A Magic Shewolf

The NEWTs ball

This year would be my last. Professor McGonagall told us that there was going to be a ball. The men had to choose. I moved and moved the fact of asking a girl out. I wanted to ask Rosalie but she didn't even have the money for a dress…

Around Christmas I finally got an idea. I would present her a dress! I knew that Rosalie hated Christmas but this year she was going to get a present either. I wanted to buy her a dress in red and gold resembling to her eyes. But how…

"Wanda" I said resolute. Our second house elf Wanda appeared right in front of me in the - luckily – deserted common room.

"The young sir had called Wanda?" she peeped.

"Yes I have. Do you remember the girl that visited us over the summer?"

Wanda nodded.

"The girl was a bit strange. Wanda thinks she doesn't like Wanda…"

"That's not the matter. I want you to get a red and golden evening dress for her. Resembling to her eyes. Go!" I said in an angry voice. Wanda vanished with a bow. Why should I care about the fact that Rosalie didn't like her?

Wanda returned three hours later. She was carrying a box; she placed it on my bedside cabinet and vanished. I opened the box, nodded and put a little piece of parchment in the box. Then I called for Selenia, our family owl. She landed at the end of my bed. I handed the box to her.

"To Rosalie, at the Ravenclaws' Tower" I said to her and she flew away.

Her view:

I awoke at Christmas morning with my usual bad temper. But to my very big surprise there were two boxes lying at the floor right at the end of my bed. Though I had convinced the Chaos – twins not to give me a present but to go out at the non-magic world the time around Christmas (we found out about some medieval markets the muggles made and we loved to walk over them) so I wondered from whom those presents came from. Sniffling didn't help much both boxes just smelled like new clothes and ink (mainly because of the Christmas greetings) and because of that I definitely had to open them. I grabbed the bigger one first, Scorpius sent it to me.

Dear Rosalie,

I wanted to ask you out for the ball of the NEWT-students. Do you want to accompany me?

I know you didn't have a dress for this. Though here is my gift for you.

Merry Christmas


I shook my head and opened the rest of the box. Out of it fell a knee-length blood red dress with small, golden, ivy like embroideries. I placed the dress at the chair next to my bed. The ball was in May but he gives me the dress for Christmas. Typical for Scorpius!

I turned to the second box. It came from Ethan,

Scorpius told me about your gift. Though I thought you'll need fitting shoes!

Merry Christmas!


I goggled inside the box and my mouth felt open. Inside it there were obviously ridiculously expensive red ballerinas with golden flames on it. I sighed and placed them in front of the chair with the dress. Guys!

His view:

She had never answered. But I was waiting for her at the Entrance Hall in front of the marble staircase. Ethan came down the stairs. He was going with Alana Weasley. Alana was wearing a blue gown and looked dazzling.

"You're my cousin Scorp! Keep your temper!" Alana said twinkling as she passed me with Ethan.

"Don't worry. She's coming. I've seen her upstairs" he whispered to me as he walked by. I nodded and looked back at the top of the stairs. I was wearing an ordinary black gown with a stand-up collar. Father had given it to me. I had a big lump in my throat and was more nervous than I had ever been before a test.

And then finally I discovered her on the top of the stairs. She looked really dazzling with the red dress and the fitting red ballerinas. She wasn't rouged and her silver hair, that wasn't any longer than her shoulders, looked wild and dishevelled as it always did. To please me she didn't use the confusion spell for her eyes. I saw her red-golden eyes glowing as she walked down the stairs. Her animalistic walk gave her a special something, I thought. All looks turned on her and she smiled barefaced to those and that. That was Rosalie how I got to know and – to my own surprise – love her.

"Can I offer you my arm, Milady?" I asked with a perfect bow.

"Very well, but beware of your arm, because I think it is scrumptious" she said and grinned with her sharp teeth. I laughed shortly and accompanied her into the Great Hall.

Everything was kept in the house colours and glittered silver and golden. The four great tables were replaced by many countless octagonal tables. The teachers were sitting at the same table as usual. I directed my steps to the table where I could discover Alana and Ethan and although Madison and James. I felt that Rosalie relaxed. She didn't even guess that Ethan and my cousins had always been my only friends. My last name did never made me having friends. Maybe that was why Rosalie used 'Delgrey' instead of 'Greyback'. For her this last name was bad in two ways, because it would tell everyone what she was immediately.

We sat down next to the four. On our places there where lying sterling cutlery and golden plates and goblets with the house emblems fitting to the student who sat in front of it. Though Rosalie watched the Gryffindor lion by becoming the Ravenclaw eagle. Jugs with butterbeer and pumpkin juice where standing in the middle of the tables. The hall wasn't that full as usual but there was still the sound of talking around us. Professor McGonagall stood up and everyone felt quiet.

"Good evening, tonight we came together to celebrate with the NEWT – students who passed there tests the end of their school time. Although the teachers and accompanies are allowed to celebrate. Bu first let us eat and drink! Enjoy the feast!" she closed and sat down on the golden chair of the headmaster.

Shortly afterwards the doors of the Great Hall opened and a dozen house elf entered the room. A small grinning elf came to our table and served pumpkin soup. We started eating. Rosalie had learned a lot about eating habits during the last summer and tonight she was doing very well.

Afterwards we were able to choose between noodles and rice with fish. Our table chose the noodles.

There was pudding and treacle tart for dessert. Rosalie still looked hungry afterwards. Wolves were able to eat a lot I supposed.

"Now it's time for the dance" said Professor McGonagall as all house elves and plates had vanished. Rosalie next to me suddenly looked very nervous.

"If the NEWT students and their partners would now please get on the dance floor"

I pulled Rosalie out of the chair. She growled.

"Just do what I want from you" I mumbled in her ear. She raised an eyebrow looking puzzled. Without explaining I went on the dance floor with her and placed my hand on her wrist. Rosalie looked puzzled still but then the song started to play. I turned and reeled Rosalie over the dance floor. Dancing was something I could do for years. Pure blood children were supposed to learn this very early. Rosalie was doing very well and after two or three songs she began to smile. If I was able to make her like dancing? I hoped so, because I really liked dancing. Nearly as much as I liked to pass time with Rosalie and that was very much.

Her view:

Mainly the ball had been very nice. Around midnight the music stopped playing and the ball ended. Scorpius accompanied me to the Ravenclaws' tower.

"This was a very nice evening. I thank you Rosalie" he said watching me out of his grey - green eyes. There was so much lying within those beautiful, grass green, moonlight grey eyes I could not explain.

"You're welcome and just as well" I replied still looking right into his eyes. He wasn't much taller than me. In fact I could have gone to bed now but there was something that kept me standing right where I was. We came closer and closer until, suddenly, his lips laid on mine. Just a short moment then he detached himself from me, looked down at the floor, wished me 'good night' and vanished.

Completely disarranged I gazed after him. I wanted to run after him, to call him, but I was still standing there like a marble statue. My heart was pounding hard against my rips and on my lips there was still a little fading rest of the kiss. Finally I shook my head and began to climb the stairs up to the Ravenclaws' tower.

As I finally raised the top I lifted my hand and knocked. The eagles' head appeared immediately. He looked over me and chuckled.

"What's men's greatest treasure?" he finally asked. As if he knew that my thoughts were everywhere but here and therefore he didn't use one of his usual brainteasers.

"Wit beyond measure" I quoted the inscription of the diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw, whose statue was standing in our common room. The eagles' head chuckled once more and let me enter the common room. Tired but deadly full of vim I continued the walk to my bed. But I lay awake for a long time and tried to understand my feelings.

Even by the time the summer holidays started I knew only one thing for sure: I would miss Scorpius like hell next year. But I forced myself neither to tell nor to show him even the slightest sign of this. I was still a werewolf and that fact wasn't going to make the world easier for him.

So I passed this journey without talking and starring out of the window too even though I knew the landscape by heart. Also Scorpius didn't mention the evening, he was talking with Ethan, Alana and Madison about jobs. Although Ethan was going to Hogwarts again next term again like me, he was sure about what to do after school. He wanted to become a rockstar like his dad. Scorpius would start in the ministry, Madison would become a healer and Alana would start working in the shop of her dad and uncle, together with her cousin Elisabeth. What did I want to do after school? My absolutely favourite was to start working in the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures but relying on what I was this would stay a dream forever. But Scorpius promised me to talk to his parents; maybe they could do something about that.

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