungry.

"Here, mother thought you could be hungry and I could convince her not to send you a cooked meal" he said holding out a plate with uncooked and bloody pieces of meat. I nodded and wagged my tail complaisant.

"You know Rosalie; you're just a big, red eyed dog, aren't you?"

I growled but it was not a growl with anger because I wagged. I stood up and crept over to him. He wasn't frightened he was just cautious. I nudged him with my nose. He smiled. He walked to the bed and put the plate on the floor right in front of it. Then he sat down on the bed.

"Enjoy your meal!" he said pointing at the plate. I ambled well to the plate and devoured the meat in big pieces. Scorpius watched me. He doesn't seem to feel queasy doing so. I ate everything, raised my head and licked my snout. He was still smiling.

"You enjoyed it, right?" he laughed. He wagged again and coiled myself up on the bed next to him. Scorpius raised his hand and fondled my head. I growled easy and closed my eyes.

"You know Rosalie, you're a very friendly werewolf…" he mumbled quietly. I let out a voice that resembled to a bark. Scorpius burst out laughing.

"As I said a very friendly werewolf. I really like you Rosalie, you know…"

I nudged him cautiously with my nose and placed my head on his legs. He smiled and fondled my ears.

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