A Magic Shewolf

The final

After this kiss I never got near Rosalie again. I succeeded with convincing my father that there was a need to change the Anti – Werewolf – Legislation and he succeeded, I didn't know how, to convince the minister of magic to do these changes, so that it was possible for Rosalie to start working in the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. But even after I'd done all these things for her, I didn't see her for a very long time.

Five or six years passed and slowly but surely the tradition of our family demanded for a wedding and heirs. But first there had to be another wedding to pass. A short time ago Alana's owl had flown into our house and delivered the invitation to her wedding with Ethan. Mother and father got an invitation too and because of that we apparated to the Burrow at the wedding day.

This house had always been a bit strange but now as there was standing this tent in such loud colours next to it the house looked stranger than ever. I discovered James and Albus at the entrance of the tent.

"Hey Al, James" I greeted them.

"Hey Scorp. Good afternoon Mr and Mrs Malfoy" Albus answered. He was wearing primrose yellow as everything was kept in different shades of yellow. I couldn't get rid of the feeling that someone was reading the Quibbler here, because my mother told me once what the Lovegoods think about wedding dressing. We were very flashy with our dark clothes. Albus accompanied us to our seats. In the tent there were standing many wooden chairs and thousands of balloons in such loud colours were hanging under the ceiling. I continued walking to the front where Ethan was standing, wearing blue.

"Well then, bridegroom"

"Hello best man, did you get here well?"

"We're talking about the house of my godfather, Ethan"

"Oh yeah, I forgot. Did you see Rosalie?" he asked sounding nervous. I abnegated. "She was supposed to be Alana's witness; Madison had too much to do. Lily and Rose will be the bridesmaids"

I looked around the filling tent. Then I discovered Rosalie. She was wearing a simple black cocktail dress and was barefoot. Uninterrupted she walked through the tent to her place. She looked more beautiful than ever, wilder. Her silvery hair wasn't any inch longer or less wildly. Her skin was decorated with countless pale scars and her red – golden eyes glowed.

The marriage began. Alana was wearing a wonderful wedding dress golden as the sun and her hair was falling down her back in countless ginger curls. On her head there was gleaming the Weasleys' family diadem. In her hands she carried a spray out of thirteen red and white roses. I heard her mother sniffing with luck. My godfather was accompanying his daughter to the altar while his brother tried to let golden leaves rain down in front of them and to cope with his sniffing sister-in-law at the same time.

After the marriage all not married women were asked to stand together to catch the spray. I discovered Rosalie within them. Alana threw the spray high in the air over her back. It landed in Rosalie's arms as if it was aimed to. I watched the people going to the dance floor and Rosalie leaving the tent. I followed her.

She stopped at the garden fence and started to rip of the leaves of the roses one by one.

"Don't you want to marry?" I asked and she jerked around letting the spray drop. She relaxed as she discovered the speaker was just me.

"Oh it's you. Hello Scorpius"

"Hello. You're looking wilder than before"

"There is no place for wimps in the hierarchy of the Grey Wolves…"

"And where are you now?"

"I'm allowed to eat as third" she answered proudly. I agitated about her animalistic lifestyle.

"You didn't answer my question" I reminded her. She just nodded.

"I know"

"And do you want to marry?"

"Sure. But not this coloured. And who would like to marry me?"

"I would" I answered without thinking.

"You? You remember what I am, don't you?"

"That's why. You're something very special"

"Is this supposed to be a proposal?"

"If you want to see it as one, always"

"Then my answer's 'yes'"

I smiled perfectly happy and for this second kiss I put my arms around her and hugged her very tight.

We spend the night at the Burrow's living room. All other rooms were kept. The next morning I got awake by a very tired sounding noise. I wanted to say something but Rosalie put her hand on my mouth and stood up. Ethan came walking in the living room just wearing underwear and looking very tired.

"Hey Ethan. What are you looking for?" Rosalie asked barefaced as she stood next to him.

"I-I-I was searching for the bathroom" he yawned and rubbed his eyes. He was indeed too tired to realise that he was standing in the living room.

"Then I'll help you" she said barefaced and dragged him right along her at his arm. What did she want to do? She dragged Ethan to the living room cupboard, which was big enough that a hippogriff could have danced inside it and opened the door. "Here you are!"

I tried to swallow a giggling cramp.

"T-t-t-t-thanks" he yawned and closed the door behind him. Rosalie laughed and sat down on the sofa next to me. We giggled and were still giggling as Madison entered the living room. Her hair, that was blonde today, looked very unkempt.

"Morning Rosie, Scorp. Have you seen Alana's husband and my brother-in-law?"

"He is in the cupboard"

"What the hell is he doing in the cupboard?"

"He thinks he's in the bathroom" Rosalie replied and giggled evil. Now even Madison was giggling and turned around.

"Hey Alli! I found your husband! He hadn't run away!"

Shortly afterwards Alana came into the living room, only wearing a bathrobe.

"Where?" she asked irritated.

"In the cupboard" I answered shaking with laughter. Alana raised her eyebrows and opened the cupboard's doors. Then she burst into laughter. Ethan was standing in the cupboard desperately trying to find the button to turn on the shower. We all burst with laugher and Ethan looked at us grumpy.

"Do you always have to play tricks on me after a night when I'd drunken too much" he said now laughing himself. He was still in the mood for tricks even when he got a hangover.

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